22222 – The Reseting of the Matrix

The February 22, 2022 – namely the 222222 portal – is a very potent day for reseting the matrix within ourselves, and hence, within our own lives on planet Earth. It portends the seeds of the New that were carried within our hearts eons ago, long before the Earth was even part of the Creative Mind. It is up to each and everyone of us to decide and choose what beliefs and thought patterns we wish to continue to focus on and nourish within ourselves, as well as inviting and implementing the new beliefs and thought patterns that are aligned with our true divinity.

The last Full Moon in Leo helps us to release all that stands in the way of our power as divine Creators in order to embrace our New Divine beliefs and thinking make-up. Like the Leo and Tiger symbolise, this takes practice, courage and discipline. But as the new year of the water tiger conveys, it is time to step up in our emotional mastery. And the way to do so is to become forever more aware of how our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and our lives contribute to our own nourishment – or depletion from our own precious energy. We have been on this path for a very long time, clearing the way from very old wounds, including those of past lives and ancestral lineage. Tomorrow offers a launching pad for the activation and implementation of these new ideas and beliefs that shall create our present and future lives. A new matrix or paradigm of reality.

222222 is an activation into Divine Balance and owning our Power to create the realities that are so precious to our hearts. In order to do so, our thoughts must align with the truth in our hearts. They must serve our beloved desires into manifestation. Our focus must be congruent with what we wish to create. Mastery over duality means choosing with care and awareness in every moment. Being aware of how you feel and why. Because the energy always flows in the direction of our focus. Let it be to your own benefit, and in being so, to the benefit of All that Is.

A simple exercise I love to do is to sit in quiet meditation and focus on my breathing. Then, I place my hands on my sacral chakra. I then choose a negative thought about myself or my current reality and feel how this affects my energy. You will certainly feel your own vibrant creative energy being sucked out of you right away, feeling depleted and depressed. Shamans used to say that we invite di-seases through these leaks that we create in ourselves.

Then try to do the opposite, and invite loving uplifting thoughts and you will feel right away how this fills up your tank tenfold.

The energy is neutral, and you are the master creator. You are the one who chooses how it goes and how it will serve you in every instant. So, how will you choose is always up to you. You have the power.

Conscious freedom and standing in your true power are key to walking in mastery over duality. How you choose to perceive your own life is what you choose to create. Can you see all the power and potential that you have as a divine matrix creator?

Your Soul is ready for new adventures and territories to explore within. Will you accept the invitation?

Wishing you all a wonderful 222222 portal filled with infinite potential.

Sayrina Isabelle

A Vision of Peace given by the White Buffalo Spirit

Break Through by Janosh

“Breakthrough” by Janosh Art – inspired by a Mayan crop circle

Last night as I was in deep meditation and receiving a wonderful and powerful distant healing on this amazing Full Moon in Taurus, I had a vision given by the White Buffalo Spirit…

I was stunned, as I did not expect such prophecy at all. I am still surprised by this vision, and yet, I know in my heart this is a very real potential.

I saw the Dalai Lama and China coming together, making peace and reconciling, at last.

I don’t know how or when this will come about, all I know is that I am one of the many messengers to bring the wonderful news, and to encourage all of us to keep our highest hopes for the future of Gaia and humanity.

Tremendous change is in the works, and the change has and is continuously implemented through each one of us holding Love and Faith in our hearts, and doing the inner and outer Light work we each are led to do through our Souls by allowing more Love in – and thus more Love out as well – and releasing all that no longer serves Love in our lives.

This Peaceful era is born out of Love, never by force.

Maintain your hopes high, and please don’t despair.

The Dalai Lama never gave up hope, as he knows within that all is in divine order and that Love and Harmony shall always prevail. It has always been so.

Remember to hold Joy and Happiness in your Hearts and Eyes, to truly see what is about to take place behind all the illusory drama and confusion.

The impossible IS possible.

All Lightworkers are ambassadors of Peace and Harmony on Earth, and White Buffalo congratulates you all and encourages you to move forward with Faith, Joy, and Love!

Namasté dearest Soul Family,



Here is some information that might be of interest about the White Buffalo Spirit that was sent to me after the healing and gift of this vision:

White Buffalo- MEANING: Prayer, Abundance, Gratitude

Buffalo People are learning to embrace abundance in many forms; knowing there is more than meets the eye. Buffalo Medicine is used to feed the tribe, clothe the tribe, their bones were used to make tools for the survival of the tribe and their hooves were used to make glue for the tribe.

A White Buffalo is still considered “extremely” sacred to most Native American tribes, including the Cherokee.

In fact, many Native Americans will travel clear across the country to witness the arrival of a new White Buffalo. In 1994, a White Buffalo named “Miracle” was born on the Heider farm in Wisconsin.

The “Miracle” calf brought over 20,000 visitors, including the Dalai Lama and people of all races, cultures and religions to make the pilgrimage to visit the calf. (*By the way, I did not know at all that the Dalai Lama had visited this baby calf until I read this).

It is believed there are only 7 white buffalos in existance today and there is less than one in ten million chance of a white buffalo being born. When Buffalo Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to embrace abundance in ALL forms. Look around you; there may be something in your space that has the capacity to create more abundance than you realize. When Buffalo Medicine comes in front of you, it is reminding you to think abundantly and the ability to replicate is in your grasp.

Buffalo’s message is about holding your prayers resolute and firm; giving thanks continually that your prayers have already been answered in the most abundant way possible.

Buffalo Medicine has a sacred connection with Mother Earth (Great Spirit) because Buffalo continues to aid, assist and provide God’s children on earth.

Nelson Mandela: Ascended Master and Great Teacher to Humanity


As there are neither accidents nor coincidences, Mandela’s actual “transitioning” state – whether he trespasses or not with his physical body – has powerful and uplifting energetic repercussions for us all.

His whole life and how he keeps living encompasses the great teachings that he came to incarnate and share with humanity.

Having reached yet another level in Earth’s ascending process (halfway through 2013), we are all touched by Mandela’s legacy and reminded to prepare for what is to come after a “Long Walk to Freedom”.

For the walk has been quite long indeed for many, but the rewards are already here; we are already free.

As he exemplifies beautifully and powerfully, freedom is always achieved first and foremost within Oneself. Despite oppression and a very long imprisonment, Mandela’s now famous motto (taken from the poem INVICTUS by William Ernest Henley) keeps resonating within humanity’s hearts:


As his living example illustrates, everyone can become free within, whatever the outside circumstances.

This memo is intended to support anyone who is still feeling vulnerable and challenged by outside circumstances. Know that you can be free within now. There are no limitations. Your dreams are already fulfilled. Rejoice in that knowing, because it is certain, for it is inevitable in this New Earth Era.

Remember, if you need any help in achieving and maintaining an inner state of freedom and serenity, you can bathe into Mandela’s energies which are meant to be available for us all at the moment, as well as all the other ascended masters and angelic Beings.

We have all the help we need through the supporting energies of PEACE, JOY & HARMONY of the New Earth.

Thank you, Nelson Mandela, for all your important work and contribution to us all.

In Love & Light, In La’kesh


Nelson Mandela

Fragile Is Strong


I used to battle myself over the dichotomy between fragility and strength. Something that I had absorbed from the collective mind, but also stemming from what I had been taught from a very early age, namely; if you are too sensitive, you won’t survive in this world.

In my mind as a child, I was led to put everything (i.e. delicate, sensitive, vulnerable, and gentle) under the same label: fragility.

As I was learning this fragility vs. strength duality, it often felt like heartbreak as I was taught to repress and forget a huge part of myself which was so natural to me. I began to breathe at less than my full capacity.

I am telling this personal story today since I know that so many of us have been taught the same paradigm; that in order to become strong and fit individuals, we believed that we had to shut down our own sensitivity. So we learned and developed survival strategies in order to cope with our ‘hypersensitivity’. This phenomenon happened worldwide, for so long.

Much later, when my life had become too chaotic (a blessing in disguise) for me to keep on going the usual way, I decided to consciously embrace my spiritual path. However, even if it felt like the most obvious answer to my troubles and provided me with such profound relief, it also scared and shook me to my core. Embracing self-healing and spiritual growth meant that I would have to allow my sensitivity to emerge and flow through me again.

Logically, when we grow spiritually, we raise our vibration. Likely, raising our vibration also means raising our sensitivity. What is actually a blessing appeared to be a curse for many.

Strangely now, as I become more and more sensitive, I still face challenges and wounds in my life. Ironically though, I do so with so much greater clarity and strength than before.

Ironically? Well, it seems that I had it all wrong! Many of you know that as we fully accept ourselves and nourish all those parts that remained in the shadow, we really come into our full real power, which is huge!

Whether we realize (or not) that we are not alone on this quest, fully loving ourselves for who we are makes all the difference. It does not mean that we will never suffer again. However, as patterns of self-doubt and self-worth issues are gradually being replaced by self-love, painful moments are faced with less gravity and are dealt with more effectively. Self-love means allowing whatever is felt to be experienced and released, and yet, not giving away our own power and energy to external events and people. Simply because we know that we deserve the best.

As the trees have pointed out (see previous message “Your Majestic Presence – A message from the Mighty Trees” on my blog), there is an inner core of peace, stability, and stillness within each one of us which remains intact, no matter what happens. It is much easier to feel this innate sense of peace and strength when we fully love and accept who we are.

To come back to the notion of fragility, nature offers us numerous examples of delicate creatures that are powerful beyond belief. Take the butterfly, for instance. The monarch butterfly travels from Canada to Mexico back and forth, which spans the life of three to four generations of the butterfly… Even if no individual will make the trip back and forth, the distance that each one is able to travel compared to their tiny size and delicate structure is incommensurable. There is no possible denial. These delicate and fragile creatures are really strong!

When I was in my early 20s, I became really sick. Suddenly, I could no longer eat the way I used to and had to change my diet entirely. I used to resist this as I felt that I had become too fragile for my young age. Thankfully, I have come to realize over the years that this detoxifying of my body and integrating new food habits was yet another blessing in disguise on my path to self-love.  In doing so, my body has become rejuvenated and I am much more resistant to illness than before. I am more resistant simply because I honor and respect my sensitivity. Therefore, I make sure not to push myself into situations where I used to deny this sensitive-me in order to please others and forcefully adapt to ‘toxic’ situations that did not serve my highest good.

As we raise our individual and collective vibrations, especially now at the time of the New Earth, each one of us is becoming more and more sensitive at his/her own pace. Nonetheless, becoming highly sensitive is inevitable. The good news is that the New Earth energies are fully supporting this raising consciousness and sensitivity.

Becoming seemingly fragile, and yet stronger, is part of the new paradigm.

Think of all the masters and saints who have set foot on Earth and those who are walking on this plane right now. They can be so highly sensitive and gentle, and yet, you shall agree with me in claiming that they are hugely powerful. We are the masters too, and we are called to embrace and shine who we truly are, wholeheartedly.

Think of the incoming new children who tend to be highly sensitive. Can you see it as a blessing? They are here to teach us how to allow our own delicacy and sensitivity again. For it is the only way to allow our natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to fully unfold.

Are you ready to breathe at a 100% of your capacity?

You may be surprised at how much more you can accomplish (often more rapidly and with less effort) when you allow your fragility, your sensitivity and gentleness to flow and express themselves through you. Why? Simply because you are not offering so much resistance and pushing against what is naturally flowing to you: Love. When you allow and love yourself fully, you allow all your creativity and dreams to manifest easily. The source of the universe delivers what you ask for, and you welcome it with ease and gentleness rather than blocking it with fear and resistance.

You are powerful beyond measure, in the fullness of who you are.

And remember, you are all loved unconditionally at all times, no matter what.

Allow and love your sensitivity and fragility, for it is a gift from heaven, and it is your birthright.

With Love and Light,


transcendenceSusan Seddon Boulet

                                          Transcendence by Susan Seddon Boulet
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Your Majestic Presence – A message from the Mighty Trees


© Galyna Andrushko – Fotolia.com

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, dearest Mothers and Fathers:

You live in us and through us.

Many eons ago, you actively participated in our creation. You birthed us out of your mighty powers as divine creators that you are, and you cared so much for us.

You created us out of your own image and reservoir of creativity. You wished to birth a divine Being that would mirror and breathe your own essence, which is the source of a majestic stability and breather of Love.

All living Beings on Earth are created according to your divine image, and it is more so of trees which are the quintessence of your majestic stillness and strength.

Does this resonate with you at all?

How does it make you feel when you see a tree and feel its energy?

A part of our purpose today is to help you remember your divine essence. For it is that feeling of awe and admiration that many of you feel when you contemplate our beauty and energy. It is that feeling of expansion and peace that we inspire you to feel. Our presence is a reminder of your own divine source.

We come from Source, just as you come from Source, and so, we both serve as mirrors to the Beauty of Creation and the potential that you hold as creators.

We are here to teach/remind you how to breathe to your full potential; how to live as you are meant to as divine creators and guardians of the Earth and her inhabitants.

We are here to teach/remind you of the stability and stillness of who you really are, no matter what happens to you.

When a tree is cut down, it does not disappear completely. The tree still lives on the other planes and awaits the appropriate occasion to grow into a renewed body once again. Its energy is still present, despite the wound or its removal from the forest. The same can be said of you. You may be wounded to your core or even ‘die’ physically, but your energy and blueprint remains and awaits a new vessel to express itself physically once again.

At this time of transition into the New Earth, we are here to teach/remind you how to be still and grounded.

Careful, we do not mean a stillness that does not allow for movement and freedom. On the contrary, the stillness that we refer to is actually your innate sense of peace and connection with All That Is; This is what you have been craving for for so long!

Your majestic stillness is your divine inheritance.

We are here to teach/remind you how to simply be. Watch how we never worry about being fed or cared by God; how we never worry about having enough like you so often do. We simply are, because we know we are loved, because we know we have a purpose, because we know we are part of the circle of Life and its immense beauty and magic.

We are more than enough. For we are an expression of Love, and so, we are Love. The exact same principle goes for you.

We have so much to share with you! Will you listen and converse with your daughters and sons?

Will you step into this cosmic re-union and celebrate our mutual love?

We welcome back your Majestic Presence. Welcome Home!

Your sons and daughters, the trees.



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April 2013 Angel Guidance


Dearest Souls,

There seems to be three keywords/energies that will predominate during the coming month of April. These three “light” and yet powerful energies could be grouped under the umbrella of JOY.

Good news, we seem to get a lot of blessings from heaven into our lives. Not to say that blessings are not present all around at all times. But it looks like this season of Spring kicks off with a lot of gifts and joyful encounters to light up our lives.

This will automatically mirror what has happened inside each one of us lately, i.e. an opening of the heart to the new lively energies of change of the New Earth. Remember, we are all one, and so, this joy and love that you can feel deep down as you allow yourselves to just be and commune with your Soul is becoming more and more present and habitual for you. This in turn opens up the gates of manifestation to mirror what is going on inside of you; that is, what is going on in your hearts.

Yes, we will still encounter challenges ahead, but somehow, they will become easier to assess and embrace because of this feeling of innate joy and love for all things, including love for yourself. The more you love, the more life becomes easy and manifestations come quickly.

In case you did not get it yet, the first keyword energy for April is BLESSINGS. Whether they come to you on the wings of angels, or as blessings in disguise, remember that everything happens for a reason and that everything has a purpose. Trust in the wisdom of your Soul, for you are being lead in the right direction at all times.

This brings me to tackle the second keyword energy for the month, which is FREEDOM. Now, much has been said about freedom, and what is perceived as freedom for one can be quite different for another. Sometimes, they even seem to be the exact opposite of one another. We all have our personal definitions of what freedom is, and those same definitions tend to change as we go through the many experiences of our own lives. However, the notion of freedom that the angels are talking about is the freedom of the Soul. Let me explain. They are saying that along with the new energies that we have and are still welcoming into our hearts, much healing and transformation has occurred, and this, both for this lifetime and all the previous ones.

The Soul is setting itself free to truly mirror the divine Light that dwells within, without the old restrictions of shame, fear or shyness. You are all becoming who you truly are, the Being that you meant to incarnate and shine on this Earth plane. Last month’s preparation was about remembering your true intentions when coming into this incarnation; in fact, not only this one, but the very original intentions that you held when you first incarnated on Mother Earth many eons ago.

You are setting yourselves free; because you start to remember that you exist beyond time and space. Not only are you eternal Beings, you are in fact Timeless. We are all merging with Source once again, with the truth of All That Is. It is a process. We are all going it at our own pace. But it is inevitable. For it is who we truly are.

And so, it is also a time for celebration, for rejoicing in the joining back with our true Selves. The third keyword energy calls you to have fun and PLAY from that place of Joy and Love that is the Real You. Life can be fun and easy. Even the challenges can be met with detachment, trust, and the inner knowing that All is Well. What boring life it would be if we never met anything that triggered our desire to move and expand into new territories of being.

Those same challenges can be met with joy and grace, that is, from the standpoint of living in our hearts. Life can be easy, even amongst the challenges and apparent chaos. It is all up to you, whether you choose to connect to the all mighty that you are or not. Remember, you are Grace, you are infinite Light and Wisdom, for you are infinite Love.

Will you dare to play with your sisters and brothers from that place of knowing and being Who you truly are?

There are no real enemies, just friends and playmates who challenge you into discovering and showing your real essence. Be grateful for their gifts, and enjoy being You. For you are truly magnificent and powerful beyond measure!

So Love, Joy and Playfulness set you free. Will you welcome your blessings?

For they are yours to take and they come in infinite supply, just like the infinite nature of the Real You.

Will you dare to live the joy of your dreams?

You don’t need to wait for them to manifest before you are able to enjoy them. For they come from you, and so, they are an integral part of you already.

Enjoy being You.

Open you heart to Oneness and to all the blessings that are already in your life and the ones that are to come.

We love you eternally and infinitely,

From your Angelic family of Light (channeled through Isabelle)


Image: Reynan Opada

Note that the angels use both “we” and “you” in the message. They simply wish to make us realize that there is no separation between us and them, since we are all One.

Remembering – A message from Shamballa


We are your sisters and brothers from underneath the Earth. We salute you and congratulate you for all the wonderful work and commitment that you are achieving at the present moment. We are so happy to welcome you into our world, to be able to greet you all once again! Know that we have never stopped loving you and believing in you dear Souls. We are delighted to commune with you more and more as you slowly (but surely) awaken from the veils of separation and forgetfulness, those veils that you courageously accepted to embrace for a time.

We have always been at your side and assisting you in your spiritual endeavors to elevate your vibration and conscience to higher levels of being and understanding.

Many times, you were more or less conscious of our presence, but know that we were always at your side, accomplishing the mandates to help you and guide you as you had requested before coming into this incarnation, but also each time that you requested help from above. This is an interesting irony here, since we dwell below your physical existence in the inner circles of the Earth. Nonetheless, we vibrate at a higher frequency, so we think it is correct to say that we intervene as helpers from above! [laughs]

We love to use humor. This, in fact, is very common among us since we dwell in a state of permanent joy and love; one that you are also integrating gradually into your lives through the perspective of living in your hearts, which is the next/present circle of life and learning for humans on Earth. You access oneness through your hearts; the portal of your Soul and connectedness with the All That Is.

Soon, you will be able to connect physically and see us through your physical eyes as you raise your personal and collective frequencies. Take heart dear Souls, this will happen soon. At first, it will be on an individual basis, but as more Souls awaken, it will become a global experience, one that will seem most natural to all of you!

We wish to speak to you today about two related topics of importance right now. The first one concerns your DNA.

Do not worry about the process of ascension that occurs through your DNA transformation, all you need to do is to go with the flow and avoid beating yourselves up when resistance or strange feelings seem to arise: it is normal and part of the process. As you made the choice to awaken and to consciously “work” on raising your vibration (i.e. focusing on Love, positive thinking, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness), the process from opening and connecting your 12-strand DNA will unfold naturally. It is already happening for all of you who read this. You know this, because you all have these new physical sensations, as if you were being gently charged with divine electricity.

As your DNA transforms and opens up, so do your 12 chakras and endocrine system. The process of “cleaning-up” from this and other past lives is still under way. All of this occurs in perfect synchronicity. The Divine Director is operating in accordance with your Higher Selves in perfect harmony, just like a musical orchestra. All of the instruments (the bodies) are being tuned first; then each musician plays in accordance to his/her musical score (Soul blueprint), keeping both an eye on the score and the director for cues and guidance as to how to breathe it all harmoniously and effectively.

As always, the more each one of the musicians plays with their hearts, the more powerful and moving the musical experience will be, both for the other musicians (all of you) but for the audience (All That Is) as well!

You are all divine musicians playing the divine symphony of Life on Earth. Yes, to become virtuosos takes time and practice, but please know that you are all far better than you think. It is just a matter of remembering. You are already virtuosos, whether you are conscious of it or not. If you think of someone who has suffered from amnesia, does that mean that she/he has lost all of her/his skills? Does it mean that what she/he is capable of is lost forever? Of course not! It is only a matter of remembering, which is exactly what you are going through at the moment. You are all highly skilled and wise Souls who know exactly what to do, or how to play we shall say! You are the perfect virtuosos in this earthly orchestra, playing the perfect harmonics of your Souls. Trust in the process (rhythm and pace) of remembering and coming alive anew.

Now, we would like to entertain you with the second topic of our communication with you today.

We see that you often compare yourselves with others, especially with the masters who have ascended in previous times on Earth. You seem to think that you are going too slowly, or that you are late in your own process of awakening. But dear Souls that you are, don’t you remember? You are no better or less than all of the ones you call masters, guides, and angels that you look up to for advice and guidance. You are the wisest among the wise, the strongest of the strong. That is why you are here in this physical plane at this time of transition. You chose to come here in these physical bodies because you knew that you would arise from the ashes of forgetfulness and shine through remembering your divine essence.

You chose to be the way-showers, because you are among the boldest and most courageous of all. There are no mistakes. Every Being is exactly where he/she is supposed to be in helping to raise the circle of life experience to the next one. Every mission, even the one that seems insignificant and small, is most important and essential. Do you think that your Divine Creator would have screwed up? Of course not! [laughs]

Remember this now and every time that you start beating yourselves up again regarding your “progress”. Remember why you incarnated in this time on Earth as you are. Remember how you chose to become masters of the matrix of duality and separation so that you would then incarnate with all of your Being the living example that it is possible to awaken for all of your sisters and brothers who are still “cut up” and need your guidance.

Remember, you are the way-showers, the pioneers who took the bet of ascending no matter what would occur to you in this lifetime and the past ones. Yes, you are playing your part in the awakening plan to the perfection. Know that you would not be anywhere else than where you are now. This is what your Souls are committed to, and we are eternally grateful for all that you accomplish.

Until next time,

Your brothers and sisters from Shamballa.

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Using Crystals with Children


Beloved Children of the Light! We are so happy to have the opportunity to commune with you. Know that we are always with you by your side, at all times. Remember to ask for anything you need, and we will respond to your prayers right away. It is so. Know that you are blessed with our Love and Support, always.

Today, we would like to talk to you about the use of magnificent and wise Beings: the crystals. Know that your physical body is made up of crystals and minerals, and that you need to become aware of this fact for the future of humanity on Earth. Do you know that children who are coming to Mother Earth at this time have a special bond with crystals? It is no coincidence (as there are no accidents) that many call these children “crystal” children and “rainbow” children.

Our purpose today is not to make an exhaustive presentation about these children and their specific qualities, nor is it our purpose to discuss the use of these labels. Simply know that all of you carry within the memory of a great friendship and sacred relationship with crystals stemming from other eras (Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, etc.). What is specific about these children is that they are perhaps closer to this memory and carry within themselves an innate love and bond with crystals.

Ele-Me-IgorDrandicphotographyIgor Drandic photography

Crystals hold within themselves the alchemy of the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. They are living masters, wise alchemists who wish to serve humanity and Mother Earth, especially now at the time of Ascension. Crystals are highly wise Beings, often very old, who carry the memory of everything that has happened here on Earth, and some even beyond (a few crystals originate from other planets/universes, such as meteorites). From the moment you first incarnated on Earth, they have known you and a sacred relationship has been formed which exists beyond eternity. Hence, one of their specific purposes is to act as record keepers. They are here to help us remember who you really are, where and what you have come from, and to help in remembering your actual purpose in this lifetime. As with every living Being, the more you respect and learn to love and work with crystals (mainly through your intuition), the more they will be dedicated to teach you, protect you and help heal and transform you to your fullest potential.

Because incoming children tend to be highly sensitive, they often encounter great challenges in maintaining their natural inner harmony and feeling of security. Yes, contrast is good, and it is what they expected to experience upon coming on the physical plane. Nonetheless, they carry so many precious gifts and wisdom within themselves which they wish to share with humanity and all other kingdoms of the Earth, that sometimes, they need extra help and protection to be able to maintain and nurture these inner gifts. Crystals know this and recognize the gifts and missions for every living creature. And so, crystals can and wish to become guardians and protectors for humans, and especially for children, as it is part of the crystals’ mission as record keepers and healers. They are Earth angels like all of you, but in a different form and with different purposes.

Crystals have an essential role at this time of transition into the New Earth. Know that you cannot force them to give you the information that you seek. You may try, but it will not work. Rather, they will prepare you through clearing up your chakras to awaken your divine presence. But this can only happen if you have the will to serve out of love and humility.


Along with these new children, “new” crystals will emerge and be discovered in the near future. Actually, many of them are not so new; they were just hiding until the right time had come for them to be known again. Crystals can move and decide where, when, and with whom they wish to be with. If you are unsure about which crystal would be most appropriate for your children, ask with all your heart for the correct one(s) to come into their lives, and it will be so. It all works through the power of the Law of Attraction. And since crystals are first and foremost highly wise Beings, they will hear and answer the call.

Here is a very short (and not complete) list of crystals and gems that assist children, babies, and teenagers very well into their development[i]:

Babies: Amber, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Aquamarine all help with insomnia issues and trigger a peaceful transition into the physical plane as they soothe, calm and protect babies. They are especially helpful if you place them under the pillow/bed when they go to sleep. You may also use either Himalayan salts lamps or Selenite lamps in the bedroom. They offer calming angelic energies of clearing and protection. This is good for everybody actually.

Calming: Amber, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, and Lapis Lazuli

Communication and Self-expression: Amazonite, Turquoise, and Blue Lace Agate

Concentration and creativity: Carnelian, Watermelon Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Sodalite

Connection to Guardian Angels: Celestite and Angelite

Connection with Nature: Green Moss Agate

Self-confidence: Citrine and Tiger’s Eye

Emotional Overwhelm: Moonstone, Coral, Aquamarine, and Smoky Quartz

Energises, Heals, and Protects: Clear Quartz

Enthusiasm and Happiness: Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Jade, and Sun stone

Grief: Obsidian (especially Apache Tear)

Heartbreak and Self-Love: Rose Quartz, and Emerald

Insomnia: Amethyst, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz

Patience: Rhodonite, and Aragonite

Resistance to Teasing/Bullying: Red Jasper, Pyrite, Agate, Garnet, and Tiger’s Eye


Usually, crystals will have an important effect on chakras according to their colors, i.e. red jasper and red carnelian will be most effective on the root chakra; green aventurine and emerald on the heart chakra, etc.

For your reference, here are the main colors associated with the seven chakras:

Chakra-child       crystal-circle

From the bottom up:

1st chakra (root chakra) = Red

2nd chakra (sacral chakra) = Orange

3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) = Yellow

4th chakra (heart chakra) = Green (also pink)

5th chakra (throat chakra) = Blue and turquoise

6th chakra (third eye) = Indigo Blue

7th chakra (crown chakra) = Purple (and lavender)

Also, the Earth chakra (very important chakra under the feet) = brown and black

8th chakra (above the head) = clear and/or white

Please note that transparent crystals such as clear quartz act on all chakras since they contain all the colors of the rainbow.

Crystals are wonderful teachers and protectors for all. Why not inviting them into your life and that of your children? Enjoy their energy of Light and Joy, for they are eternal trustworthy companions!

A message from the realms of Light, where Angels and Crystals live as One.

***While crystals are marvelous companions for children, they are to be used very carefully and always under the supervision of adults (unless if out of children’s reach) to prevent them from swallowing/choking with smaller gems.

A message from the fairies: Be on the lookout for New Colors and New Sounds!


Many of you are already aware of the power of colors and music for healing and manifestation. Briefly, Light transforms into sound harmonics; Creation is the lowering of vibration from light into sound, then into material form. That is why it is said that the genesis of our universe was created through the power of the Word.

For each musical note on the octave corresponds a color from the rainbow (this also corresponds to the chakra system):   



   Red =    Do = Root chakra

   Orange = Re = Sacral chakra

   Yellow = Mi = Solar plexus

   Green = Fa = Heart chakra

   Blue = Sol = Throat chakra

   Indigo = La = Third eye (& ear chakras)

   Purple = Si = Crown chakra

Now, there is, of course, a great variety among the colors and the musical notes we know within the octave itself, but also within lower and higher octaves. These add up to the wealth of nuances and the variety of expressions that we are able to perceive. Different color tones = different musical tones, and vice versa.

Everything is vibration; therefore, everything has its own harmonic (resonant frequency).

Since there is a lot of material about the inter-relationship and the power of colors and music, this article does not intend to summarize the depth and complexity of such research endeavors. This is just to give a very brief and simple overlook to serve what follows: the message of the fairies about the upcoming new colors and sound vibrations. They say that the ability to perceive these new colors and musical tones goes along with the universal law of that which is similar attracts unto itself; i.e. as you raise your own vibration, you then vibrate according to higher harmonics, and thus, you may perceive, hear, and feel new colors and sounds.

These higher vibrating colors and sounds are not so “new”. Actually, our Ancient ones knew them very well and had acquired a high level of mastery which enabled them to use them to manifest rapidly many beautiful works of art and architecture (such as temples, pyramids, and entire cities), but also quick and powerful healing and transformations into higher states of well-being. They knew and applied the art of vibration.

Many of us are called to remember this knowledge for the upcoming years, as it will serve both our personal and collective creations to manifest more easily.

To help raise your vibration and be able to perceive beyond the actual scope of colors and sounds, the fairies invite us to spend time in nature to have an easier access to the invisible and subtle realms. If you are unable to go into nature, you may journey there through the power of visualization, and you might also listen to music recordings, especially the ones with nature sounds including bird song, whale and dolphin song. By the way, a lot of encoded information is contained in the music that many animals sing. Even if you are not able to decode the information right away, know that your higher Self knows it all and that your subconscious will store the information for its usage when appropriate.

As you elevate your personal frequency, you become more sensitive. Thus, you may perceive sounds and colors that remained inaudible and invisible to you before.

Many of you will be called to visit physical places on the planet in order to re-connect to the ancient knowledge and to upload new frequencies and information to serve your life’s purpose. Everything exists beyond space and time, and everything is recorded beyond past, present, and future. Remember, everything is vibration (energy).


All of this process will flow naturally through and within you. All you have to do is to remain open, and have the will to serve with love.

The more your intent to create and serve out of Love is pure, the more the entire planet and the different realms will connect with you. It is time. What we often consider as magic is actually something that is very natural. The veil to limited perception is being lifted through connecting to your real Essence, the Eternal Wise Being that you are.

As always, the alchemy starts within Oneself; the universe responds automatically with a vibrational match to what you hold predominantly within yourself. It has always been so.

And so, everything happens when we are ready. We have the power to choose and allow our dreams to come true. As you rediscover your own true power, your ability to transform your life to match the real You is enhanced. With higher frequencies of Love comes higher power to manifest.


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Your immense contribution to the ALL


You are all Children of the Light, Children of God, eternally. You are all Divine Beings who courageously incarnated on Earth in order to express your eternal Joy, Love and Wisdom.

You all incarnated in human form to learn, not so because you lack anything, but because you have accepted with great enthusiasm the “mission” to discover and reflect back your divine Essence through this experience of duality in the third dimension. This experience impels your expansion and your reflection (as a mirror effect) towards All that is with much more speed than it would be so if you all remained solely into your Light body form; experiencing the extremes of polarity allows this expansion and growth more rapidly than it would take to realize about the same “result” of Self-awareness within higher realms.  We know, this is a bit complicated to understand from your “limited human standpoint”. Nonetheless, please realize that duality and the feeling of separation are only illusions, since you always remain eternal multidimensional Beings as integral parts of the whole. Likewise, you are always free to choose how you create your experiences from your beliefs and perceptions that you hold within and focus on at any given moment.

We have come to the Era of the Great Unification; where you have believed for millennia in separation based on fear and ignorance, the veil of duality is being lifted gradually to reveal the eternal truth All is One.

This prophecy has been long delegated among the peoples involved in practicing and protecting the sacred universal knowledge of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

Now has come the long awaited time to facilitate your Self-realization and begin to live again into the multidimensional You. The choice is yours. And whatever the choice you make, it is the correct one for you and toward serving the whole with humility and joy.

Becoming conscious of your real divine essence is first and foremost a choice, and above all, a process. Among the infinite possibilities, you also have the opportunity to choose to create your experience based on the perspective that Earth is a playground, and let those who choose to see it as a battlefield to do so.

Even though no separation exists, when you choose to dwell in your heart (the Real You) and expand your consciousness to higher frequencies, little by little, the habit of judging and condemning others’ behaviors will shift into the serene knowing that all is well and as it is meant to be. You will let go of the need to control people’s attitudes and events; you will simply lose interest in trying to impose your vision and beliefs, because in the heart, You Are.

Synchronistically, you will know yourself better and you will lovingly affirm your truth and stand your ground as warriors of the Light that you are, since you can re-connect to the Infinite Love that you are at all times. This is indeed your divine inheritance as daughters and sons of the Light.

Let the divine flame shine forth from your heart and warm up the inner child in you, reminding him/her of the fact that you are all great and wise alchemists who know how to unify all forgotten parts of your Self.

It is a time to remember who you are, to realize your divine essence which remains pure, regardless of what happens in the past, present and future.

It is a time for celebration, but above all, a time of gestation to prepare the way to rebirth the real You, if you so desire.

For many of you, the process is already under way, and it is real.

Be kind and gentle to yourself dear brothers and sisters, you achieve so much already! And everything is turning out perfectly.

Let yourself bathe into our infinite Love and our unlimited admiration for all that you are, dear divine creators.

We are eternally grateful to you, on behalf of the All.


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