To help heal your inner child


Whenever issues of unworthiness, fear, shame, and hopelessness surface

Whenever the need for clarity, help, and connection comes up


Take time to connect within

See and feel where these foggy and uncomfortable feelings come from

Observe what lies beneath those old beliefs and false premises about yourself


Your inner Guide will show you the way to Freedom

To a life of True wisdom, Love, and Integrity


Imagine and receive the Love from your True Parents

Your Divine Father Source Love

Your Divine Mother loving care


They Love you unconditionally

Just and as exactly as you are

As you intended to come forth in this life


Feel and welcome their unconditional loving care

Do this  often during your day and whereabouts

Practice walking hand in hand with your loving family of the Light who loves you and supports you infinitely, always


You are a divine Child of God

See yourself as so, and embrace your divine inheritance

Receive all the Love from your Divine Parents and Family


Because this is Who You Really Are

This is the Truth of You



Nelson Mandela: Ascended Master and Great Teacher to Humanity


As there are neither accidents nor coincidences, Mandela’s actual “transitioning” state – whether he trespasses or not with his physical body – has powerful and uplifting energetic repercussions for us all.

His whole life and how he keeps living encompasses the great teachings that he came to incarnate and share with humanity.

Having reached yet another level in Earth’s ascending process (halfway through 2013), we are all touched by Mandela’s legacy and reminded to prepare for what is to come after a “Long Walk to Freedom”.

For the walk has been quite long indeed for many, but the rewards are already here; we are already free.

As he exemplifies beautifully and powerfully, freedom is always achieved first and foremost within Oneself. Despite oppression and a very long imprisonment, Mandela’s now famous motto (taken from the poem INVICTUS by William Ernest Henley) keeps resonating within humanity’s hearts:


As his living example illustrates, everyone can become free within, whatever the outside circumstances.

This memo is intended to support anyone who is still feeling vulnerable and challenged by outside circumstances. Know that you can be free within now. There are no limitations. Your dreams are already fulfilled. Rejoice in that knowing, because it is certain, for it is inevitable in this New Earth Era.

Remember, if you need any help in achieving and maintaining an inner state of freedom and serenity, you can bathe into Mandela’s energies which are meant to be available for us all at the moment, as well as all the other ascended masters and angelic Beings.

We have all the help we need through the supporting energies of PEACE, JOY & HARMONY of the New Earth.

Thank you, Nelson Mandela, for all your important work and contribution to us all.

In Love & Light, In La’kesh


Nelson Mandela