This is an intuitive and psychic reading from your Angels and Guides, channelled through Isabelle. She will connect with your Spirit, as well as your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, and Helpers from the elemental and star realms to bring you messages for your highest good. Isabelle will connect with your Akashic records to help you better understand your current path and mission at this moment in time.

Whether it is for the yearning to receive help and guidance from a higher perspective, or out of simple curiosity, your Angels and Guides will come to assist you in gaining clarity about your life’s purpose, reminding you that you are never alone on your path. Like many experiences, know that this channeling is only a tool to help you on your journey. It may help reawaken forgotten parts of yourself and help you in moving towards what you truly desire.

Please know that if you need it and ask for it, your angels and guides will send an infinite supply of blessings and healing energy to you. They may also intercede for your protection and safety if needed, but most of the times, they will only make gentle suggestions to you, since you are the free will creator of your own life. All you need to do is listen to your inner voice and follow your heart’s wisdom.

Please know that you have access to your Angels and Guides at all times, since we all are one. And remember, all you need to do is ask.

If you are interested in ordering an email Angel reading with Isabelle, please choose one of the two options below:

1) Readings are offered either as 1/2 hour readings at $55 (Canadian dollars) in which she will answer as many questions as she can in that time frame;




2) the full reading that will address all questions at $99 (Canadian dollars).


Option 1 at $55: Please choose here to send your payment through PayPal

Option 2 at $99: Please choose here to send your payment through Paypal


Upon receiving your payment, Isabelle will contact you to confirm that she has received your request, and shall send you your Angelic guidance and channeling by email.


***Don’t forget to send Isabelle your list of questions at abirami.isabelle@gmail.com or use the form below.

Thank you!



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