Akashic Reading and Healing (Soul Retrieval)


Calling in the Cosmic Whales, the key masters and keepers of the DNA including your I AM Presence, Guides, Crystal Masters and the Master Dolphins and Orcas to swim in the rivers of your multidimensional blood, this is a very deep and profound reading aimed at helping you to find and reawaken whatever it is that you need for your highest good, now.

This reading often comes with a healing and guidance from your own inner elders and ancestral lineage to help you to transform what needs to flow again, and above all empower your inner light so that you may remember who you are and what you came here to do.

Whether you need to recover some ancient skills or wisdom, whether you need to understand an old karmic issue within yourself and your life, whether you need some direction about your “book of life” on Earth or beyond, or all of the above and more, you may choose to request such reading for yourself to help understand patterns and issues within your life.

Many who are attracted to know more about their own Akash are old Souls on Earth. However, all servants of the Earth, whether this is their first time or not on this amazing beautiful school planet, may feel the need to remember and connect deeper with their Akash, as their Soul purpose lies within.

This akashic reading is offered as an aiding tool to remember and know who you truly are, and to help you on your current spiritual evolution and ascension.

The Akashic reading and healing session are done all at once as a “journey” into your many multidimensional lives and the ones that are the most pertinent for yourself to serve your healing and transformative journey in the now. This akashic and healing reading session is meant to help with your ascension and coming into your solar power as balanced incarnated masters on Earth.


Click here to order your Akashic Reading and Healing

Note that upon reception of your payment, I will contact you to confirm that I have received your request for an Akashic Reading and Soul Retrieval, and will decide with you for the most convenient time for you to receive the healing and reading of your Akash. Afterwards, I will send you all the details by email as soon as possible.

***You may wish to send a message with questions or concerns you may have at abirami.isabelle@gmail.com or use the form below.

 Thank you!


Artworks by Autumn Skye Morrison


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