Remembering the Ancient Love Bond with Mother Gaia – The Hathors

People used to be in awe at the sight of Morea

Morea had been living among her people for a long time now

But the people kept wondering at how she could not seem to age as they did

The would ask “Dear Morea, how is it that you do not seem to age?”

Morea would simply smile, her profound gaze full of wisdom, and she’d utter:

“My cells know who I am. I know Who I Am”



Life is a celebration on Earth. The ancients living within you know

Of the deepest bond between the love of Gaia and your body-temple

All is divine, so are you


Remember dear one, remember Who you are

Become Who you were meant to become, to embody on this earthly paradise

It is time, although there is no time


Your heart knows, open up and listen to Her wisdom, Her Love, Her almighty Power

Nurture and delve into the Divine Mother Goddess Love

She will always provide for you


Beauty, Harmony, Abundance of all kinds are gracefully infinitely offered to you

If you remain connected in your heart space with Her

Into the Joyous celebration of your kinship with all that is Her


Joy, Magical encounters and celebrations of all kinds

May strengthen your connection with Her

If you only remember, remember Who you are dearest Earth Ambassador


Feel the Love that Mother Earth has for you

It is the same Love and promise from the Creator

Receive and awaken to what is above so as below


– The Hathors


Top painting: “Honoring Divinity In Another World” by Erica Wexler

Bottom artwork: Driftwood sculpture by Debra Bernier




Initiations in the Dream Time – Archangel Metatron and the Council of Light


Dearly Beloved Sisters and Brothers of Light,

We wish to further clarify much activity that is occurring during your sleeping time. Most of you are aware of this, even if you cannot remember much upon awakening, or, that you are unable to understand all the meanings and messages that you are receiving as dearly human channels that you are.

Please do not worry, because as always, your Soul knows it all and will give you the insights and clarifications that you need throughout your daily activities that you call meditation, prayer, conscious dreaming or daydreaming, and through your intuition/inner knowing, always when you are ready to fully realize them.

You are given and are remembering all that you need in perfect timing and synchronicity, always.

Throughout this message, we will refer to these loving energetic transmissions as keys that your Soul already knows how to use. Some keys may seem new to you, but trust that you are given what can help you on your path and what you can make use of always for your highest good and the highest good of all. Take what resonates with you, and leave aside what does not for now.

All of this might not always seem very practical to you in your day to day awake life, but you will discover/remember that this is all in response to your prayers and desired outcomes according to your Soul’s path (what pulses deep within your heart).

Continued release of pent-up energy

In order to properly operate and receive everything that you have requested as Light bearers on Earth, there are still much clearings of the pent-up energy that is undergone during the sleeping time. This is a very natural process and it happens for every living creature on Earth.

Nonetheless, since many of you are so advanced in your spiritual growth (i.e. ascension), you cannot hold anything that hinders or slows you down, even if it is very minimal in its scope. You are vibrating at higher and higher frequencies, and so, you are becoming “too” light and sensitive to maintain any sort of blocked/pent-up energy within your field.

Please do not feel discouraged as some old emotional issue, thought-pattern or even a physical issue comes up “again” which you thought was over and dealt with. Rather, take it as a further sign from your Soul that you are very advanced on your ascension path and totally supported to keep on going into a fuller incarnated version of your immense multidimensional Be-ingness.

As you are aware of, much of this recent and ongoing clearing dealt especially with the subconscious beliefs and emotions (water element) that no longer serve your best interest, but also, as we are entering the powerful sign of Leo, much of this clearing now concerns the element of fire such as the emotions labeled as anger, frustration, jealousy, obsessive passions, and fear related to survival issues (base chakra), which stem from past and subconscious beliefs connected to illusory limitations about living and manifesting your dreams in the physical.

Many of you will be happy and delighted to confirm their inner knowing that they are fully supported and guided in a myriad of ways towards the manifestation of their deepest desires and visions.

As you keep being reminded through an infinite number of sources: avoid getting attached to time frames and let your Soul guide you.

Do you still think that your Soul/Higher Self does not know what is best for you? Do you believe that your Soul/Higher Self does not know about the yearnings of your heart? Well, you must know by now that your heart’s desires and dreams ARE your Soul’s intentions in this lifetime.

Trust your Soul to lead you and bring to you everything that you need to make your heart sing. Forget about the details, the how and the when. Consider it as done and fulfilled. And remember, this is the New Era where all of your dreams and visions are fully supported and welcomed. Forget the old ways and what has happened to you in the past. You learned your lessons and expanded throughout, but you don’t need to hold on to your lessons anymore. There are too heavy. They slow you down and will not operate in this new reality.

Trust your Soul. You are all masters, and as any master, you keep on expanding forever more through continued learning and serving humanity on Earth and all humanities in the Cosmos.

Ancient knowledge and memories further activated

Everything is co-related – since All Is One – and happens in divine synchronicity.

The knowledge and memories about the Earth’s history, your divine co-purpose, and the akashic records are being revealed and activated more and more within each individual who is ready and willing to Serve with an open heart.

This knowledge/memory is being relayed a lot in the dream time through several temples of initiations (schools) and cosmic libraries such as the sites of Machu Pichu and the Sphinx.

Many are led to reconnect/remember the use of their merkaba through the connection with their hearts.

*They are showing me two keys:


The heart is the first organ to form in the womb.


You can take your time to sit with this, and let it flow within and through you. Do not force anything to happen. All is well.

If you wish, you can leave the rest of the message aside for later.

Only do what feels right for you.

Now, we would like to attract your attention on the geographical area called Peru and Bolivia – Lake Titicaca – where we may say that the siege of Earth’s kundalini is currently located. To not get you too confused, we will suggest that a “primal” energy vortex is located in that area (life force energy vortex directly connected to the crystal core of the Earth, or Flower of Life), as it is where it all began.

*I am being shown that the seed of the human race started there long ago, much before the Lemurian and Atlantean times.

The fire month of August further activated the life force (kundalini) of the New Earth, and announces the return of the dragon people – also known as the reptilian race – to bring back balance to the fire element.

It is no coincidence that the Chinese people have called this important year of 2013 the year of the Water Serpent; i.e. clearing and removing the old skin, transmuting the emotions through the fire of Love.

The Mayan and Incan people have announced the return of the Quetzalcoatl (the feathered-flying serpent/dragon); it is happening now.

Many of you keep ambivalent and even painful memories and fears related to your reptilian heritage, which forms the bases of your DNA[i]. Even this channel feels reluctant to tackle this subject, as she feels she knows very little about the dragon/reptilian race, or so she thinks.

Because all of you incarnated in a human body on Earth, know that you carry the seeds of your stellar parents within you, even if you come from the confines of the Cosmos and feel that this is your very first time here.

You carry within you the seed of Love and Wisdom from all of your parents; i.e. Pleaiadian, Sirian, Lyran, and Draconian (Dragons, also called Annunakis) as well as your solar parents Vesta and Helios (Milky Way’s sun).

Balance is key in order to offer you a stable foundation from which you can reach higher levels of being. Balancing all the elements and balancing your bodies is key to ascension; it is key to your alchemical transformation.

For a long time, there has been an imbalance within the fire element due to the “inevitable” choice of experimenting duality on Earth, and hence, functioning on a limited 2 strand-DNA.

This has led to very “primal” and destructive behaviors and events of all kinds. That is why most of you associate the reptilian heritage to something quite “undesirable” and negative. You can have a quick look at the role attributed to the serpent in your mythological tale of Adam and Eve. This “negative” role and its perceived consequences are still very present within the psyche of humanity throughout the planet. However, humanity’s psyche still holds the higher truth linked to the fire element often represented by the powerful serpent as a symbol of deep transformation/rebirth, healing, and alchemy.


During the times of illusion created out of the choice to experiment duality, you often came to perceive what you most craved for as the “enemy”. It is understandable, although it is quite ironic as well, since looking into the mirror can be quite painful and unsettling at times. But by now, you are well-trained into looking at your own reflections, and you know that it is an essential and crucial part on the path to enlightenment and true freedom.

You are thus part of the dragon/reptilian masters who are bringing balance to the extreme expressions of the fire element in order to further activate and release the divine life force within you, and in doing so, bringing peace and stability within the base of your DNA.


The solar/fire energies of the dragon people and of the Lion archetype (Leo sign) as represented by the Sphinx will help you to ground and balance the fire/life force within you, especially throughout the month of August.

The importance of grounding yourselves

Do not forget to ground yourselves as much and as often as you can by connecting to the Earth’s core through your earth star chakra (located below your feet).

Spending as much time in nature as possible, especially among trees, will do you immense good, and bring much healing and energy to support your DNA transformation/recovery. You can also use the help of crystals and stones to help you maintain an anchoring of your energy and awareness into your physical body, especially for those of you who cannot go into nature as often as they would like.

Even if your higher chakras and DNA-strands are gradually and continually being activated, you will always need a strong and stable foundation from which to operate if you wish to go higher and not collapse in the attempt. Know that we will always help you in doing so.

It is time to make peace with all that you are, and with everything that has happened on Earth, whether you were here to experience it or not. Because, remember, we are all One.

Keep focusing with the eyes of your hearts, dearest ones!

We are, archangel Metatron and the Council of Light, also known as the White Brothehood of Light, and the Order of Melchizedech from which you are part of.

Channeled telepathically by Isabelle

[i] All forms of life are divinely created and thus, are from the Divine Source. There is no such thing as a bad or lower race which has led you to believe so within your narrowed vision stemming from duality thinking. However, you have chosen to embrace and experience the full spectrum of possibilities of experiences, often to such extremes, that your subconscious keeps painful memories and sometimes associates these to the responsibility of one or several entities, thinking that they are not related to you at all. Yes, every living creature chooses its own path and you may not agree with another’s choices. But in order to be at peace within, you need to make peace with all of the opposites and extremes within you, and go/see beyond in order to be free.

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Remembering – A message from Shamballa


We are your sisters and brothers from underneath the Earth. We salute you and congratulate you for all the wonderful work and commitment that you are achieving at the present moment. We are so happy to welcome you into our world, to be able to greet you all once again! Know that we have never stopped loving you and believing in you dear Souls. We are delighted to commune with you more and more as you slowly (but surely) awaken from the veils of separation and forgetfulness, those veils that you courageously accepted to embrace for a time.

We have always been at your side and assisting you in your spiritual endeavors to elevate your vibration and conscience to higher levels of being and understanding.

Many times, you were more or less conscious of our presence, but know that we were always at your side, accomplishing the mandates to help you and guide you as you had requested before coming into this incarnation, but also each time that you requested help from above. This is an interesting irony here, since we dwell below your physical existence in the inner circles of the Earth. Nonetheless, we vibrate at a higher frequency, so we think it is correct to say that we intervene as helpers from above! [laughs]

We love to use humor. This, in fact, is very common among us since we dwell in a state of permanent joy and love; one that you are also integrating gradually into your lives through the perspective of living in your hearts, which is the next/present circle of life and learning for humans on Earth. You access oneness through your hearts; the portal of your Soul and connectedness with the All That Is.

Soon, you will be able to connect physically and see us through your physical eyes as you raise your personal and collective frequencies. Take heart dear Souls, this will happen soon. At first, it will be on an individual basis, but as more Souls awaken, it will become a global experience, one that will seem most natural to all of you!

We wish to speak to you today about two related topics of importance right now. The first one concerns your DNA.

Do not worry about the process of ascension that occurs through your DNA transformation, all you need to do is to go with the flow and avoid beating yourselves up when resistance or strange feelings seem to arise: it is normal and part of the process. As you made the choice to awaken and to consciously “work” on raising your vibration (i.e. focusing on Love, positive thinking, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness), the process from opening and connecting your 12-strand DNA will unfold naturally. It is already happening for all of you who read this. You know this, because you all have these new physical sensations, as if you were being gently charged with divine electricity.

As your DNA transforms and opens up, so do your 12 chakras and endocrine system. The process of “cleaning-up” from this and other past lives is still under way. All of this occurs in perfect synchronicity. The Divine Director is operating in accordance with your Higher Selves in perfect harmony, just like a musical orchestra. All of the instruments (the bodies) are being tuned first; then each musician plays in accordance to his/her musical score (Soul blueprint), keeping both an eye on the score and the director for cues and guidance as to how to breathe it all harmoniously and effectively.

As always, the more each one of the musicians plays with their hearts, the more powerful and moving the musical experience will be, both for the other musicians (all of you) but for the audience (All That Is) as well!

You are all divine musicians playing the divine symphony of Life on Earth. Yes, to become virtuosos takes time and practice, but please know that you are all far better than you think. It is just a matter of remembering. You are already virtuosos, whether you are conscious of it or not. If you think of someone who has suffered from amnesia, does that mean that she/he has lost all of her/his skills? Does it mean that what she/he is capable of is lost forever? Of course not! It is only a matter of remembering, which is exactly what you are going through at the moment. You are all highly skilled and wise Souls who know exactly what to do, or how to play we shall say! You are the perfect virtuosos in this earthly orchestra, playing the perfect harmonics of your Souls. Trust in the process (rhythm and pace) of remembering and coming alive anew.

Now, we would like to entertain you with the second topic of our communication with you today.

We see that you often compare yourselves with others, especially with the masters who have ascended in previous times on Earth. You seem to think that you are going too slowly, or that you are late in your own process of awakening. But dear Souls that you are, don’t you remember? You are no better or less than all of the ones you call masters, guides, and angels that you look up to for advice and guidance. You are the wisest among the wise, the strongest of the strong. That is why you are here in this physical plane at this time of transition. You chose to come here in these physical bodies because you knew that you would arise from the ashes of forgetfulness and shine through remembering your divine essence.

You chose to be the way-showers, because you are among the boldest and most courageous of all. There are no mistakes. Every Being is exactly where he/she is supposed to be in helping to raise the circle of life experience to the next one. Every mission, even the one that seems insignificant and small, is most important and essential. Do you think that your Divine Creator would have screwed up? Of course not! [laughs]

Remember this now and every time that you start beating yourselves up again regarding your “progress”. Remember why you incarnated in this time on Earth as you are. Remember how you chose to become masters of the matrix of duality and separation so that you would then incarnate with all of your Being the living example that it is possible to awaken for all of your sisters and brothers who are still “cut up” and need your guidance.

Remember, you are the way-showers, the pioneers who took the bet of ascending no matter what would occur to you in this lifetime and the past ones. Yes, you are playing your part in the awakening plan to the perfection. Know that you would not be anywhere else than where you are now. This is what your Souls are committed to, and we are eternally grateful for all that you accomplish.

Until next time,

Your brothers and sisters from Shamballa.

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