22222 – The Reseting of the Matrix

The February 22, 2022 – namely the 222222 portal – is a very potent day for reseting the matrix within ourselves, and hence, within our own lives on planet Earth. It portends the seeds of the New that were carried within our hearts eons ago, long before the Earth was even part of the Creative Mind. It is up to each and everyone of us to decide and choose what beliefs and thought patterns we wish to continue to focus on and nourish within ourselves, as well as inviting and implementing the new beliefs and thought patterns that are aligned with our true divinity.

The last Full Moon in Leo helps us to release all that stands in the way of our power as divine Creators in order to embrace our New Divine beliefs and thinking make-up. Like the Leo and Tiger symbolise, this takes practice, courage and discipline. But as the new year of the water tiger conveys, it is time to step up in our emotional mastery. And the way to do so is to become forever more aware of how our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and our lives contribute to our own nourishment – or depletion from our own precious energy. We have been on this path for a very long time, clearing the way from very old wounds, including those of past lives and ancestral lineage. Tomorrow offers a launching pad for the activation and implementation of these new ideas and beliefs that shall create our present and future lives. A new matrix or paradigm of reality.

222222 is an activation into Divine Balance and owning our Power to create the realities that are so precious to our hearts. In order to do so, our thoughts must align with the truth in our hearts. They must serve our beloved desires into manifestation. Our focus must be congruent with what we wish to create. Mastery over duality means choosing with care and awareness in every moment. Being aware of how you feel and why. Because the energy always flows in the direction of our focus. Let it be to your own benefit, and in being so, to the benefit of All that Is.

A simple exercise I love to do is to sit in quiet meditation and focus on my breathing. Then, I place my hands on my sacral chakra. I then choose a negative thought about myself or my current reality and feel how this affects my energy. You will certainly feel your own vibrant creative energy being sucked out of you right away, feeling depleted and depressed. Shamans used to say that we invite di-seases through these leaks that we create in ourselves.

Then try to do the opposite, and invite loving uplifting thoughts and you will feel right away how this fills up your tank tenfold.

The energy is neutral, and you are the master creator. You are the one who chooses how it goes and how it will serve you in every instant. So, how will you choose is always up to you. You have the power.

Conscious freedom and standing in your true power are key to walking in mastery over duality. How you choose to perceive your own life is what you choose to create. Can you see all the power and potential that you have as a divine matrix creator?

Your Soul is ready for new adventures and territories to explore within. Will you accept the invitation?

Wishing you all a wonderful 222222 portal filled with infinite potential.

Sayrina Isabelle


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