Remote Healing and Guidance Session

Receive healing and intuitive guidance wherever you are on the planet.

I am more than happy to serve as a channel to send you loving healing energy and guidance from your Angels and Guides if you request it. As Archangel Raphael has taught me, “when you experience pain or illness, there is always a spiritual root or cause. Your body is a divinely intelligent part of you, and it is trying to communicate something about you and your life through this pain or ‘dis-ease’ that you are experiencing.”

Love is the most powerful healing energy. Love always gently heals at the core, disolving any previous blocks and resistance to your natural right to well-being.

I usually prefers to speak about transformation rather than healing, since there are no real problems, but opportunities to learn and grow. However, I am most compassionate with the pain and suffering of my brothers and sisters, and I wish to offer my guiding help and love to whoever requests it. Having gone through many physical and emotional challenges myself, I have been well prepared to assist others and share the wisdom I have acquired from these experiences. However, know that you are your own healer, others (even the Angels) can only help and guide you on your recovery and evolution.

The energy healing/transformation is non-invasive, subtle, and yet very powerful. It helps to provide a profound well-being and a better understanding of what it is that we are trying to learn through these experiences. The more you become attuned to listening to your body and its messages, the better healer you will become for yourself and others around you.

However, sometimes even the strongest of us needs a little help. For this too is part of the human experience; to ask and receive loving care.

Receiving and allowing healing can also be most welcomed when you feel “stuck” and confused on your life path, helping you to release the old attachments and wounds and allowing for all the new opportunities, love, and abundance into your life and Being. You deserve to be happy; in fact, we are all meant to live a joyous and abundant life!

Healing hands

If you are interested in receiving healing energy and guidance from your Angels, please write to: or use the form below.

Along with your request, you may state what you are concerned about, or what you feel needs healing in your body/life. However, no ‘dis-ease’ is required to experience this healing energy. It can certainly help you on your path to well-being, expansion and spiritual growth!

Click here to order your:

30 minutes Remote Healing and Guidance Session

One hour Remote Healing and Guidance Session

Upon reception of your payment, I will contact you to confirm that I have received your request for a distant energy healing session, and will decide with you for the most convenient time for you to receive the healing. Afterwards, I will send you all the details by email as soon as possible.

I will take the necessary time to connect with your Soul, and scan your bodies and send you the healing energy you need. I will also send you an email with what I saw along with messages and guidance from your Soul, Angels and Guides.


 Heart Knowing

Hi everyone I would like to recommend my friend Isabelle Goulet she is a lightworker and she is the bomb. This woman works with the Archangel Chamuel and Raphael among others and has helped me this year tremendously. I truly recommend her she has so much knowledge and insight. She has a very kind heart and always syncs with what is going on with me at the moment and not many people can truly read me. She has helped me and others in the etheric as well. She is a healer and a lover of people, things, places, situations, and animals. She is a Flamenco dancer and knows 3 languages that I know of fluently English, Spanish, and French, but who knows she is a box of surprises. How awesome is that? I just want to say I truly recommend her for anyone who has the need for a dream to be interpreted or thinks they are going crazy having dreams with people they don’t know etc. She will relate to any situation because she has been there and done that and she knows everything and anything is possible. Whatever the case may be and you don’t see it on her web page run it by her and I am sure she will come up with something or some type of solution that pertains to your problem. I am so blessed to have met her and be able to consider her a friend and one of my closest soul sisters from my soul family. So Isa thank you for all you have done, for your support, and confirmations, determination, healings, and love for me and my family and loved ones. I salute you. Namaste’ xoxo Love & Light…
– Nayda Rivera of Angelic Realm’s 77

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