Healing and Guidance for Children

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This is an angelic and love-filled service especially designed for children, teenagers, newly born babies, and the expected ones.

We are all children of the Light, children of God, eternally.  We are all divine Souls who come here to experience and shine our innate Joy, Love and Wisdom. But as you might remember, growing up in a physical form can be quite a challenge, especially for the highly evolved and sensitive Souls that are coming to Earth at this time. Just like we learn to nurture and listen to our inner child, the children and teenagers often need guidance and comfort from the adults around. Even though children are guides for us all since they usually have a closer relationship to Source (being here for less time than adults), they also need our help in teaching and guiding them on this physical plane.

Your children chose you as their primary mentor(s), and thus, it is quite an honor and privilege to be such loving and responsible guides for these wonderful Beings. But please bear in mind that they remain children of God, of the infinite Love, and so they are well cared for and watched over by numerous Angels and Guides from diverse realms. They are also the free will creators of their own lives and intend, just as you do, to follow their own guidance and inner passions & dreams.

Whether you are a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, grand-parent, friend, etc., please remember that you are not the sole protector and provider for your children, and that legions of Angels and other guides are more than happy to come and assist you personally, as well as assisting and guiding your children.

Help and blessings are always available for all of us, and especially for these wonderful Souls! All you need to do is ask.

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If you feel that an angel healing session and guidance might be appropriate for your child/ren, you may send an email to Isabelle at abirami.isabelle@gmail.com or use the form at the bottom of the page.

I will then connect with your child’s or teenage’ Soul and ask permission to perform a channeled angelic healing session. Then, I will either communicate with you and/or your children/teenager through email to let you know what happened and to outline the specific messages that the Angels and your child’s higher Self want you to know, always for the highest good of everyone involved.

Note that you may wish to use such service in order to connect on a deeper level with the Soul of your child if you are expecting to become a parent. This always serves in your highest good to prepare yourself to welcome this Soul into your life, and get to know about his/her life purpose as well as talents and gifts to be honored and nurtured.

Click here to order a:

Healing and Guidance session for children from 2 to 12 years old

Healing and Guidance session for teenagers 13 to 18 years old

Baby to come, infant Soul reading (and healing if necessary)

Upon reception of your payment, I will contact you to determine the best convenient time for your child’s healing session.

May all the children of the world be blessed, including you!


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“Life Path” from the Archangeloracle.com


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