Key Elements for Manifestation – Inspired by Lord Kuthumi

ALIGN and PRACTICE your New story – what you wish to create into form – on all 4 levels:




ACTION (practicing telling your new story on all 4 levels; i.e. thinking, believing, feeling and knowing while opening up your heart more and more as you do so)

All of this process has to be done with CONSISTENCY and avoid repeating any CONTRADICTORY VIBE (such as keeping telling your old story, repeating doubts, etc.)

Keep opening up your heart more and more as you practice your new point of attraction and manifestation.

Have fun and allow divine synchronicity to deliver your creation to you.

Trust that:

Anything and everything is possible.

And so it is.

Trust in the benevolent power of Source on your Behalf.

Don’t get caught in details, and don’t try to force it to happen.

Focus on the knowing that what is and will be is always for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Relax and enjoy the process.

And expect to be happily surprised!

Great guidance to listen to and watch by Nenari Diamondlady from which this material is greatly inspired here:  Meditational Hypnosis ~The Keys to Consciousness


Top photo source: rossledda

April 2013 Angel Guidance


Dearest Souls,

There seems to be three keywords/energies that will predominate during the coming month of April. These three “light” and yet powerful energies could be grouped under the umbrella of JOY.

Good news, we seem to get a lot of blessings from heaven into our lives. Not to say that blessings are not present all around at all times. But it looks like this season of Spring kicks off with a lot of gifts and joyful encounters to light up our lives.

This will automatically mirror what has happened inside each one of us lately, i.e. an opening of the heart to the new lively energies of change of the New Earth. Remember, we are all one, and so, this joy and love that you can feel deep down as you allow yourselves to just be and commune with your Soul is becoming more and more present and habitual for you. This in turn opens up the gates of manifestation to mirror what is going on inside of you; that is, what is going on in your hearts.

Yes, we will still encounter challenges ahead, but somehow, they will become easier to assess and embrace because of this feeling of innate joy and love for all things, including love for yourself. The more you love, the more life becomes easy and manifestations come quickly.

In case you did not get it yet, the first keyword energy for April is BLESSINGS. Whether they come to you on the wings of angels, or as blessings in disguise, remember that everything happens for a reason and that everything has a purpose. Trust in the wisdom of your Soul, for you are being lead in the right direction at all times.

This brings me to tackle the second keyword energy for the month, which is FREEDOM. Now, much has been said about freedom, and what is perceived as freedom for one can be quite different for another. Sometimes, they even seem to be the exact opposite of one another. We all have our personal definitions of what freedom is, and those same definitions tend to change as we go through the many experiences of our own lives. However, the notion of freedom that the angels are talking about is the freedom of the Soul. Let me explain. They are saying that along with the new energies that we have and are still welcoming into our hearts, much healing and transformation has occurred, and this, both for this lifetime and all the previous ones.

The Soul is setting itself free to truly mirror the divine Light that dwells within, without the old restrictions of shame, fear or shyness. You are all becoming who you truly are, the Being that you meant to incarnate and shine on this Earth plane. Last month’s preparation was about remembering your true intentions when coming into this incarnation; in fact, not only this one, but the very original intentions that you held when you first incarnated on Mother Earth many eons ago.

You are setting yourselves free; because you start to remember that you exist beyond time and space. Not only are you eternal Beings, you are in fact Timeless. We are all merging with Source once again, with the truth of All That Is. It is a process. We are all going it at our own pace. But it is inevitable. For it is who we truly are.

And so, it is also a time for celebration, for rejoicing in the joining back with our true Selves. The third keyword energy calls you to have fun and PLAY from that place of Joy and Love that is the Real You. Life can be fun and easy. Even the challenges can be met with detachment, trust, and the inner knowing that All is Well. What boring life it would be if we never met anything that triggered our desire to move and expand into new territories of being.

Those same challenges can be met with joy and grace, that is, from the standpoint of living in our hearts. Life can be easy, even amongst the challenges and apparent chaos. It is all up to you, whether you choose to connect to the all mighty that you are or not. Remember, you are Grace, you are infinite Light and Wisdom, for you are infinite Love.

Will you dare to play with your sisters and brothers from that place of knowing and being Who you truly are?

There are no real enemies, just friends and playmates who challenge you into discovering and showing your real essence. Be grateful for their gifts, and enjoy being You. For you are truly magnificent and powerful beyond measure!

So Love, Joy and Playfulness set you free. Will you welcome your blessings?

For they are yours to take and they come in infinite supply, just like the infinite nature of the Real You.

Will you dare to live the joy of your dreams?

You don’t need to wait for them to manifest before you are able to enjoy them. For they come from you, and so, they are an integral part of you already.

Enjoy being You.

Open you heart to Oneness and to all the blessings that are already in your life and the ones that are to come.

We love you eternally and infinitely,

From your Angelic family of Light (channeled through Isabelle)


Image: Reynan Opada

Note that the angels use both “we” and “you” in the message. They simply wish to make us realize that there is no separation between us and them, since we are all One.