A Vision of Peace given by the White Buffalo Spirit

Break Through by Janosh

“Breakthrough” by Janosh Art – inspired by a Mayan crop circle

Last night as I was in deep meditation and receiving a wonderful and powerful distant healing on this amazing Full Moon in Taurus, I had a vision given by the White Buffalo Spirit…

I was stunned, as I did not expect such prophecy at all. I am still surprised by this vision, and yet, I know in my heart this is a very real potential.

I saw the Dalai Lama and China coming together, making peace and reconciling, at last.

I don’t know how or when this will come about, all I know is that I am one of the many messengers to bring the wonderful news, and to encourage all of us to keep our highest hopes for the future of Gaia and humanity.

Tremendous change is in the works, and the change has and is continuously implemented through each one of us holding Love and Faith in our hearts, and doing the inner and outer Light work we each are led to do through our Souls by allowing more Love in – and thus more Love out as well – and releasing all that no longer serves Love in our lives.

This Peaceful era is born out of Love, never by force.

Maintain your hopes high, and please don’t despair.

The Dalai Lama never gave up hope, as he knows within that all is in divine order and that Love and Harmony shall always prevail. It has always been so.

Remember to hold Joy and Happiness in your Hearts and Eyes, to truly see what is about to take place behind all the illusory drama and confusion.

The impossible IS possible.

All Lightworkers are ambassadors of Peace and Harmony on Earth, and White Buffalo congratulates you all and encourages you to move forward with Faith, Joy, and Love!

Namasté dearest Soul Family,



Here is some information that might be of interest about the White Buffalo Spirit that was sent to me after the healing and gift of this vision:

White Buffalo- MEANING: Prayer, Abundance, Gratitude

Buffalo People are learning to embrace abundance in many forms; knowing there is more than meets the eye. Buffalo Medicine is used to feed the tribe, clothe the tribe, their bones were used to make tools for the survival of the tribe and their hooves were used to make glue for the tribe.

A White Buffalo is still considered “extremely” sacred to most Native American tribes, including the Cherokee.

In fact, many Native Americans will travel clear across the country to witness the arrival of a new White Buffalo. In 1994, a White Buffalo named “Miracle” was born on the Heider farm in Wisconsin.

The “Miracle” calf brought over 20,000 visitors, including the Dalai Lama and people of all races, cultures and religions to make the pilgrimage to visit the calf. (*By the way, I did not know at all that the Dalai Lama had visited this baby calf until I read this).

It is believed there are only 7 white buffalos in existance today and there is less than one in ten million chance of a white buffalo being born. When Buffalo Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to embrace abundance in ALL forms. Look around you; there may be something in your space that has the capacity to create more abundance than you realize. When Buffalo Medicine comes in front of you, it is reminding you to think abundantly and the ability to replicate is in your grasp.

Buffalo’s message is about holding your prayers resolute and firm; giving thanks continually that your prayers have already been answered in the most abundant way possible.

Buffalo Medicine has a sacred connection with Mother Earth (Great Spirit) because Buffalo continues to aid, assist and provide God’s children on earth.

Times of the New – Thoth & Aphrodite

Tree New Dawn

Dearest Soul Lightworkers, Beacons of Light and Love:

We are the energies known as Thoth and Aphrodite. We come to offer assistance and unconditional support and Love on this new phase of your personal and collective journeys upon Gaia.

Even though time in essence is only an illusion upon agreement as everything occurs and coalesces in the NOW multidimensionally, this is not always so in your physical dimension on Earth.

From what has transpired in the past years and months, and especially through the turning point of the Sirian Cosmic New year according to the Mayan calendar towards the end of July going into August in earthly terms, you are now more than prepared for what is to come and unfold as you each individually and collectively embrace new roles, activities and missions of Love, Joy, Peace, Balance and Harmony.

You will still need to release and shed what no longer serves you as you go along and continue to integrate more Light Codes and ascend into the entirety of your multidimensional Selves – which is an ever going process in spirals of infinity – since you can never cease to expand and integrate more Wisdom, Love and Power. For this is Who You Really Are by Nature; your very Essence yearns to know Itself constantly.

Many of you feel the inner calling to embrace new dreams, activities and visions that you might not have been aware of before, or that are becoming stronger vibrationally within you.

As always, please do not concern yourselves with how or when these “new” visions and dreams are going to manifest for you in the physical plane, but remain joyfully dedicated to focussing your intentions from within and trust that everything is being taken care of and unfolding for you and the highest good of All in perfect divine order.

Everything is created from within. Trust your intuition – your inner heart knowing – to guide you along the way.

You may not understand where all of this leads you to, and how it will manifest and truly serve you and the All That Is, but this is still a trap from the ego-mind based in the illusion of fear and separation.

So we will repeat this again and again: focus on the wisdom and love of your heart to guide you at all times. Leave the details to the Universe/Allmighty God/Source of All That Is to manage the details and deliver it to you.

Focus on the joy and love of Who You Really Are, on the life force of your passions to steer you on your path, one step or many at a time. Divine synchronicity is at work at all times.

Awaken and know that each one of you is a master alchemist; an Alta Magician Creator for the highest good of All.

Be happy and rejoice in the Now, knowing that everything is and keeps unfolding perfectly for you according to the Divine Plan.

We are constantly at your side and we rejoice in all of your accomplishments. You are never alone as you know, and are truly blessed, loved and guided at all times. Your Soul/God spark is in charge, remember?

So be at peace and trust in what is to come. Nothing remains the same, and you will never go back to the way it was, ever. Another critical marker has indeed been crossed successfully. Know this.

Trust in the incredible power of your intentions. For what is to come is truly beautiful and amazing!

We are your eternal Soul companions, your brother and sister,

Masters Thoth and Lady Aphrodite (and many many more!)

Leap of Joy

Images found on flickr.com and theberry.com

On the Power and Practice of Compassion


“Compassion is your best ally when faced with diverging opinions and energies.

In this way, you remain centered and balanced in Love while acknowledging the differences and value in everything, whether you agree with them or not, because you can see beyond right and wrong (duality).

You are able to respect everyone’s unique path while you do not lose your stance and power through caring “too much” about what others choose to say, think or do.

This is truly wisdom incarnated.

It is all about practicing – and you do so wonderfully – this magical alignment with You/Source in every instant.”

– excerpt from a channeling for a beautiful Soul (for we all are)


The world is in your eyes

Living in the NOW: Aligning with the Song of your Soul

Being inspired

Many have called this vibrational state achieved in the physical as: enlightenment; samadhi, bliss; nirvana; alignment with Source; multidimensional awareness; Self-Realization; Ecstacy; Deep serenity; Coming HOME; etc.

These states of being/vibrating, whether they are short-lived or sustained for longer periods, are the ultimate experience and purpose which we have all come to realize in this time/space experience.

Those of you on the path to ascension – which in reality is the anchoring of your Christed divine Self into incarnated form – may now be able to experience this deep sense of peace and lightness on a more sustained basis.

Most of you have been working hard on allowing the attuning of your human vessel to such a degree as to become pure channels of Light and Love.

Balance and clarity is now easier and better sustained within your core, allowing all of your bodies, cells and very DNA to be finely-tuned to play the original divine symphony as you were originally meant to.

You have been recovering your very divine blueprint in this physical reality, which enables your torus field – your energetic electro-magnetic field – to amplify, touch, transform, and heal everything on your path as well.

Torus Tree

By atoning with and vibrating your divine symphony make-up in harmony with the Cosmos as you were designed to by Source, you help bring everything else into harmony as well.

You are able to realize and experience for yourselves what detachment really means.

For you know within your very core that everything is in perfect divine order. You are able to feel divine peace where you keep embodying what may be translated as “It does not matter. All is well”, while at the same time you simply shine and vibrate pure Love and Compassion.

NOW is all there is.

There are so many of you’s within You, all converging in the NOW, coming into wholeness with Who You Really Are and always meant to incarnate here, now.

You feel this deep connection and oneness with All That Is and ever will be.

Life is beautiful. Life is simple. Life is Now.

This is embodied Grace.

All else becomes insignificant and utterly funny.

There is no more space to hold drama.

Only Love.

And the adventure keeps unfolding. We cannot stop expanding every instant of the way.

You are the way. You are the Now. Singing the Song of your Soul, happily and effortlessly.

The Holy Trinity within, in complete Harmony…


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