Using Crystals with Children


Beloved Children of the Light! We are so happy to have the opportunity to commune with you. Know that we are always with you by your side, at all times. Remember to ask for anything you need, and we will respond to your prayers right away. It is so. Know that you are blessed with our Love and Support, always.

Today, we would like to talk to you about the use of magnificent and wise Beings: the crystals. Know that your physical body is made up of crystals and minerals, and that you need to become aware of this fact for the future of humanity on Earth. Do you know that children who are coming to Mother Earth at this time have a special bond with crystals? It is no coincidence (as there are no accidents) that many call these children “crystal” children and “rainbow” children.

Our purpose today is not to make an exhaustive presentation about these children and their specific qualities, nor is it our purpose to discuss the use of these labels. Simply know that all of you carry within the memory of a great friendship and sacred relationship with crystals stemming from other eras (Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, etc.). What is specific about these children is that they are perhaps closer to this memory and carry within themselves an innate love and bond with crystals.

Ele-Me-IgorDrandicphotographyIgor Drandic photography

Crystals hold within themselves the alchemy of the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. They are living masters, wise alchemists who wish to serve humanity and Mother Earth, especially now at the time of Ascension. Crystals are highly wise Beings, often very old, who carry the memory of everything that has happened here on Earth, and some even beyond (a few crystals originate from other planets/universes, such as meteorites). From the moment you first incarnated on Earth, they have known you and a sacred relationship has been formed which exists beyond eternity. Hence, one of their specific purposes is to act as record keepers. They are here to help us remember who you really are, where and what you have come from, and to help in remembering your actual purpose in this lifetime. As with every living Being, the more you respect and learn to love and work with crystals (mainly through your intuition), the more they will be dedicated to teach you, protect you and help heal and transform you to your fullest potential.

Because incoming children tend to be highly sensitive, they often encounter great challenges in maintaining their natural inner harmony and feeling of security. Yes, contrast is good, and it is what they expected to experience upon coming on the physical plane. Nonetheless, they carry so many precious gifts and wisdom within themselves which they wish to share with humanity and all other kingdoms of the Earth, that sometimes, they need extra help and protection to be able to maintain and nurture these inner gifts. Crystals know this and recognize the gifts and missions for every living creature. And so, crystals can and wish to become guardians and protectors for humans, and especially for children, as it is part of the crystals’ mission as record keepers and healers. They are Earth angels like all of you, but in a different form and with different purposes.

Crystals have an essential role at this time of transition into the New Earth. Know that you cannot force them to give you the information that you seek. You may try, but it will not work. Rather, they will prepare you through clearing up your chakras to awaken your divine presence. But this can only happen if you have the will to serve out of love and humility.


Along with these new children, “new” crystals will emerge and be discovered in the near future. Actually, many of them are not so new; they were just hiding until the right time had come for them to be known again. Crystals can move and decide where, when, and with whom they wish to be with. If you are unsure about which crystal would be most appropriate for your children, ask with all your heart for the correct one(s) to come into their lives, and it will be so. It all works through the power of the Law of Attraction. And since crystals are first and foremost highly wise Beings, they will hear and answer the call.

Here is a very short (and not complete) list of crystals and gems that assist children, babies, and teenagers very well into their development[i]:

Babies: Amber, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Aquamarine all help with insomnia issues and trigger a peaceful transition into the physical plane as they soothe, calm and protect babies. They are especially helpful if you place them under the pillow/bed when they go to sleep. You may also use either Himalayan salts lamps or Selenite lamps in the bedroom. They offer calming angelic energies of clearing and protection. This is good for everybody actually.

Calming: Amber, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, and Lapis Lazuli

Communication and Self-expression: Amazonite, Turquoise, and Blue Lace Agate

Concentration and creativity: Carnelian, Watermelon Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Sodalite

Connection to Guardian Angels: Celestite and Angelite

Connection with Nature: Green Moss Agate

Self-confidence: Citrine and Tiger’s Eye

Emotional Overwhelm: Moonstone, Coral, Aquamarine, and Smoky Quartz

Energises, Heals, and Protects: Clear Quartz

Enthusiasm and Happiness: Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Jade, and Sun stone

Grief: Obsidian (especially Apache Tear)

Heartbreak and Self-Love: Rose Quartz, and Emerald

Insomnia: Amethyst, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz

Patience: Rhodonite, and Aragonite

Resistance to Teasing/Bullying: Red Jasper, Pyrite, Agate, Garnet, and Tiger’s Eye


Usually, crystals will have an important effect on chakras according to their colors, i.e. red jasper and red carnelian will be most effective on the root chakra; green aventurine and emerald on the heart chakra, etc.

For your reference, here are the main colors associated with the seven chakras:

Chakra-child       crystal-circle

From the bottom up:

1st chakra (root chakra) = Red

2nd chakra (sacral chakra) = Orange

3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) = Yellow

4th chakra (heart chakra) = Green (also pink)

5th chakra (throat chakra) = Blue and turquoise

6th chakra (third eye) = Indigo Blue

7th chakra (crown chakra) = Purple (and lavender)

Also, the Earth chakra (very important chakra under the feet) = brown and black

8th chakra (above the head) = clear and/or white

Please note that transparent crystals such as clear quartz act on all chakras since they contain all the colors of the rainbow.

Crystals are wonderful teachers and protectors for all. Why not inviting them into your life and that of your children? Enjoy their energy of Light and Joy, for they are eternal trustworthy companions!

A message from the realms of Light, where Angels and Crystals live as One.

***While crystals are marvelous companions for children, they are to be used very carefully and always under the supervision of adults (unless if out of children’s reach) to prevent them from swallowing/choking with smaller gems.

[i] Ref: and



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