October 2013 Guidance: Stepping Out as the New You

Phoenix Rising

We have come to the end of a thorough transformative cycle, and are now called to step forth as the New Human we have become. The ascension is a never-ending process; nevertheless, we have now reached a critical culmination/completion level, one where there is no going back as we will never be the same.

I keep hearing that there is “a touch of destiny” permeating the energies of this powerful month of October, as we are both testing our new found possibilities after so much shedding of the illusory old Age, and coming into our more mature and majestic Presence in synchronicity with the Earth entering her new cycle into adulthood.

The terms “adulthood” and “mature” are to be interpreted very carefully here, as they do not refer to the old Age beliefs that you have to become serious and forget about your childhood innocence, dreams and fantasies, because, on the contrary, it is time to embrace them fully and make them become a reality now.

The month of October holds the power of both numbers 1 and 10 = Full Circle = Alpha and Omega.

The energies are about the drive, the inspiration, and the powerful enchantment that a child holds as she/he approaches life with a renewed sense of leadership, knowing for sure that each one of us is the sovereign creator of their own lives.

With all the experiences that our Souls have gone through during the complete cycle of 260,000 years and especially the last 26,000 years and the recent 13,000 years, we have now become so much more: we are wiser than ever. This is true maturity.

Wisdom is more than knowledge in a way, for it only comes with experience, and that, we have plenty of by now and will continue not only to increase with new experiences, but mostly to discover how much we hold within through our hearts; the direct connection with Source.

This month inspires us to complement all the joyous aspirations and drive from our newly found childlike innocence with a sustained balanced state. It is only when you are able to remain centered and follow your own inner guidance – and learn how to come back to that centeredness should you step out of it temporarily – that it is then when you really become an adult in the physical.

The inner child is healed and constantly honored while we keep following the flow of our divine inspirations with joy, eagerness, and courage.

It is now easier than ever for most of you to be clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant – all the “clairs” – since we are becoming crystal clear channels of pure Light.

The angels have given me a tool which we are all invited to use in order to maintain/recover our balance while testing our newly found unlimited possibilities:

It is the Tree of Life.


We all are walking Trees of Life. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, imagine/visualize/feel yourself as a walking tree; stable, strong, majestic, connected within the core of the Earth all the way up to the stars, the sun, and to the Central Sun/Source. You can now feel all of your 12 main chakras being opened, activated, and functioning at their full potential.

Doing this will not only provide you with a powerful sense of stability, but it will also fill up your energetic field and bodies with powerful Light, enabling you to know, feel, and achieve everything that your heart desires in synchronicity (co-creation) with the power of the Universe.

The Tree of Life, as all the universes, are to be found within, where all Truth resides.

The new clarity (truth) and stability will keep on increasing as we continue to shed and release anything that still holds us in the old false perception of limitation.

Being as wise trees will help us maintain our inner peace and integrity even in the mist of the many changes and apparent chaos ahead.

And, as always, try to spend as much time in NATURE as possible, as you will be able to synchronize and learn about your own natural rhythms in order to manifest more effectively and effortlessly all of your creative visions.

Last, but not least, I am told that many of us – if not already – will start to connect physically with their Divine Counterparts (Twin Flames) this month. Many have been prepared on the Soul level and are becoming ready to join together and enjoy Love and co-create more Love!

Remember, the most permanent and important Love story of all is with You (your Soul).

Have a wonderful and amazing month!

Isabelle and the Angels of Light

September forecast: New Clarity and Second Harvest!


Image: Alicia Hamm

According to the Mayans, we are already at the last third of year zero; the first year of the fifth world (New Earth).

Our bodies have gone through so much clearing and healing that for many, it has been quite a challenging roller coaster type of year. Meanwhile we were being opened up to the higher dimensions and transcending into more of our wholeness, balance has been a key force as well as a challenge sometimes in order to remain “sane” and proceed further into incarnating our New Identity.

This summer may have felt very eclectic in terms of turbulent outer changes, and/or very quiet while there were still many inner earthquakes to be experienced within. So much transformation which often brings with it feelings of confusion as to how to make sense of it all and trust that all is well, despite the chaos.

New Clarity and Stability

Nonetheless, more than many were already able to harvest the gifts and blessings from this deep rebirth which occurred within all of you, since you chose so (on a Soul level). Many of these gifts seem invisible and not tangible to most of the people around you, because to incarnate your wholeness and multi-dimensionality is something that you do naturally, silently, and always from within. It is not so apparent for others, even for you! Nevertheless, and more than ever, you are aware of your consciousness travelling and bridging space and time whether you are asleep or awake. You can see, feel, hear and know more clearly. The answers and insights that you seek come faster than ever (always according to how much you allow) and you connect so easily now with all the different realms of Light, Nature, Spirit, Stars, you name it! Becoming whole and merging with All That You Are makes you ever aware that All Is One. So many “new old” friends and new ones are coming into our lives to assist and celebrate us!

You have access to all that was and will ever be in an instant, through your now – easier sustained – still mind and higher heart. You will never be the same, even if you were already aware of your oneness with the All.

This expanded You is becoming more and more familiar to you, and so, you become clearer and more stable synchronistically.

You remember that you have always been so, you just had forgotten for a while for lack of practice. And as always, everyone follows their own paths at their own pace, providing immense wealth to the collective awakening experience.

Second Harvest Time

Just as some fruits and vegetables are ripe to harvest during the summer months, others take a little longer and become ready to be tasted and enjoyed during the Fall; the same can be expected to follow through this September. In the Northern Hemisphere where I currently live, we harvest all types of apples and squash throughout September and October. Likewise, I am told that we can expect a second wave of harvest for the sweetness of new knowledge and valuable wisdom, as well as the necessary sustaining energy to back up the achievement and manifestation of our highest dreams. All in divine timing, as they say. You may realize that we have all the support from the Universe; we always did. It is just more obvious than ever!

The initiations, rememberings and new information downloads will continue through your dream time and awake life. Soul never sleeps nor takes breaks. It has always been so, but again, you will realize this even more through your own experiences.

It shall also become easier to trust, because you keep realizing for yourself how much Soul is constantly guiding you to the right place at the right time. Much of what you were told and understood “theoretically” is now integrated and experienced by you more fully.

You Are Never Less Than

You may still have moments of doubt, confusion or frustration as to the time it takes for things to resolve and manifest around you. It’s alright. But now that you know and feel so much within you, it shall become less tempting to beat yourselves up and easier to continue to allow more Love and Light into these temporary fears and feelings of shame that come up, because, more than ever, you know with all the might of your Being that you are the master creator of your own experience.

You are never less than that. And you are constantly loved and helped beyond measure!

Continue to practice the feeling of the Love and Power that You Are, and more importantly, have fun and be gentle with yourselves!

Because, again, all is well.

Isabelle and the Angels of Light


August 2013 Energy Forecast: Feeling More Expanded and Free Within

I originally wrote this article following the powerful June Solstice of 2013. I strongly feel that this is even more appropriate of what is to be felt and further developped within many of us as we enter this powerful month of Action, Fire/Transformation, Movement and Growth! Enjoy!


Following this powerful June solstice and super full moon portal energies, I am starting to feel a huge difference in the way that I feel physically, emotionally as well as how I view and approach life itself.

Even though I get to feel these energetic expansions – quite amazing feelings which are a bit hard to explain – I must say that these feelings are not the most salient rewards for all the past months and years of inner work. These multidimensional experiences are just the ‘filler’ for something quite more precious to me, something that I have been seeking for quite a long time (and many past lives) as many others have been seeking too I believe. What is really the reward to me is that more than ever, I can easily and effortlessly sustain the inner feelings of peace, joy and freedom, no matter what surrounds me.

Let me explain: It is like my whole Being has come to fully realize and embody the truth that I always knew, and yet, that I used to hold more as a concept than a vivid full-on experience. Don’t get me wrong, I have reached many times these inner states of exhilarating joy and serenity, but I was not able to maintain these for longer periods as I used to get caught into the illusion of my surroundings for affecting my thoughts and feelings. I kept letting the outside circumstances dictate how I felt or how I was supposed to feel according to my own existence and creations.

What is quite funny and ironic is that, even though my ‘material’ circumstances have not changed at all since the past months, I can now know and feel the huge change that has happened within me. I believe that it is only a matter of time for my surrounding circumstances to change. However, this does not matter so much as it used to, because I have discovered/remembered the tremendous power that I have – that we all have – that is to choose and focus our thoughts and feelings regardless of other people around, circumstances, events, issues, etc.

I feel very much that this is all about practice: you become your own master by being the master of your own thoughts, which are completely connected to the way you choose to feel. The thought patterns and feelings are interconnected.

It takes discipline to focus on something else than what we have been focusing on for so long: the illusion of what-is. It takes discipline and practice to be able to reach our aims, no matter what. Nothing stands in our own way though, except ourselves, really.

I know that we all heard these concepts and explanations by so many for so long! Yet, I cannot tell you how much joy and laughter someone gets as a reward for practicing focus within. Life goes on, and yet, it can never be the same and you can never be a prisoner of your own created fears ever again. This is the reward for all the sometimes ‘uncomfortable’ cleansing of old subconscious beliefs and past wounds that we have gone through until now!

I believe that many are already beyond this. But this sharing of my own experience is for those who might still wonder ‘what the heck’ is happening, and if this is all really worth it at all? Well, let me tell you with all my heart and the wisdom from my personal experience: yes, it is, definitely yes!

This is an ongoing journey, and it never stops. Challenges are still ahead – it is part of this adventure of life on Earth. Nonetheless, for those who have done so much inner work, let me tell you that the passing through these energetic portals will make it easier now to fully embrace the rewards of following our own truths. I keep getting the image of “moving with the flow”: the flow of our own divine inspiration. It now becomes almost impossible to find the energy to push against what is wrong and/or to struggle for what we want. Well, this is yet another blessing from this ascension process. Our wise bodies will not sustain inner resistance and tension anymore: we are to flow with the divine with ease and grace.

The energies of the New Earth that keep pouring from all directions are making it easier for us to realize this fully within. As with any creative process, we might not see how and when we will get to manifest our dreams, and we might even think that the road is not how we thought it would be at all, but remember: the Universe/Creator/Higher You knows the bigger picture and all the steps already.

Our only job is one of attention: to sustain our vision/focus on our dreams, and bless every opportunity, encounter, challenge along the way as a gift. The gift is of turning the impression of a challenge towards the opportunity to focus on what we really want and to listen to our inner voice. Focus on what is positive. There is always something good to focus on, even in the most challenging of situations. Practice. Little steps lead to make huge leaps.

Trust, and foremost, avoid judging once and for all, if you can.

I realized that, although it is a thin line, when I am aware of someone judging me and my way of life, if I let that be my focus, I attract more of it. Just the fact of being forewarned and to stand in a defensive mode attracts the ‘aggressor’. It is nothing personal; this is just a frequency/point of attraction that is infallible. The same can be said about judging others, as we attract the same, or rather block the divine flow of abundance for ourselves when we do that.

So all day, every day, I try to practice seeing only the positive, the blessings, and the love around me. I can see how I have created every bit of my life experience, everything whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But this is still thinking in terms of polarities, so I say that everything has served a purpose and made me expand into a more integral version of me. I am grateful to everything. All experiences and creations help to know ourselves better, which is the path we have all chosen no matter how or where we travel to experience it: Self-realization.

As I keep being ever more aware and choosing my own thoughts and beliefs, I have already noticed the changes such as in my relationships which are much more respectful and loving than ever, even with the people who are the most different than me and the ones who used to judge me. Interesting. Obvious. Yes, and yet, I thought I understood it all, but I realize I was not quite there in the day-to-day practical reality.

Just as someone who is slowly recovering from amnesia, we are all recovering our multidimensional knowing and be-ingness into this matter dimension. I love matter; it is such a great teacher! And it will always obey to our main focus as divine creators that we are. For everything is vibration.

Being fully present in the Now is trusting that All Is Well, because it is so.

With all my Love and encouragement,


*Key energies for the month of August to look for and integrate within:

Grounding/Balance and Being Fully Present in the Now;
Life purpose and Gifts from the Creator;
Chakra and DNA activation/expansion;
Life Review and Teaching/Sharing knowledge from your own life experiences and talents;
Rainbow Body/Merkaba activation/integration;
Commune with other Like-Minded Souls and New friendships (including many new teachers and guides from the Spirit and Nature realms).

July 2013 Angel Guidance: The Worst is Now Behind + Harvest Time!


Wow, we are now mid-way to this first year of the New Earth!

The Solstice Portal and the Super Moon energies of June have been quite powerful, which were meant to mark the completion of most of the clearing and releasing of the old energies that have become purposeless in the New Era/New You.

As the title indicates, the worst, or shall I say the most of this “purging” is now over for many Lightworkers; i.e. the ones that are aware of their inner work and who are obviously led to read this.

If not already, many of you will come to feel the lightness and expanded way of being on all levels.

More than ever, it is becoming easier to sustain our innate feelings of Joy and Peace within, even though nothing may seem to have changed in our outer circumstances yet. It does not matter the when and the how, because we keep on being supported to remain focused on the knowing that everything is already accomplished on the spiritual and etheric levels, for it will not take long for the materialization of our innermost desires to follow through. You probably are already enjoying the satisfaction of your desires, whether they are here or not, because the joy and fulfillment within IS the ultimate reward.

As we remain committed to our Soul’s path and deepest heart’s dreams and visions, we are totally supported by the masculine energies to help us with our renewed focus and determination no matter what is occurring around us. The practice of focus has always been one of inner discipline and practice within which enables each one to go with the flow of divine inspiration which is totally supported by the feminine energies.

The joining of Souls that was announced towards the Solstice is one that occurs first and foremost within each Soul; i.e. the re-union of all parts of yourself into the Light where the shadows are being transmuted so that your real Essence remains free to shine forth to be in charge of your destiny.

Many are led to commune with like-minded Souls in order to share and help each other on the fulfillment of their missions and dreams, but also for the simple joy of uniting and exchanging together as it deeply nourishes the Soul.

And many, like myself, are uniting back with “not so” like-minded Souls in order to renew the bonds and start fresh, only seeing all the Love and truth behind any ego-based behavior. For to be an earth angel is to be able to discern the truth and lead by example with Compassion and Joy.

Once the inner struggles and polarities are reconciled within Oneself, many will act as beacons for others through the inspiration that we embody, just by be-ing the full living example and true version of who we are.

So this month of July is one of new and sustained lightness of be-ing, and to simply be the balanced New You.

The ascending process is an ongoing one, and it is all becoming easier and fun as we are at a stage where we can begin to really reap the rewards for all this inner work and commitment to ourselves, the planet, and for all the living Beings in the Universe.

ENJOY this summer, because wherever you are on the planet, this is the TIME OF HARVEST, and this is just the beginning!

With all my Love,

Isabelle and the Angels of Light


June 2013 Angel Guidance: The Joining of Souls


Image: worldcouncilofelders.org

This month of June 2013 sees the Summer Solstice occurring in synchronicity with the full moon (around June 23rd). I am told that this cosmic event will mark the culmination point of a complete cycle of breakdown of the old paradigm and breakthrough into the New Era for many human Beings on Earth.  

Completion is about a complete release of old issues, blocked energies and outdated patterns based on false premises and the illusions stemming from fear (for this lifetime and all previous ones).

You all have done so much work and healing, and not only on an individual level. Because many of you have accepted to serve as channels to clear the planet and undergo through family and collective karmic cleansing, many of you might feel exhausted and wonder when it will be over. It is very understandable, and let me tell you, the angels are not only extremely proud of all of you, they confirm that we did an excellent “job”!

Nothing was imposed on our shoulders; rather, we have reiterated our Love and commitment to Mother Earth and all our brothers and sisters through accepting and accomplishing this mission, just because it brings joy to our Souls and makes our hearts sing and soar.

In this ascension process, we are falling in Love once again with our true Selves; i.e. with All That Is.

We become beacons of unconditional love for All, and this has been possible thanks to our courage to look deep down into ourselves and to allow our shadowed parts to come into the light through embracing Love and forgiveness.

As our beloved ascended master El Morya pointed out, we are becoming crystal-clear because we have nothing left to hide to ourselves or from others; we are becoming crystalline.

We might still encounter a number of brothers and sisters who react strongly to our presence. Being crystalline and full of Love can be quite intimidating for others who are still unaware and/or fighting with themselves. Actually, some might choose to continue to follow a “darker” path. And that’s okay, because we live in a plurality of life expressions on Earth, and when you do really embody Who You Are (Pure unconditional Love), you know that everything has a purpose and fits in the grander scheme of Life.

Likewise, because of this Love that you are, not only will you not feel inclined to force others into sharing your own views and opinions, but you will simply stop judging. The higher quality of judgment which will remain – the one that has ever truly served us – is the quality of discernment.

Deep down, you know what serves you best and what does not anymore, or at least, what does not serve you in the now moment.

Knowing this, you also know that all paths lead to the same destination (LOVE) and that everything has a reason to exist. And once the purpose is achieved, i.e. when the lesson is learned, it can be released and transform into something new.

More than ever, you are invited to trust your feelings, your inner voice that tells you what is good for you.

Respect your higher sensitivity, and welcome it as a sure sign that you are well on your way into ascension. As you do, ask the angels to help you with finding the courage to assert yourself. You might find yourself having to say goodbye to certain relationships, activities and work that are no longer aligned with who you are becoming.

Please don’t despair. As El Morya and the Light Beings have indicated, they summon us to start celebrating ourselves and prepare for a special gathering.  It seems that we are being guided to join with many new friends, many of whom are from our greater Soul families.

We are being led to connect with like-minded and like-frequency Souls to form new alliances, friendships and communities.

So keep releasing anything that still holds you back into the Light for its transmutation.

Don’t stop or slow down your inner alchemy thinking that you shall wait for others to awaken. In time they will, but it will actually take longer if you slow down your own alchemical transformation.

So keep going, you are doing just amazing!

And most importantly, give yourself a pat on your shoulder and be very gentle with yourself.

Love and Light to you all,

Isabelle & the Angels of  Light

Earth and Sky

May 2013 Angel Guidance: The Energy of Manifestation


Last month’s main energy of JOY is still present and will be felt more strongly by so many of us during the upcoming months.

Maybe you are like me, and you are still wondering where on earth are these promised April energies of blessings, freedom, and play?

Perhaps some of you, like me, are still reproducing the same old paradigm where we wait for physical manifestation before we believe that we can be happy and feel the joy from our dreams coming true.

Well, like the Angels keep pointing out, our awakening is in process and is inevitable. But take heart dear Souls, so many of you are way beyond where you believe to be! You can feel it inside, but often times, you lose yourself in the outside illusionary world thinking ‘nothing’ has really changed yet.

The Angels, and your Higher Selves say that it is already done: you are already free and vibrating into 5D.

So what keeps us from really feeling the powerful light and joy that is the very essence of our Beings?

The blockage is just the remnant belief from 3D that we still tend to reproduce within ourselves out of automatism, namely, that we believe that physical manifestation is mandatory for finding this feeling place of JOY that we long for.

I had some interesting revelation a few days ago, although this information has been repeated to me soooo many times already! It came from listening to Abraham-Hicks recorded video on one their recent workshops. In case you would like to watch it, here is the link.

In reality, deep down, what we are really seeking out of every wish or desire we ever hold is the feeling of it. So actually, the most important, ultimate manifestation of all is to find the feeling-place of fulfillment. This is the real success that we long for: the feeling-place of our desires coming true.

Law of manifestation has always worked this way: in order to become an irresistible magnet for your desires to manifest in your life, you have to vibrate to its frequency. Through believing and mostly, through feeling the joy of having your wishes fulfilled, nothing can stop it from manifesting into your life.

The only thing that can slow it from coming into your life is when what you are feeling is not a match to what you seek. So any time that you find yourself feeling self-doubts, self worth issues, fears and disbelief, release these feelings to the Light (this is the angels’ job actually, not yours).

Release, release, release everything to them, because you are meant to be happy and free. It was never your job to carry burdens of negative feelings and beliefs from others on your shoulders. Decide that you deserve to be happy now, and let others do and believe what they choose to do on their own. You have the power to set yourself free and to decide to really love yourself once and for all. You are the only one to hold the key to your happiness, really.

One of the main blessings that your guides and angels are offering you is to take on your fears and doubts, so that you may breathe fresh air and just enjoy being you. Through this releasing of false beliefs that no longer serve you, you set yourself (your Soul) free.

To help you find the feeling place of joy that comes with the fulfillment of your desires, use your power of imagination and visualization. Play with your imagination as many times as you wish, for the more you do so and create this feeling-place within yourself that you long for, the faster the other manifestations and synchronicities will appear on your path. Because ultimately, it is the feeling of having these desires come true that you are really looking for. So why keep on waiting? Feel the happiness that you deserve now.

Here is another blessing for everybody this month of May 2013. Astrologically speaking, we are entering into Taurus energy, which holds good news about physical manifestation. This means that as we practice this feeling place of joy within ourselves and maintain it as much as we can through the use of our imagination and releasing anything that slows us down to the angels, physical manifestation of our dreams will come even faster than before!

From this point on, I decided to leave a copy-paste of last month message from the Angels, since it is magically appropriate to end this monthly guidance too:

So Love, Joy and Playfulness set you free. Will you welcome your blessings?

For they are yours to take and they come in infinite supply, just like the infinite nature of the Real You.

Will you dare to live the joy of your dreams?

You don’t need to wait for them to manifest before you are able to enjoy them. For they come from you, and so, they are an integral part of you already.

Enjoy being You.

Open you heart to Oneness and to all the blessings that are already in your life and the ones that are to come.

We love you eternally and infinitely,

From your Angelic family of Light (channeled through Isabelle)


April 2013 Angel Guidance


Dearest Souls,

There seems to be three keywords/energies that will predominate during the coming month of April. These three “light” and yet powerful energies could be grouped under the umbrella of JOY.

Good news, we seem to get a lot of blessings from heaven into our lives. Not to say that blessings are not present all around at all times. But it looks like this season of Spring kicks off with a lot of gifts and joyful encounters to light up our lives.

This will automatically mirror what has happened inside each one of us lately, i.e. an opening of the heart to the new lively energies of change of the New Earth. Remember, we are all one, and so, this joy and love that you can feel deep down as you allow yourselves to just be and commune with your Soul is becoming more and more present and habitual for you. This in turn opens up the gates of manifestation to mirror what is going on inside of you; that is, what is going on in your hearts.

Yes, we will still encounter challenges ahead, but somehow, they will become easier to assess and embrace because of this feeling of innate joy and love for all things, including love for yourself. The more you love, the more life becomes easy and manifestations come quickly.

In case you did not get it yet, the first keyword energy for April is BLESSINGS. Whether they come to you on the wings of angels, or as blessings in disguise, remember that everything happens for a reason and that everything has a purpose. Trust in the wisdom of your Soul, for you are being lead in the right direction at all times.

This brings me to tackle the second keyword energy for the month, which is FREEDOM. Now, much has been said about freedom, and what is perceived as freedom for one can be quite different for another. Sometimes, they even seem to be the exact opposite of one another. We all have our personal definitions of what freedom is, and those same definitions tend to change as we go through the many experiences of our own lives. However, the notion of freedom that the angels are talking about is the freedom of the Soul. Let me explain. They are saying that along with the new energies that we have and are still welcoming into our hearts, much healing and transformation has occurred, and this, both for this lifetime and all the previous ones.

The Soul is setting itself free to truly mirror the divine Light that dwells within, without the old restrictions of shame, fear or shyness. You are all becoming who you truly are, the Being that you meant to incarnate and shine on this Earth plane. Last month’s preparation was about remembering your true intentions when coming into this incarnation; in fact, not only this one, but the very original intentions that you held when you first incarnated on Mother Earth many eons ago.

You are setting yourselves free; because you start to remember that you exist beyond time and space. Not only are you eternal Beings, you are in fact Timeless. We are all merging with Source once again, with the truth of All That Is. It is a process. We are all going it at our own pace. But it is inevitable. For it is who we truly are.

And so, it is also a time for celebration, for rejoicing in the joining back with our true Selves. The third keyword energy calls you to have fun and PLAY from that place of Joy and Love that is the Real You. Life can be fun and easy. Even the challenges can be met with detachment, trust, and the inner knowing that All is Well. What boring life it would be if we never met anything that triggered our desire to move and expand into new territories of being.

Those same challenges can be met with joy and grace, that is, from the standpoint of living in our hearts. Life can be easy, even amongst the challenges and apparent chaos. It is all up to you, whether you choose to connect to the all mighty that you are or not. Remember, you are Grace, you are infinite Light and Wisdom, for you are infinite Love.

Will you dare to play with your sisters and brothers from that place of knowing and being Who you truly are?

There are no real enemies, just friends and playmates who challenge you into discovering and showing your real essence. Be grateful for their gifts, and enjoy being You. For you are truly magnificent and powerful beyond measure!

So Love, Joy and Playfulness set you free. Will you welcome your blessings?

For they are yours to take and they come in infinite supply, just like the infinite nature of the Real You.

Will you dare to live the joy of your dreams?

You don’t need to wait for them to manifest before you are able to enjoy them. For they come from you, and so, they are an integral part of you already.

Enjoy being You.

Open you heart to Oneness and to all the blessings that are already in your life and the ones that are to come.

We love you eternally and infinitely,

From your Angelic family of Light (channeled through Isabelle)


Image: Reynan Opada

Note that the angels use both “we” and “you” in the message. They simply wish to make us realize that there is no separation between us and them, since we are all One.

Unusual Symptoms on the Spring Equinox – Archangels Raphael & Gabriel


Dearly Beloveds,

We are Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. We come to assist you at this time of yet greater awakening. The portals to the New Earth are now fully open. We know that many of you have been feeling these powerful energies (especially as of last week), and are feeling somewhat restless physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Many of you have been feeling the strong energy of Mars in Aries as we move into the New Year, into the New You. As you let the old and useless drift away with the end of the Piscean Age, it often seems to you like a “separation”. But letting go is actually the soothing of the struggle within yourself (your own Self), and integrating and embracing all parts of yourself (the wounded child) through Love and Forgiveness. The more you love everything within and outside of you, the more you become Love, which is the Real You. So you see, you do not lose anything, you just become forever more.

Many of you have felt sudden surges of enthusiasm and high energy levels, while on other occasions (even throughout the same day) have felt stressful emotions leading to insomnia, melancholia, and other physical symptoms such as strange new pains and discomforts.

If you have listened deep down to the cradle of your heart, it has been telling you that everything is going according to plan. That this is yet another healing/letting-go process necessary to embrace what is to come; what you have created with your Soul’s imagination: your true heart’s desires.

All of this is huge! We congratulate you all. You have all our support, love, and endless admiration for all the work you accomplish, and for the renewed commitment to your Soul’s mission.

Take heart dearly beloved sisters and brothers, for all what is being felt is actually a gift that you have been long waiting for. This healing and deep transformation/integration from 3D to 5D existence is the reward for all the process you have gone through as of now.

Please realize that you are already living in 5D through your hearts. Everything that you perceive outside of you as still the same is not; it is only an illusion. The energies available to you have done the work, you have ascended, all of you. In order to realize this fully, know that everything is a process and that you are “making peace” with all of your past lives existence in 3D now. This is a huge quantum leap! However, your physical, emotional, and mental bodies need time to gradually adjust. And know that everyone is doing this at their own pace, following their own paths.

Since everything starts at the spiritual level and that all the work you needed to do has been done, rejoice in the knowing that all is well and unfolding out perfectly. Please dear sisters and brothers, try not to make the mistake to look outside of yourselves to see the changes, but look within yourselves first. Know that your physical existence (experience) will soon mirror your inner existence, because more than ever, you are called to live in the present moment, in the Now.

To live in your hearts is to live in the Now. Many of you find it harder and harder to remain living in the past and/or future. Take this as a great sign that you are on track, that you are indeed dwelling in your hearts more and more!

Soon, you will see more and more evidence of this shift. Up till now, you have been feeling it mostly without “actual” or “tangible” evidence. But as you remember, everything is vibration; first the idea of the manifestation takes form in the Higher Mind, before it is felt by the emotional body, and then perceived by the physical senses. It is always so.

You can always “speed up” the process by knowing with all of your Being that everything is already accomplished for your highest good. Trust in the wisdom and love of your Higher Self, and of your Divine Creator. All you have to do is to enjoy the ride!

While your destination is assured, your expansion is endless. Be happy now and rejoice for all that you are and have become on this incredible journey.

You are eternal, you are infinite, and you are blessed!

Always yours, as part of the All that you are,

Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel



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March 2013 Angel Guidance


 From Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels oracle cards

As I sat down this morning and pulled this card for a general guidance for us all throughout the month of March, I must admit I was quite perplexed. I decided to meditate and to let the inspiration and the flow of information come in. Almost right away, I gladly welcomed a very special presence, the voice of our beloved planet Urantia Gaïa (Mother Earth).

To me, it kind of makes perfect sense since we are entering the month where the Spring Equinox occurs (for those located in the Northern hemisphere), which is still considered to be the “real” New Year by the indigenous traditions, since it is the rebirth of nature after a long sleepy and incubating period; winter is a time to go within which in turn brings up powerful and beautiful new seeds ready to flourish by Spring time.

Regardless of where you live on the planet, many of us went through a time of retreat within, especially during the month of January where we felt guided to calmly integrate the new energies and the new information/program from our Souls for the New Earth. This is still an ongoing process.

Mother Earth is gently letting us know of the powerful intentions that we originally held when coming to this playfield/matter dimension. Her message does not only concern what we came here to do in this lifetime, as much as how our original partnership with Earth was designed and why. Ultimately, these intentions collide from the past, present and future to become One.

How do we know what are our true intentions, what we are really here to do?

The answer comes by going back into your hearts, by remembering who you truly are: an angel, a boundless eternal being full of Love and Light.

Urantia (Mother Earth) wants us to know that no matter what we chose to do in any space-time reality is serving a purpose, always. There are no right or wrong choices. We are not guilty of anything because this was part of the game, making choices and dealing with them, to learn and expand. And so, we will always remain the deliberate creators of our experience/reality.

The new energies of Light that are poured into our hearts are here to support our paths toward realizing oneness again, if we choose so. It is like coming Home after a long journey.

However, oneness in this earthly plane does not mean all the “same”. We are all one, this is a universal truth. And yet, we chose to become unique in this space-time “reality”, meeting up with the powerful impression of duality to experience diversity and otherness. In doing so, our whole Being expands and benefits the All as well.

Whatever your intentions are in terms of your own life and of your relationship with Earth, please know that she loves you all so dearly and knows each one of you so very well. We are all part of her as much as she lives within us all, as she sustains our physical lives. Mother Earth invites us to joyously co-create with her into the new era, to be bold and courageous with our imaginations, because truly, there is nothing that we cannot do!

A message from Urantia, with her infinite Love


February 2013 Angel Guidance


From Doreen's Virtue Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards deck
The year 2013 brings us very new and powerful transformative energies to help us become who we are truly meant to embody at this time on planet Earth. After the huge amount of new energy that our bodies are trying to integrate into our lives, we are still in a process of getting rid of old and stock energies that no longer serve us… Don’t worry, most of the purge has been done throughout the year 2012 and earlier on for most of us!
However, just like the little baby who needs sounds amounts of sleep in order to grow and adapt to this earthly dimension, we are invited to be extra attentive to what our body is needing. This month, there is a deep transformation on the cellular level occuring along with the Earth energy shift, and many of us might experience new and ‘strange’ physical as well as emotional symptoms. Please do not be afraid of these, just take time to go inside and listen to what the body is trying to communicate to you. If you need to take a nap, please do so. If you need to go outside in nature, please do so. You might feel the sudden need to go for walks, do exercise, yoga, swimming, etc. You might also prefer to stay inside and take the necessary time to recover from these symptoms. Whatever it is that you need, just honor your body and know that you are in sync with your spiritual evolution as well as the Earth’s current transformation. Everything is as it is meant to be!
There is another level to this message, which corresponds to the shift from living in our minds to living in our hearts. Although many of you are already accustomed to speak and live from your hearts, most of the people are not yet living there 24/7. It is not always easy to leave the mind who cannot make sense of things any longer, nor how or when things will happen, but remember that it was meant to be that way, so that we are moving from living in our heads to living in our hearts. This is the shift we have been waiting for!
And again, remember this is all a process, so please, like this card is saying, be easy and gentle with yourself. You deserve this love and kindness, for you are in perfect timing with where your Soul is intending to be right here, right now. Congratulations!
You might find helpful to pay attention to water this month. Among all the tools that can help to ground yourself (crystals, meditation, nature, gardening, sleep, etc.), the water element will help you cleanse, purify and will simply embrace you (in baths and/or swimming). Water calms the mind, and just like a smooth river, let it carry you directly to your heart.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada