March 2013 Angel Guidance


 From Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels oracle cards

As I sat down this morning and pulled this card for a general guidance for us all throughout the month of March, I must admit I was quite perplexed. I decided to meditate and to let the inspiration and the flow of information come in. Almost right away, I gladly welcomed a very special presence, the voice of our beloved planet Urantia Gaïa (Mother Earth).

To me, it kind of makes perfect sense since we are entering the month where the Spring Equinox occurs (for those located in the Northern hemisphere), which is still considered to be the “real” New Year by the indigenous traditions, since it is the rebirth of nature after a long sleepy and incubating period; winter is a time to go within which in turn brings up powerful and beautiful new seeds ready to flourish by Spring time.

Regardless of where you live on the planet, many of us went through a time of retreat within, especially during the month of January where we felt guided to calmly integrate the new energies and the new information/program from our Souls for the New Earth. This is still an ongoing process.

Mother Earth is gently letting us know of the powerful intentions that we originally held when coming to this playfield/matter dimension. Her message does not only concern what we came here to do in this lifetime, as much as how our original partnership with Earth was designed and why. Ultimately, these intentions collide from the past, present and future to become One.

How do we know what are our true intentions, what we are really here to do?

The answer comes by going back into your hearts, by remembering who you truly are: an angel, a boundless eternal being full of Love and Light.

Urantia (Mother Earth) wants us to know that no matter what we chose to do in any space-time reality is serving a purpose, always. There are no right or wrong choices. We are not guilty of anything because this was part of the game, making choices and dealing with them, to learn and expand. And so, we will always remain the deliberate creators of our experience/reality.

The new energies of Light that are poured into our hearts are here to support our paths toward realizing oneness again, if we choose so. It is like coming Home after a long journey.

However, oneness in this earthly plane does not mean all the “same”. We are all one, this is a universal truth. And yet, we chose to become unique in this space-time “reality”, meeting up with the powerful impression of duality to experience diversity and otherness. In doing so, our whole Being expands and benefits the All as well.

Whatever your intentions are in terms of your own life and of your relationship with Earth, please know that she loves you all so dearly and knows each one of you so very well. We are all part of her as much as she lives within us all, as she sustains our physical lives. Mother Earth invites us to joyously co-create with her into the new era, to be bold and courageous with our imaginations, because truly, there is nothing that we cannot do!

A message from Urantia, with her infinite Love



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