In the end, they always align


Sometimes what the ego wants does not seem to align with the Soul’s will, but in the end they always align and reach for the same goal. Only a different and higher path must be undertaken to reach what is truly needed in order to learn one’s life’s lessons and transform. Soul knows what is best.


In the end, what the Soul wants, the ego wants as well. The ego just has a limited perspective about the bigger picture. But the essence of the desire is always met both by the ego and Soul.


What the Soul wants, the ego wants. They always align no matter time and space.


In the end, they always align.



September forecast: New Clarity and Second Harvest!


Image: Alicia Hamm

According to the Mayans, we are already at the last third of year zero; the first year of the fifth world (New Earth).

Our bodies have gone through so much clearing and healing that for many, it has been quite a challenging roller coaster type of year. Meanwhile we were being opened up to the higher dimensions and transcending into more of our wholeness, balance has been a key force as well as a challenge sometimes in order to remain “sane” and proceed further into incarnating our New Identity.

This summer may have felt very eclectic in terms of turbulent outer changes, and/or very quiet while there were still many inner earthquakes to be experienced within. So much transformation which often brings with it feelings of confusion as to how to make sense of it all and trust that all is well, despite the chaos.

New Clarity and Stability

Nonetheless, more than many were already able to harvest the gifts and blessings from this deep rebirth which occurred within all of you, since you chose so (on a Soul level). Many of these gifts seem invisible and not tangible to most of the people around you, because to incarnate your wholeness and multi-dimensionality is something that you do naturally, silently, and always from within. It is not so apparent for others, even for you! Nevertheless, and more than ever, you are aware of your consciousness travelling and bridging space and time whether you are asleep or awake. You can see, feel, hear and know more clearly. The answers and insights that you seek come faster than ever (always according to how much you allow) and you connect so easily now with all the different realms of Light, Nature, Spirit, Stars, you name it! Becoming whole and merging with All That You Are makes you ever aware that All Is One. So many “new old” friends and new ones are coming into our lives to assist and celebrate us!

You have access to all that was and will ever be in an instant, through your now – easier sustained – still mind and higher heart. You will never be the same, even if you were already aware of your oneness with the All.

This expanded You is becoming more and more familiar to you, and so, you become clearer and more stable synchronistically.

You remember that you have always been so, you just had forgotten for a while for lack of practice. And as always, everyone follows their own paths at their own pace, providing immense wealth to the collective awakening experience.

Second Harvest Time

Just as some fruits and vegetables are ripe to harvest during the summer months, others take a little longer and become ready to be tasted and enjoyed during the Fall; the same can be expected to follow through this September. In the Northern Hemisphere where I currently live, we harvest all types of apples and squash throughout September and October. Likewise, I am told that we can expect a second wave of harvest for the sweetness of new knowledge and valuable wisdom, as well as the necessary sustaining energy to back up the achievement and manifestation of our highest dreams. All in divine timing, as they say. You may realize that we have all the support from the Universe; we always did. It is just more obvious than ever!

The initiations, rememberings and new information downloads will continue through your dream time and awake life. Soul never sleeps nor takes breaks. It has always been so, but again, you will realize this even more through your own experiences.

It shall also become easier to trust, because you keep realizing for yourself how much Soul is constantly guiding you to the right place at the right time. Much of what you were told and understood “theoretically” is now integrated and experienced by you more fully.

You Are Never Less Than

You may still have moments of doubt, confusion or frustration as to the time it takes for things to resolve and manifest around you. It’s alright. But now that you know and feel so much within you, it shall become less tempting to beat yourselves up and easier to continue to allow more Love and Light into these temporary fears and feelings of shame that come up, because, more than ever, you know with all the might of your Being that you are the master creator of your own experience.

You are never less than that. And you are constantly loved and helped beyond measure!

Continue to practice the feeling of the Love and Power that You Are, and more importantly, have fun and be gentle with yourselves!

Because, again, all is well.

Isabelle and the Angels of Light