August 2013 Energy Forecast: Feeling More Expanded and Free Within

I originally wrote this article following the powerful June Solstice of 2013. I strongly feel that this is even more appropriate of what is to be felt and further developped within many of us as we enter this powerful month of Action, Fire/Transformation, Movement and Growth! Enjoy!


Following this powerful June solstice and super full moon portal energies, I am starting to feel a huge difference in the way that I feel physically, emotionally as well as how I view and approach life itself.

Even though I get to feel these energetic expansions – quite amazing feelings which are a bit hard to explain – I must say that these feelings are not the most salient rewards for all the past months and years of inner work. These multidimensional experiences are just the ‘filler’ for something quite more precious to me, something that I have been seeking for quite a long time (and many past lives) as many others have been seeking too I believe. What is really the reward to me is that more than ever, I can easily and effortlessly sustain the inner feelings of peace, joy and freedom, no matter what surrounds me.

Let me explain: It is like my whole Being has come to fully realize and embody the truth that I always knew, and yet, that I used to hold more as a concept than a vivid full-on experience. Don’t get me wrong, I have reached many times these inner states of exhilarating joy and serenity, but I was not able to maintain these for longer periods as I used to get caught into the illusion of my surroundings for affecting my thoughts and feelings. I kept letting the outside circumstances dictate how I felt or how I was supposed to feel according to my own existence and creations.

What is quite funny and ironic is that, even though my ‘material’ circumstances have not changed at all since the past months, I can now know and feel the huge change that has happened within me. I believe that it is only a matter of time for my surrounding circumstances to change. However, this does not matter so much as it used to, because I have discovered/remembered the tremendous power that I have – that we all have – that is to choose and focus our thoughts and feelings regardless of other people around, circumstances, events, issues, etc.

I feel very much that this is all about practice: you become your own master by being the master of your own thoughts, which are completely connected to the way you choose to feel. The thought patterns and feelings are interconnected.

It takes discipline to focus on something else than what we have been focusing on for so long: the illusion of what-is. It takes discipline and practice to be able to reach our aims, no matter what. Nothing stands in our own way though, except ourselves, really.

I know that we all heard these concepts and explanations by so many for so long! Yet, I cannot tell you how much joy and laughter someone gets as a reward for practicing focus within. Life goes on, and yet, it can never be the same and you can never be a prisoner of your own created fears ever again. This is the reward for all the sometimes ‘uncomfortable’ cleansing of old subconscious beliefs and past wounds that we have gone through until now!

I believe that many are already beyond this. But this sharing of my own experience is for those who might still wonder ‘what the heck’ is happening, and if this is all really worth it at all? Well, let me tell you with all my heart and the wisdom from my personal experience: yes, it is, definitely yes!

This is an ongoing journey, and it never stops. Challenges are still ahead – it is part of this adventure of life on Earth. Nonetheless, for those who have done so much inner work, let me tell you that the passing through these energetic portals will make it easier now to fully embrace the rewards of following our own truths. I keep getting the image of “moving with the flow”: the flow of our own divine inspiration. It now becomes almost impossible to find the energy to push against what is wrong and/or to struggle for what we want. Well, this is yet another blessing from this ascension process. Our wise bodies will not sustain inner resistance and tension anymore: we are to flow with the divine with ease and grace.

The energies of the New Earth that keep pouring from all directions are making it easier for us to realize this fully within. As with any creative process, we might not see how and when we will get to manifest our dreams, and we might even think that the road is not how we thought it would be at all, but remember: the Universe/Creator/Higher You knows the bigger picture and all the steps already.

Our only job is one of attention: to sustain our vision/focus on our dreams, and bless every opportunity, encounter, challenge along the way as a gift. The gift is of turning the impression of a challenge towards the opportunity to focus on what we really want and to listen to our inner voice. Focus on what is positive. There is always something good to focus on, even in the most challenging of situations. Practice. Little steps lead to make huge leaps.

Trust, and foremost, avoid judging once and for all, if you can.

I realized that, although it is a thin line, when I am aware of someone judging me and my way of life, if I let that be my focus, I attract more of it. Just the fact of being forewarned and to stand in a defensive mode attracts the ‘aggressor’. It is nothing personal; this is just a frequency/point of attraction that is infallible. The same can be said about judging others, as we attract the same, or rather block the divine flow of abundance for ourselves when we do that.

So all day, every day, I try to practice seeing only the positive, the blessings, and the love around me. I can see how I have created every bit of my life experience, everything whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But this is still thinking in terms of polarities, so I say that everything has served a purpose and made me expand into a more integral version of me. I am grateful to everything. All experiences and creations help to know ourselves better, which is the path we have all chosen no matter how or where we travel to experience it: Self-realization.

As I keep being ever more aware and choosing my own thoughts and beliefs, I have already noticed the changes such as in my relationships which are much more respectful and loving than ever, even with the people who are the most different than me and the ones who used to judge me. Interesting. Obvious. Yes, and yet, I thought I understood it all, but I realize I was not quite there in the day-to-day practical reality.

Just as someone who is slowly recovering from amnesia, we are all recovering our multidimensional knowing and be-ingness into this matter dimension. I love matter; it is such a great teacher! And it will always obey to our main focus as divine creators that we are. For everything is vibration.

Being fully present in the Now is trusting that All Is Well, because it is so.

With all my Love and encouragement,


*Key energies for the month of August to look for and integrate within:

Grounding/Balance and Being Fully Present in the Now;
Life purpose and Gifts from the Creator;
Chakra and DNA activation/expansion;
Life Review and Teaching/Sharing knowledge from your own life experiences and talents;
Rainbow Body/Merkaba activation/integration;
Commune with other Like-Minded Souls and New friendships (including many new teachers and guides from the Spirit and Nature realms).

3 responses to “August 2013 Energy Forecast: Feeling More Expanded and Free Within”

  1. For the past few weeks I have been saying to my husband something big is coming soon but I didnt know what. Before August 9th I was struggling to contain my emotions and open up to the source to let love freely flow through me. Since the 9th this energy has been increasing and being present, feeling warmth, love, joy and peace, even being guided by my intuition, have just become so natural and I am energized like I haven’t been in a long time.

  2. Wow. This post embodies exactly what I have been experiencing. Glad to hear it from others ❤ ❤ ❤

    I knew something big was coming for the past few weeks but I didnt know what exactly. Now I do 🙂 I've really been desiring to figure out the details of my life purpose for a few months so I'm hoping that will become clear by the end of the month.

  3. Reblogged this on Through My Eyes and commented:
    I definitely could not have expressed my experience of what has happened to me early in August 2013 better than Isabelle has done here. I had been telling my husband for weeks that I felt something big was going to happen. Looks like it has!

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