February 2013 Angel Guidance


From Doreen's Virtue Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards deck
The year 2013 brings us very new and powerful transformative energies to help us become who we are truly meant to embody at this time on planet Earth. After the huge amount of new energy that our bodies are trying to integrate into our lives, we are still in a process of getting rid of old and stock energies that no longer serve us… Don’t worry, most of the purge has been done throughout the year 2012 and earlier on for most of us!
However, just like the little baby who needs sounds amounts of sleep in order to grow and adapt to this earthly dimension, we are invited to be extra attentive to what our body is needing. This month, there is a deep transformation on the cellular level occuring along with the Earth energy shift, and many of us might experience new and ‘strange’ physical as well as emotional symptoms. Please do not be afraid of these, just take time to go inside and listen to what the body is trying to communicate to you. If you need to take a nap, please do so. If you need to go outside in nature, please do so. You might feel the sudden need to go for walks, do exercise, yoga, swimming, etc. You might also prefer to stay inside and take the necessary time to recover from these symptoms. Whatever it is that you need, just honor your body and know that you are in sync with your spiritual evolution as well as the Earth’s current transformation. Everything is as it is meant to be!
There is another level to this message, which corresponds to the shift from living in our minds to living in our hearts. Although many of you are already accustomed to speak and live from your hearts, most of the people are not yet living there 24/7. It is not always easy to leave the mind who cannot make sense of things any longer, nor how or when things will happen, but remember that it was meant to be that way, so that we are moving from living in our heads to living in our hearts. This is the shift we have been waiting for!
And again, remember this is all a process, so please, like this card is saying, be easy and gentle with yourself. You deserve this love and kindness, for you are in perfect timing with where your Soul is intending to be right here, right now. Congratulations!
You might find helpful to pay attention to water this month. Among all the tools that can help to ground yourself (crystals, meditation, nature, gardening, sleep, etc.), the water element will help you cleanse, purify and will simply embrace you (in baths and/or swimming). Water calms the mind, and just like a smooth river, let it carry you directly to your heart.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada


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