I have been both: the dark and the light

I have been both: the dark and the light.


I have been both the victim and the persecutor. I have experienced ego to its extremes of illusion of control, and I also have been blessed by the divine Grace of illumination.


I have experienced both anger and joy, revenge and hatred, love and pure compassion.


I have been all these people. I am all of you.


I am beyond that which is called ego. I am eternal divine Love.


Wisdom is the precious nectar that I collect after all my inner work as a dedicated bee/pupil of life on Earth.


All the self forgiveness and forgiveness towards others is the ultimate work of the master within.


Humility and the courage to face the truth is very scary to the ego. And yet, it is the only path to true liberation into the authentic Self, where ego takes its righteous place as the servant to the Soul and heart.


Ego becomes the joyful motivator and collaborator to our ever infinite expansion and growth into more of our veritable Light. Heart and Soul lead the way, always.


This is my real work. To focus within, and look beyond the past hurts, beyond the illusory reality we have been playing in.


To incarnate the inner master within, I must deliberately focus my attention within my inner truth, my true heart’s guidance in a balanced and wise way.


My most difficult work consists of being part of this world, and yet, not so much of it in order to create what truly resonates within my true being.


As I gave away my power every time I cared about what other people thought, did, and expected of me and of this planet, I turned away from the inner knowing that all is created from within. I turned away from my own capacity to choose for myself, and let others choose for me. Which in itself has been an interesting experience and taught me well.


The source of all suffering is when we deny ourselves of the truth and extent of our true Power.


Now that I remember who I truly am, I am blessed with the veil being uplifted on my temporary amnesia. I remember and realize all that I am within, first.


Dedicated practice to look within with Love and Compassion, to look outward into the mirror of truth is the opportunity we are presented with every step of the way.

The wisest ones used to teach that illumination and practice is one and the same. It is not so much an event, as it is a continuous process without beginning or end. It is an infinite upward spiral, if you choose so.


Becoming aware of one’s every thought, becoming aware of how it truly serves you or not in each moment is a very powerful and refined art that requires dedicated practice and devotion to the evolution of one’s own consciousness and that of All that is, for ultimately, one’s transformation affects all.


This is the true Service of the Lightworker. This is our true purpose, whether we realize it in our own way through our own path as unique individuals walking on Earth at this time, and immemorial times past and future.


Look into the eyes of others you encounter on your path without judgement but using discernment as you see into the windows of their Soul. Become the compassionate observer, and offer your divine presence as an uplifting embrace.


Let go of all your attachments and judgements. Ultimately, let go of all of your fears, look right into them and make them your ally so that they do no longer control you.


You only reclaim the Power that is You when you melt and die with your fear. Then, and only then can you be truly free.


Unconditional Love is who we truly are; it is our divine inheritance. And yet, it takes practice to ground and anchor it more within our earthly being. As with everything, the more you practice the more it becomes easier. Love naturally flows with ease and grace.


You are meant to flow with ease and grace. This is the promise of the shift. Of the New Earth.


Let it come, with your devotion and the power of your intention. Trust in your intuition – in your inner knowing – about when and where to be in each moment. You are always where you are meant to be to serve your purpose.


Life is truly magical. We are magical beings. It is imprinted into our DNA.


Our divine blueprints as Gods and Goddesses, Creators and Weavers of the Light is right here. Within, ready to emerge and be realized once again.


As above, so below.


There are no limitations whatsoever to what you may achieve, other than your own beliefs.


The inner Buddha/Christ lives within all. It is within you, ready to soar and shine brighter and brighter as you read these lines.


The time of your sufferings is over. The power is within your hands. It has always been within you.


You always have the choice to look deeper and beyond; into the higher purpose of things.


Apparent challenges are only opportunities to discover the power of your inner Light. All serves your evolution and transformation into who you are meant to be.


Trust in the infinite wisdom of Soul. The whole Universe is at its service.


This is what teachers and masters have taught for ages. This is what your inner master naturally knows. Let her/him lead the way.


You are more than ready. For you are the ones we have been waiting for.


With all my Love,


As we are part of each other.


– Isabelle



Top artwork by Annelie Solis

Bottom artwork by unknown artist

Living in the NOW: Aligning with the Song of your Soul

Being inspired

Many have called this vibrational state achieved in the physical as: enlightenment; samadhi, bliss; nirvana; alignment with Source; multidimensional awareness; Self-Realization; Ecstacy; Deep serenity; Coming HOME; etc.

These states of being/vibrating, whether they are short-lived or sustained for longer periods, are the ultimate experience and purpose which we have all come to realize in this time/space experience.

Those of you on the path to ascension – which in reality is the anchoring of your Christed divine Self into incarnated form – may now be able to experience this deep sense of peace and lightness on a more sustained basis.

Most of you have been working hard on allowing the attuning of your human vessel to such a degree as to become pure channels of Light and Love.

Balance and clarity is now easier and better sustained within your core, allowing all of your bodies, cells and very DNA to be finely-tuned to play the original divine symphony as you were originally meant to.

You have been recovering your very divine blueprint in this physical reality, which enables your torus field – your energetic electro-magnetic field – to amplify, touch, transform, and heal everything on your path as well.

Torus Tree

By atoning with and vibrating your divine symphony make-up in harmony with the Cosmos as you were designed to by Source, you help bring everything else into harmony as well.

You are able to realize and experience for yourselves what detachment really means.

For you know within your very core that everything is in perfect divine order. You are able to feel divine peace where you keep embodying what may be translated as “It does not matter. All is well”, while at the same time you simply shine and vibrate pure Love and Compassion.

NOW is all there is.

There are so many of you’s within You, all converging in the NOW, coming into wholeness with Who You Really Are and always meant to incarnate here, now.

You feel this deep connection and oneness with All That Is and ever will be.

Life is beautiful. Life is simple. Life is Now.

This is embodied Grace.

All else becomes insignificant and utterly funny.

There is no more space to hold drama.

Only Love.

And the adventure keeps unfolding. We cannot stop expanding every instant of the way.

You are the way. You are the Now. Singing the Song of your Soul, happily and effortlessly.

The Holy Trinity within, in complete Harmony…


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