In the end, they always align


Sometimes what the ego wants does not seem to align with the Soul’s will, but in the end they always align and reach for the same goal. Only a different and higher path must be undertaken to reach what is truly needed in order to learn one’s life’s lessons and transform. Soul knows what is best.


In the end, what the Soul wants, the ego wants as well. The ego just has a limited perspective about the bigger picture. But the essence of the desire is always met both by the ego and Soul.


What the Soul wants, the ego wants. They always align no matter time and space.


In the end, they always align.



On the Power and Practice of Compassion


“Compassion is your best ally when faced with diverging opinions and energies.

In this way, you remain centered and balanced in Love while acknowledging the differences and value in everything, whether you agree with them or not, because you can see beyond right and wrong (duality).

You are able to respect everyone’s unique path while you do not lose your stance and power through caring “too much” about what others choose to say, think or do.

This is truly wisdom incarnated.

It is all about practicing – and you do so wonderfully – this magical alignment with You/Source in every instant.”

– excerpt from a channeling for a beautiful Soul (for we all are)


The world is in your eyes