Living in the NOW: Aligning with the Song of your Soul

Being inspired

Many have called this vibrational state achieved in the physical as: enlightenment; samadhi, bliss; nirvana; alignment with Source; multidimensional awareness; Self-Realization; Ecstacy; Deep serenity; Coming HOME; etc.

These states of being/vibrating, whether they are short-lived or sustained for longer periods, are the ultimate experience and purpose which we have all come to realize in this time/space experience.

Those of you on the path to ascension – which in reality is the anchoring of your Christed divine Self into incarnated form – may now be able to experience this deep sense of peace and lightness on a more sustained basis.

Most of you have been working hard on allowing the attuning of your human vessel to such a degree as to become pure channels of Light and Love.

Balance and clarity is now easier and better sustained within your core, allowing all of your bodies, cells and very DNA to be finely-tuned to play the original divine symphony as you were originally meant to.

You have been recovering your very divine blueprint in this physical reality, which enables your torus field – your energetic electro-magnetic field – to amplify, touch, transform, and heal everything on your path as well.

Torus Tree

By atoning with and vibrating your divine symphony make-up in harmony with the Cosmos as you were designed to by Source, you help bring everything else into harmony as well.

You are able to realize and experience for yourselves what detachment really means.

For you know within your very core that everything is in perfect divine order. You are able to feel divine peace where you keep embodying what may be translated as “It does not matter. All is well”, while at the same time you simply shine and vibrate pure Love and Compassion.

NOW is all there is.

There are so many of you’s within You, all converging in the NOW, coming into wholeness with Who You Really Are and always meant to incarnate here, now.

You feel this deep connection and oneness with All That Is and ever will be.

Life is beautiful. Life is simple. Life is Now.

This is embodied Grace.

All else becomes insignificant and utterly funny.

There is no more space to hold drama.

Only Love.

And the adventure keeps unfolding. We cannot stop expanding every instant of the way.

You are the way. You are the Now. Singing the Song of your Soul, happily and effortlessly.

The Holy Trinity within, in complete Harmony…


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