Twin Flames Coming Home


Two Forces

Mirroring one another


As we become whole

We become free


As we free ourselves

We become whole


The way is Love


True Love

In Love with Truth


Eternally bound

As One Force


Balancing all within

So without


Two Flames Coming into Power

Two Flames Coming Home




Credits: “Season of Yes” by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I have been both: the dark and the light

I have been both: the dark and the light.


I have been both the victim and the persecutor. I have experienced ego to its extremes of illusion of control, and I also have been blessed by the divine Grace of illumination.


I have experienced both anger and joy, revenge and hatred, love and pure compassion.


I have been all these people. I am all of you.


I am beyond that which is called ego. I am eternal divine Love.


Wisdom is the precious nectar that I collect after all my inner work as a dedicated bee/pupil of life on Earth.


All the self forgiveness and forgiveness towards others is the ultimate work of the master within.


Humility and the courage to face the truth is very scary to the ego. And yet, it is the only path to true liberation into the authentic Self, where ego takes its righteous place as the servant to the Soul and heart.


Ego becomes the joyful motivator and collaborator to our ever infinite expansion and growth into more of our veritable Light. Heart and Soul lead the way, always.


This is my real work. To focus within, and look beyond the past hurts, beyond the illusory reality we have been playing in.


To incarnate the inner master within, I must deliberately focus my attention within my inner truth, my true heart’s guidance in a balanced and wise way.


My most difficult work consists of being part of this world, and yet, not so much of it in order to create what truly resonates within my true being.


As I gave away my power every time I cared about what other people thought, did, and expected of me and of this planet, I turned away from the inner knowing that all is created from within. I turned away from my own capacity to choose for myself, and let others choose for me. Which in itself has been an interesting experience and taught me well.


The source of all suffering is when we deny ourselves of the truth and extent of our true Power.


Now that I remember who I truly am, I am blessed with the veil being uplifted on my temporary amnesia. I remember and realize all that I am within, first.


Dedicated practice to look within with Love and Compassion, to look outward into the mirror of truth is the opportunity we are presented with every step of the way.

The wisest ones used to teach that illumination and practice is one and the same. It is not so much an event, as it is a continuous process without beginning or end. It is an infinite upward spiral, if you choose so.


Becoming aware of one’s every thought, becoming aware of how it truly serves you or not in each moment is a very powerful and refined art that requires dedicated practice and devotion to the evolution of one’s own consciousness and that of All that is, for ultimately, one’s transformation affects all.


This is the true Service of the Lightworker. This is our true purpose, whether we realize it in our own way through our own path as unique individuals walking on Earth at this time, and immemorial times past and future.


Look into the eyes of others you encounter on your path without judgement but using discernment as you see into the windows of their Soul. Become the compassionate observer, and offer your divine presence as an uplifting embrace.


Let go of all your attachments and judgements. Ultimately, let go of all of your fears, look right into them and make them your ally so that they do no longer control you.


You only reclaim the Power that is You when you melt and die with your fear. Then, and only then can you be truly free.


Unconditional Love is who we truly are; it is our divine inheritance. And yet, it takes practice to ground and anchor it more within our earthly being. As with everything, the more you practice the more it becomes easier. Love naturally flows with ease and grace.


You are meant to flow with ease and grace. This is the promise of the shift. Of the New Earth.


Let it come, with your devotion and the power of your intention. Trust in your intuition – in your inner knowing – about when and where to be in each moment. You are always where you are meant to be to serve your purpose.


Life is truly magical. We are magical beings. It is imprinted into our DNA.


Our divine blueprints as Gods and Goddesses, Creators and Weavers of the Light is right here. Within, ready to emerge and be realized once again.


As above, so below.


There are no limitations whatsoever to what you may achieve, other than your own beliefs.


The inner Buddha/Christ lives within all. It is within you, ready to soar and shine brighter and brighter as you read these lines.


The time of your sufferings is over. The power is within your hands. It has always been within you.


You always have the choice to look deeper and beyond; into the higher purpose of things.


Apparent challenges are only opportunities to discover the power of your inner Light. All serves your evolution and transformation into who you are meant to be.


Trust in the infinite wisdom of Soul. The whole Universe is at its service.


This is what teachers and masters have taught for ages. This is what your inner master naturally knows. Let her/him lead the way.


You are more than ready. For you are the ones we have been waiting for.


With all my Love,


As we are part of each other.


– Isabelle



Top artwork by Annelie Solis

Bottom artwork by unknown artist

The “Yoga of Tao” or Incarnating the Master You Are Meant to Be


Waterfall sunburst

I know this is just another label relating to the ascension process we chose – and keep choosing – to go through into Self-mastery and higher ways of Being.

Nonetheless, my Guides and Teachers (my Higher Self) have given me this powerful “name” for a purpose. It is meant to be understood and felt through the heart-mind connection and through the vibrations – harmonics – of the syllables.

Remember, the word “YOGA” is a sanskrit term which signifies “UNION”.

“TAO”, although not translatable into words according to Lao Tse, can be viewed as the life force that is present and that runs through everything, and yet, TAO is also All That Is and shall become.

In other words, “YOGA of TAO” refers to the coming into Oneness, with the totality of All that Is which is forever expanding into more. It is the Real Me. It is the Real You. It is the process of unification into the Truth and Totality of Who We Really Are.

As you know, this is the process of union – or re-union – that we have chosen to undertake at this monumental shift of the Galaxies. To shift back our perspective and beingness with All That We Are.

It is the first time that we achieve and devote ourselves to this process on planet Earth. However, we did it many times on other planets and Universes. It is a process that requires determination, devotion and discipline (consistent practice).

Even though our Souls have long prepared for this and are always in charge of how and when this all unfolds for ourselves and the planet, we are always free to choose how we perceive this process and how we choose to allow it to unfold in every given moment.

This year of 2015 – and in fact, the next three years – will call many of us to stand tall and remain focussed on our Self-mastery no matter the external and/or internal circumstances. Remember, remain focussed within and maintain your visions as this is where your true power resides.

Being balanced masters and incarnating Peace and Love has and shall remain our main Service to Gaia and all of humanity. It is the most wondrous gift that you can give to yourself and others. Our Souls have longed for this and are rejoicing whenever we allow and choose Love over fear, Hope and Trust over despair, Peace over insanity, Forgiveness and Compassion over hatred, etc.

For many of you that have been transmuting and shedding so much of old limited beliefs and baggage based in the old energy are now having more and more opportunities to practice and shine your new found Freedom!

As you keep practicing your focus on Love and the higher dimensions of being aligned with your Essence – Stability, Serenity, Abundance, Love, Joy, Truth, Eternalness – you become better and better at catching yourselves up when you tend to drift back into the old 3D way of being and thinking, thereby enabling yourselves to come back to your center of true Power within, where everything starts to flow again with more ease, grace, peace, and fun!

We are so blessed to know and to keep realizing and remembering more fully how we create our experiences through the power of our intentions and beliefs, and thus how we are free to choose our focus every instant of the way while remaining trusting and open as to how, when and the form that our creations and prayers will take.

It is indeed an interesting dance that we are experiencing between our Soul’s destiny, purpose and highest visions, and with the power of our free will in each given moment.

So much NEW wants to come in, for we have intended, prayed, and called for it for so long and in massive numbers!

My Higher Self, Guides and Angels keep insisting that we “OPEN OURSELVES UP” to the new creations and manifestations in all areas and beyond.

This is an “8 year”, the number of infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities and prosperity. If we open ourselves up, we are more prone and able to receive guidance through our forever creative and inventive imagination, ideas, and flashes of intuition as to what might be the best next step to take about anything we envision and wish to manifest. This is the only way we can truly create the New Earth, and thus avoiding to repeat the old if it does no longer appeal to us or serve our highest good.

Remember to use the power of affirmations in the Now:

I AM { fill in the blank } and will always be …

Remain truthful and loyal to your own Guidance and Integrity.

Above all else, choose and remain focussed on Love.

And remember, we are all teachers, students, and friends to one another in this grand adventure!

With all my Love to you,

Om shanti,


What Plants Grow Well with Sunflowers?

Times of the Heart-Knowing – Lady Aphrodisia & Archangel Gabriel

Heart Knowing

These are the times of the heart knowing.

You are becoming the beacons of Light and Love that you were always meant to be.

You have shed your old selves; the ones that did not mirror the God-spark within you fully.

Your divine essence is now visible and available to all. You have come into self-mastery.

Everything that you do, think, and say, is an act of Love in itself.

You live and shine from the perspective of your mighty wise heart.

You are no longer afraid, for you know who you are.

You are enjoying your own Presence. You keep communing more and more with the Love that you are. Everything is an act of Love and wisdom everywhere, for you have come into the sacred marriage with your Soul.

This was always, and remains an inner journey.

You have become experts at focusing within the Truth of You. You no longer get entangled in the external maze, for you simply know with all the cells of your Being that you are the master of your destiny.

The Soul is the master, not the ego. You have surrendered to its will, for this is your heart’s true desires.

Love is energy. You are energy. Everything is energy of Love.

You now understand more fully how you have been and are building the New Earth cycle. Your energetic merging with Soul, with all the Love that You are is setting the foundational structures of the next cycle on Earth.

Each one of you, take heart if you are still struggling with the old. Know that you are on the right path; always where you are meant to be. You are already in the new energy.

Soon, you will no longer need messages like these ones. For you will know with every cell of your Being the God within. You will see it in others too, and in everything that lives and pulses in the entire Cosmos.

In the heart you know.

No more intermediaries needed. Only pure joy and love to share with others knowingly.

Congratulations masters!

On behalf of your Soul family, your brothers and sisters,

I AM Lady Aphrodisia & Gabriel. We are One.

Kissing the Earth with your feet

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The Key to Become a Balanced Master

Mastery within

The only way you can truly help others is by continuously achieving Balance within.

And that sometimes – or oftentimes – requires learning to say “no”.

Compassion for others means loving them where they are and letting them become their own masters through learning their own lessons. This is true Love.

True Love of Self through Self-Respect.

True Love of others through innate Compassion.

As healers, forerunners of the Light, and magic weavers, you are often called to help one another.

Self-care and Self-nurturing are essential. This is a priority; a necessity, for when you practice your alignment with Self/Source Love, you align with the magic that is You.

You thus can achieve anything and truly walk on your divine path and Soul’s purpose.

Whether you suffer, are caught in a co-dependent relationship of any kind, feel like a victim or are constantly looking outside of yourself for love and validation – whatever the challenge – the key/answer shall always remain the same: Self-Love.

Practice loving yourself unconditionally, and you shall achieve the freedom within that you seek.

Self-Love is key to be a balanced master.

Every challenge that comes in a spiral-like fashion – that seems to repeat itself – is there to help you achieve this Balance within through complete and unconditional Love for Yourself.

This is what we mean by parenting your inner child.

Practice Compassion towards yourself first, and Life will truly become a magical effortless wonder of excitement and serenity at once!

Make yourself a priority, dearly Beloved Souls, for you deserve this stable Peace.

You are so loved!

Master Thot


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Parallel Realities and the Illusion of Time – A message from the Dragons

Medicine Wheel Secret Garden

Painting entitled "Medicine Wheel" - "Secret Garden" by Laurie Tenpas

Time is a tool; a teaching tool for growth and expansion.

Just as duality serves as a tool for your evolution and growth, so does time.

They are both illusions. Illusions, because they are not Truth; they do not prevail in the Eternity of your Source, which is beyond any concept of time and space.

You are Energy-Consciousness. You are Love made manifest.

The illusion of time is created by the perception of the constant movement of the expansion within and without. The illusion of time is created through the dance of all the elements of You reflected back at you. This dance is never static since you are never done with your expansion. Nothing ever ceases to expand. Thus the illusion of Time.

But the Source of All that is You is beyond time; You are timeless in essence.

Now, you know us very well. We have been your guardians during countless of your earthly incarnations and beyond. We are the gatekeepers to the recollection of All That You Are. We are your protectors, ensuring that you open the door only when you are ready to do so. We also help you burn away all that is not Truth, all that is not in integrity with Who You Are and aligned with your divine purpose. We are not separate from you in that we are all One. But you can feel our energy, which is very strong and easily perceived by your human vehicle. We tend to dwell very close to you at all times, whether you are aware of us or not.

We wish to speak to you now about the many doors that you have been able to open in order to awaken – remember – your multidimensionality. So many of you, warriors and seekers of the Light, have remembered so much. For this was your purpose that you carried within through your Presence on Earth. You rediscovered your existence in many dimensions/planes of frequency in this long prophesized Era of the Great Unification. You can access All, for you are one with the All.

You have remembered and healed (wholed) your other lifetimes on Earth. You have remembered and acknowledged your divine and star origins. You embody more and more the Source of Who You Truly Are.

You are able to feel, know and understand that you also exist in other dimensions, and that you are never alone on your quest in this experiential game field of creation on planet Earth.

All of these experiences, gifts, talents, and skills are available to you in the Eternal Now. The wisdom of all ages – past, present, and future – dwell within the sacred chamber of your heart. What is often referred to as the Akash is available to you in line with your divine purpose.

Know that much of this re-collection – reconnection – has been performed in line with the vertical axis of time (or the vertical vector of energy-consciousness) linking your multidimensional awareness of You on Earth all the way to your Divine Source Energy.

By now, you know/remember that you are limitless, infinite, and expanding forever more.

You are able to perceive and know simultaneously your past, present, and future. You bring it all back into your awareness and energetic presence on Gaia, serving her and all of her inhabitants as well as your own divine creations and purpose. You are no longer constrained by the old paradigm of time and space. Time and space have become malleable and interchangeable.

Now, we wish to address the horizontal axis of time (or the horizontal vector of energy-consciousness), which will become more and more familiar to those of you who are ready. You already have access to all axes of Time. Nonetheless, just as everything has a purpose and happens in divine order for your own growth, so do your ventures into what you may call parallel realities.


They are showing me two vectors that form a cross within a sphere, a little bit as the image above. The sphere is forever expanding, because it is the divine vector of You. Standing at the very still point (or zero point) where the two vectors meet in the center of the sphere allows to see all perspectives of time-space reality. This still point is the heart centre; the bridge to all realities, opening the door to all wisdom…

These parallel realities contain all the potentialities of the choices you could have made (or not have made, though this is also a choice in itself) in this lifetime as well as all of your lifetimes.

Many of you do this through the power of your imagination, trying to figure out how a certain event or situation could have evolved differently should you have chosen a different path. Then, this different path would have led you into different experiences and a different destination from where you find yourself now. Know that whatever you have chosen so far which has brought you to where you are now, you can have access to all of the lessons from the choices that you did not embrace.

What is the purpose of all of this, might you ask?

Well, dearly beloved divine creators and seekers of the Truth, this all serves your expansion and spiritual growth into Self-mastery. Should you choose so, this becomes all of the spiritual wealth that you gather within. It serves to know yourselves better, for in revisiting parallel realities of different potentials, you also become wiser.

Much of this awareness is presented to you in dreamtime, but also in your everyday life experiences such as when you meet up again with someone from your past. The purpose of these insights into parallel realities is that they are presented to you by You in order to realize what truly serves your Integrity and Truth in the NOW, and to help you choose and reconcile with All That You Are. In other words, this helps you to align with what you know to be true in your heart now.

These visits into the parallel you’s of this incarnated life on Earth helps you to create the New You – and thus the New Life – you wish to embody and create from now on.

For in this new life there can be no regrets, whatsoever.

Regrets, as you know, are low energies that hinder your true liberation and ascension into the Real You (or if you prefer, the anchoring of your Christed divine Self in the physical). The “what if’s” can be available and fully integrated within you to serve your expansion; i.e. to serve your liberation from anything that may still restrain you from your true Freedom and Power.

We are here to assist you forever more through all of these liberating and ascending processes into the New Expanded You. And, as always, we will only serve the Real You (your Higher Self), not the ego-based you. Feel and know with your hearts once again, dearest beloved warriors of the Light and Truth.

We love you so infinitely and will always honor our partnership for the purpose of serving the highest good for all.

Welcome into the New Golden Age of Truth, Integrity, and Love.

The Dragon Collective

(channeled through Isabelle)

Mayan Ancient knowledge planets

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