Parallel Realities and the Illusion of Time – A message from the Dragons

Medicine Wheel Secret Garden

Painting entitled "Medicine Wheel" - "Secret Garden" by Laurie Tenpas

Time is a tool; a teaching tool for growth and expansion.

Just as duality serves as a tool for your evolution and growth, so does time.

They are both illusions. Illusions, because they are not Truth; they do not prevail in the Eternity of your Source, which is beyond any concept of time and space.

You are Energy-Consciousness. You are Love made manifest.

The illusion of time is created by the perception of the constant movement of the expansion within and without. The illusion of time is created through the dance of all the elements of You reflected back at you. This dance is never static since you are never done with your expansion. Nothing ever ceases to expand. Thus the illusion of Time.

But the Source of All that is You is beyond time; You are timeless in essence.

Now, you know us very well. We have been your guardians during countless of your earthly incarnations and beyond. We are the gatekeepers to the recollection of All That You Are. We are your protectors, ensuring that you open the door only when you are ready to do so. We also help you burn away all that is not Truth, all that is not in integrity with Who You Are and aligned with your divine purpose. We are not separate from you in that we are all One. But you can feel our energy, which is very strong and easily perceived by your human vehicle. We tend to dwell very close to you at all times, whether you are aware of us or not.

We wish to speak to you now about the many doors that you have been able to open in order to awaken – remember – your multidimensionality. So many of you, warriors and seekers of the Light, have remembered so much. For this was your purpose that you carried within through your Presence on Earth. You rediscovered your existence in many dimensions/planes of frequency in this long prophesized Era of the Great Unification. You can access All, for you are one with the All.

You have remembered and healed (wholed) your other lifetimes on Earth. You have remembered and acknowledged your divine and star origins. You embody more and more the Source of Who You Truly Are.

You are able to feel, know and understand that you also exist in other dimensions, and that you are never alone on your quest in this experiential game field of creation on planet Earth.

All of these experiences, gifts, talents, and skills are available to you in the Eternal Now. The wisdom of all ages – past, present, and future – dwell within the sacred chamber of your heart. What is often referred to as the Akash is available to you in line with your divine purpose.

Know that much of this re-collection – reconnection – has been performed in line with the vertical axis of time (or the vertical vector of energy-consciousness) linking your multidimensional awareness of You on Earth all the way to your Divine Source Energy.

By now, you know/remember that you are limitless, infinite, and expanding forever more.

You are able to perceive and know simultaneously your past, present, and future. You bring it all back into your awareness and energetic presence on Gaia, serving her and all of her inhabitants as well as your own divine creations and purpose. You are no longer constrained by the old paradigm of time and space. Time and space have become malleable and interchangeable.

Now, we wish to address the horizontal axis of time (or the horizontal vector of energy-consciousness), which will become more and more familiar to those of you who are ready. You already have access to all axes of Time. Nonetheless, just as everything has a purpose and happens in divine order for your own growth, so do your ventures into what you may call parallel realities.


They are showing me two vectors that form a cross within a sphere, a little bit as the image above. The sphere is forever expanding, because it is the divine vector of You. Standing at the very still point (or zero point) where the two vectors meet in the center of the sphere allows to see all perspectives of time-space reality. This still point is the heart centre; the bridge to all realities, opening the door to all wisdom…

These parallel realities contain all the potentialities of the choices you could have made (or not have made, though this is also a choice in itself) in this lifetime as well as all of your lifetimes.

Many of you do this through the power of your imagination, trying to figure out how a certain event or situation could have evolved differently should you have chosen a different path. Then, this different path would have led you into different experiences and a different destination from where you find yourself now. Know that whatever you have chosen so far which has brought you to where you are now, you can have access to all of the lessons from the choices that you did not embrace.

What is the purpose of all of this, might you ask?

Well, dearly beloved divine creators and seekers of the Truth, this all serves your expansion and spiritual growth into Self-mastery. Should you choose so, this becomes all of the spiritual wealth that you gather within. It serves to know yourselves better, for in revisiting parallel realities of different potentials, you also become wiser.

Much of this awareness is presented to you in dreamtime, but also in your everyday life experiences such as when you meet up again with someone from your past. The purpose of these insights into parallel realities is that they are presented to you by You in order to realize what truly serves your Integrity and Truth in the NOW, and to help you choose and reconcile with All That You Are. In other words, this helps you to align with what you know to be true in your heart now.

These visits into the parallel you’s of this incarnated life on Earth helps you to create the New You – and thus the New Life – you wish to embody and create from now on.

For in this new life there can be no regrets, whatsoever.

Regrets, as you know, are low energies that hinder your true liberation and ascension into the Real You (or if you prefer, the anchoring of your Christed divine Self in the physical). The “what if’s” can be available and fully integrated within you to serve your expansion; i.e. to serve your liberation from anything that may still restrain you from your true Freedom and Power.

We are here to assist you forever more through all of these liberating and ascending processes into the New Expanded You. And, as always, we will only serve the Real You (your Higher Self), not the ego-based you. Feel and know with your hearts once again, dearest beloved warriors of the Light and Truth.

We love you so infinitely and will always honor our partnership for the purpose of serving the highest good for all.

Welcome into the New Golden Age of Truth, Integrity, and Love.

The Dragon Collective

(channeled through Isabelle)

Mayan Ancient knowledge planets

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