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Summer Specials : Healing and Guidance Services


Everyone has the power and ability to heal themselves. Everyone has access to the healing and guiding wisdom of their own inner master (heart-Soul connection). But sometimes, and especially when clouded by strong emotions, one can experience a harder time to gain access and allow this healing stream of energy and wisdom to flow freely. And we may need an extra “hand” to help us gain the clarity, joy, love, and peace of mind that is our natural state of alignment.


This is where I come about. This is my mission. To offer my assistance through channeling your angelic Soul Self and Guides to help you on your current path, wherever you may be. It is an honor and a privilege for me to do so. So if you feel called to receiving a helping hand on your personal path of growth and expansion, I am here for you.


I felt inspired to extend the healing and guidance specials throughout the summer season. Because we all deserve to live joyfully to the fullest potential of our gifts, passions, and true heart’s desires.


Healing work special:


Receive multidimensional healing energy work from the comfort of your home, at your own convenience.

Extended 1 full hour in-depth session @ 85$  (regular @ 95$)



Angelic channeling guidance with healing session combo special:


Receive loving guidance and answers to your questions from your angelic and spirit guides, plus an additional healing energy work.

Max 3 questions & ½ hour healing @ 100$  (regular price 125$)



Top digital photo: Ebenism, Australia

Bottom photo: Gabriela Tulian, Canada

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The Grand-mother and the Child

Beauty everywhere


Harmony restored


When I look through with God’s Eyes


I Know


I See


The perfect reflection of the divine in all things


But grand-mother? How is it possible that people do not see as such?

They only see their problems. There is so much suffering everywhere.

How come? What can we do?


The suffering is of their own making

For not remembering who they really are


They are pure divine Love in truth


What you must do is walk in all of your Glory

All of your Power

And shine your Light cleverly


Never underestimate the power of your Light

The healing/transformation effect is endless even if very subtle at first


Do so with Confidence and Compassion

With Honor and healthy boundaries

So that you always honor first your own God essence within


Keep your center core strong

Always remind yourself of all the magic that you are

Of all the infinite support from the Universe for you on your path


Be the clever woman, the shamaness who shows the way

Be the clever man, the medicine warrior who protects what is most sacred


Divine Union within Self

Is what masters practice daily, in each moment


See beyond what is

Into the magical fabric of the Divine Plan

Blessings are forever present and meaningful


Thank you grand-mother. I will remember and practice this. I know now. My heart knows, for I am the grand-mother and the child as One

Top painting: “The Offering” by ~allytha

Bottom painting: “She opens doors” by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Abundance, Ascension, Children, Courageous Creators, Urantia Gaïa

The Key to Become a Balanced Master

Mastery within

The only way you can truly help others is by continuously achieving Balance within.

And that sometimes – or oftentimes – requires learning to say “no”.

Compassion for others means loving them where they are and letting them become their own masters through learning their own lessons. This is true Love.

True Love of Self through Self-Respect.

True Love of others through innate Compassion.

As healers, forerunners of the Light, and magic weavers, you are often called to help one another.

Self-care and Self-nurturing are essential. This is a priority; a necessity, for when you practice your alignment with Self/Source Love, you align with the magic that is You.

You thus can achieve anything and truly walk on your divine path and Soul’s purpose.

Whether you suffer, are caught in a co-dependent relationship of any kind, feel like a victim or are constantly looking outside of yourself for love and validation – whatever the challenge – the key/answer shall always remain the same: Self-Love.

Practice loving yourself unconditionally, and you shall achieve the freedom within that you seek.

Self-Love is key to be a balanced master.

Every challenge that comes in a spiral-like fashion – that seems to repeat itself – is there to help you achieve this Balance within through complete and unconditional Love for Yourself.

This is what we mean by parenting your inner child.

Practice Compassion towards yourself first, and Life will truly become a magical effortless wonder of excitement and serenity at once!

Make yourself a priority, dearly Beloved Souls, for you deserve this stable Peace.

You are so loved!

Master Thot


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