Key Elements for Manifestation – Inspired by Lord Kuthumi

ALIGN and PRACTICE your New story – what you wish to create into form – on all 4 levels:




ACTION (practicing telling your new story on all 4 levels; i.e. thinking, believing, feeling and knowing while opening up your heart more and more as you do so)

All of this process has to be done with CONSISTENCY and avoid repeating any CONTRADICTORY VIBE (such as keeping telling your old story, repeating doubts, etc.)

Keep opening up your heart more and more as you practice your new point of attraction and manifestation.

Have fun and allow divine synchronicity to deliver your creation to you.

Trust that:

Anything and everything is possible.

And so it is.

Trust in the benevolent power of Source on your Behalf.

Don’t get caught in details, and don’t try to force it to happen.

Focus on the knowing that what is and will be is always for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Relax and enjoy the process.

And expect to be happily surprised!

Great guidance to listen to and watch by Nenari Diamondlady from which this material is greatly inspired here:  Meditational Hypnosis ~The Keys to Consciousness


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Falling in Love with Self – A message from Mary Magdalene and the Shekinah

Pearls of Wisdom


You are pearls of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Self-Love is the very power that fuels your ascension. Loving yourselves completely and unconditionally is the key to your true freedom and the manifestation of your deepest dreams.

The Source/God/Goddess loves you eternally, unconditionally and so, without limits. Remember and practice this love towards yourselves, as it will embrace and dissolve any wounds, blocks and false beliefs that still hold you back from embracing and incarnating All That You Are.

This is the sacred marriage that you have long been waiting for: the one that ends all illusions of separation and powerlessness.

You are eternally deserving Beings, no matter what you do or do not do; no matter what you think or feel about yourselves and the rest of the world.

You deserve all the Love from your Divine Mother/Father/Source. Will you ALLOW it by loving yourselves equally?

It is time to stop being so hard on yourselves. You have the right to make mistakes and take “wrong” turns. This does not make you any less deserving of the limitless Love and Compassion from your divine Creator, for you are his perfect divine children.

You are all masters, each one of you. Otherwise, you would not be here at this present time on Gaia. Even masters and saints have their moments of doubt and make mistakes. It is okay. This is part of your experience and contribution to All That Is through incarnating in the physical. This does not make you any less divine nor less deserving of being loved, for you are sparks of Love.

Fall in Love with You, with All That You Are. It is the answer to everything.

Love is the key.

Self-Love is key to your highest manifestations.

It is time to love yourselves as we do, dissolving any shame, guilt or unworthiness along the way.

You are pearls of gold, for you are Hearts of Gold.

With our deepest and most magnificent Love and friendship,

Mary Magdalene through the power of the Shekinah

Channeled telepathically by Isabelle


Here is some inspirational music from the album Eulogy for Evolution by Olafur Arnalds, for your enjoyment:

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