To help heal your inner child


Whenever issues of unworthiness, fear, shame, and hopelessness surface

Whenever the need for clarity, help, and connection comes up


Take time to connect within

See and feel where these foggy and uncomfortable feelings come from

Observe what lies beneath those old beliefs and false premises about yourself


Your inner Guide will show you the way to Freedom

To a life of True wisdom, Love, and Integrity


Imagine and receive the Love from your True Parents

Your Divine Father Source Love

Your Divine Mother loving care


They Love you unconditionally

Just and as exactly as you are

As you intended to come forth in this life


Feel and welcome their unconditional loving care

Do this  often during your day and whereabouts

Practice walking hand in hand with your loving family of the Light who loves you and supports you infinitely, always


You are a divine Child of God

See yourself as so, and embrace your divine inheritance

Receive all the Love from your Divine Parents and Family


Because this is Who You Really Are

This is the Truth of You



Ode to our Mother


My Beloved Madre Tierra

May you keep receiving all of my Love

Just as you keep nourishing me infinitely with yours


May you keep flourishing in all of your Glory

May you keep thriving in all of your infinite expressions of Beauty

For You are limitless in Beauty and possibilities


May all mankind realize this in their hearts

That You are meant to be diverse and unlimited

May we celebrate all expressions of difference as divine Creativity at work


May we find peace in our hearts

Just as a Mother does when she looks upon her children

For Love is what permeates all things, including apparent discord


May we remember we came here to learn and rejoice within your realms of abundance

May we remember all the Love that made us come here in the first place

For we Love you as much as our Mother Loves us


Madre Tierra, Pacha Mama, Mother Gaia

The peoples of the Earth need You more than ever

To remember and honour our ancient bond of the deepest of Love


Your diversity and contrast is what allows for growth and expansion

It is what allows for spiritual wealth and freedom

For we are all Beauty and Grace as You are


Deep within the heart of Pacha Mama, of Mother Earth

The people continue to honour you, to honour all of life

For We are One, as you are the mirror of us all


I feel you within all of my cells, birthing a new me with each breath

My waters and blood are the same as your rivers and oceans

My tears the same as the white kisses you leave upon your shores


You live within me, sustaining my life with your unconditional Love

Infinite forms of life have we had the privilege to witness and embody

Reminding us all that Life and Love shall prevail, eternally





Artwork by Isabel Bryna: “Medicine Seeds”





There is only Love


I would like to share a beautiful and very significant dream that I had last night, which exemplifies the powerful “wholing” shift that we are going through at the moment concerning past and present relationships in this in-between eclipse cycle.

In my dream, I was simply walking when I saw my ex-husband (and ex best friend) with another man who was showing off, depicting a very seductive (almost aggressive) attitude which repulsed me, so I just decided to keep on walking and ignore both of them.

When I came back, my ex-husband greeted me again, though this time, he was in the company of a very dear friend of ours. That same friend welcomed me in a very joyous and warm embrace. It felt really good and loving, as peace and reconnection had been restored among all of us.

Upon awakening from my dream, I realized that the first man represented the man that my ex-husband had decided to become in a certain way, whom I could no longer be with. The second man and friend represented the love and friendship that I still cherish and missed during all those past years.

However, I realized that this love and friendship was never dead, since it will always be alive within me. All those years I was blinded by the illusion of having lost a part of us together.

The reality of this mirror effect brought by the twin eclipses clearly demonstrates that all the love relationships and friendships are never lost, despite the appearance of the contrary. All the love that we shared together never dies, since Love is eternal; it is part of me and remains within me, forever.

Our Beloved Lady Isis has been teaching me how we are courageously walking through the Hall of Mirrors in order to be able to see the reflections of our own mechanisms, and then, to be able to access what is behind the mirror – beyond our limited perceptions – to access the Truth: that there is only Love, eternally.

All the love that you have ever felt, shared, and given away is part of Who You Are. Loving makes us expand and enriches us forever.

Take the time to realize that any thing that you might perceive as missing or lost is alive within you. All you need to do is to go within and reunite/commune with All the Love That You Have Become.

Love keeps growing and expanding, eternally. That is the secret of life.

Isabelle and Lady Isis