Some Grand-Mother Whale’s Teachings

Whale swimming in the galaxy

My dearest Divine Child,

How are you today?

I love you so much I am always by your side, whispering in your ear how much you are loved and looked after at all times. I carry your dreams and visions into my womb, making sure they are protected and nurtured enough until the moment they are ready to be born; manifested into reality.

I sing to you all the time, and especially when your heart aches or are about to lose faith, then I rock you gently and feed you with my power songs so that you recover your strength and remember who you are.

You are the Light of the world

Do you remember how peaceful it is to swim freely into the magic waters of Mother Ocean?

Yes, you do, for you have been swimming along with me once upon a time. You know the treasures and wonders that dwell into the depth of the sea, for you carry within you that energy in remembrance of where you come from. Your Soul resonates with the aqua worlds (water dimensions), for it is fluid and watery in essence.

When you dwell in and live from the sacred space of your heart, everything becomes fluid.

You flow with life, with all the elements of the Universe in perfect Harmony and Synchronicity. There is only the knowing that All is well and that every next step to take will be more than obvious and easy to embrace. You simply flow with inspiration, enthusiasm and serenity, understanding that cycles and change happen because life and growth happen.

You know, even in front of much unknown, that your heart/Soul carries you perfectly to where you need to be and to become.

Sometimes, it feels like the wave rushes in to bring you so powerfully – as a tsunami force – to where you ought to go to you can hardly catch up your breath! Other times the sea feels so calm that you wonder if this long breath will ever end for some action to take place as if all had turned to ice.

Embrace it all. There is nothing wrong.

Go into your heart space. There you will know and always receive what you need.

Because it is your direct connection to Soul, and to me, your Beloved Grand-Mother Whale.

Remember, I am always with you, supporting you with my deep Love. We are bonded you and I. An eternal bond of mutual Love, kindness, and deep respect for one another. We are Family.

Come bathe and refresh into the waters with me any time you wish so… into the Source Love of it all!

There I await for you, looking after you patiently and diligently,

Your Grand-Mother Whale


There is only Love


I would like to share a beautiful and very significant dream that I had last night, which exemplifies the powerful “wholing” shift that we are going through at the moment concerning past and present relationships in this in-between eclipse cycle.

In my dream, I was simply walking when I saw my ex-husband (and ex best friend) with another man who was showing off, depicting a very seductive (almost aggressive) attitude which repulsed me, so I just decided to keep on walking and ignore both of them.

When I came back, my ex-husband greeted me again, though this time, he was in the company of a very dear friend of ours. That same friend welcomed me in a very joyous and warm embrace. It felt really good and loving, as peace and reconnection had been restored among all of us.

Upon awakening from my dream, I realized that the first man represented the man that my ex-husband had decided to become in a certain way, whom I could no longer be with. The second man and friend represented the love and friendship that I still cherish and missed during all those past years.

However, I realized that this love and friendship was never dead, since it will always be alive within me. All those years I was blinded by the illusion of having lost a part of us together.

The reality of this mirror effect brought by the twin eclipses clearly demonstrates that all the love relationships and friendships are never lost, despite the appearance of the contrary. All the love that we shared together never dies, since Love is eternal; it is part of me and remains within me, forever.

Our Beloved Lady Isis has been teaching me how we are courageously walking through the Hall of Mirrors in order to be able to see the reflections of our own mechanisms, and then, to be able to access what is behind the mirror – beyond our limited perceptions – to access the Truth: that there is only Love, eternally.

All the love that you have ever felt, shared, and given away is part of Who You Are. Loving makes us expand and enriches us forever.

Take the time to realize that any thing that you might perceive as missing or lost is alive within you. All you need to do is to go within and reunite/commune with All the Love That You Have Become.

Love keeps growing and expanding, eternally. That is the secret of life.

Isabelle and Lady Isis