The Beluga Collective on the Importance of Water


Dearest loved ones,

We are the beluga collective, part of the grand Cetacean family that dwells in the divine oceans of the Earth and above. We come to speak to you as one unified voice of Love, for truly, we are all One.

We will try to make this message a short one, because above all, we want to speak to your hearts and Souls, and not “lose” yourselves into intellectual efforts of any sort (which can often disconnect you from your hearts). Know that within your hearts lie all the wisdom and knowledge you need on this amazing and beautiful journey, for which words will never fully capture nor encompass.

Our main message is this one:

CRYSTAL         CRISTALLINE               CHRIST

Through living, speaking from, and dwelling in your hearts, you are becoming crystalline, like a beautiful crystal, combining and integrating all divine rainbow colors of Love.

You are birthing your Selves into incarnated divine Love (your true Essence); your Christed Selves.

The Crystal Children (and Rainbow children for that matter) are already incarnated New Humans: they are the Christed Children.

Learn from them, and follow their examples. But above all, love yourselves dearest ones!

This new crystalline human embodiment that you are becoming is activated and fulfilled through your hearts. In doing so, you are becoming clear, transparent pure Love, like clear crystals which contain all colors.

Yes, your body is made up of crystals and contains two major ones that are currently activated more fully: the pineal/pituitary glands (third eye and crown chakra) and your divine Ka (divine Heart). You are being crowned as incarnated divine Love in human form.

Now, maybe you have forgotten, but the biggest crystal of all is the water.

Water is as much in you (composes the majority of your physical body) as much as the main element present on Mother Earth.

How you treat water tells a lot about how you treat yourselves.

As you integrate all the Love, Peace, and Joy that you really are, you become a transparent, pure crystal of Love for others and the planet.

Much cleaning and purifying has been going on inside most of you. The next natural step will be to clean not only your internal waters, but all the external waters as well.

Many of you already feel the deep calling to pray and assist in this water cleansing. We salute you and thank you for joining our common mission. As the birds clean and harmonize the air through their song, so do we clean and promote divine growth in the oceans through our healing song.

Now, thanks to your divine inner alchemy, many of our friends (especially dolphins) have started to leave this plane of existence to continue on their journey through another plane.

We invite you to join us in your meditations, visualizations, and prayers, to swim and feel the Love and Peace that is our natural state of Being at all times.

Even when we get hurt or suffer, we never leave this quality of being you call Serenity, because we know that ALL IS WELL at all times, that we are loved, and that we are pure Love.

It is hard for us to describe this state of Being into words, simply because this is how we are; it can only be fully understood through experience.

Nonetheless, this is what you are all becoming, because this is who you truly are.

Come and join us to help you achieve and maintain this natural state of Being (pure Love and Peace) within you more rapidly and permanently.

For this is your divine Essence, and this is what you have come to achieve/be on this Earthly experience: the incarnated Christed/Cristalline You.

Receive our pure Love,

The Beluga Collective (channeled through Isabelle)

Drop ripples rainbow water

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The Christ Self: Embodying the Rainbow Energies of LOVE

Metatron's cube

Dearest old time friends and masters,

We are so happy and proud of your accomplishments! I am Gautama the Buddha, and I am speaking on behalf of all your brothers and sisters gathered on this very special occasion in the heart of our beloved city, Shangri-La. It is not so much a physical place, although it is very real within the realm of Shambhalla.

We are so many to celebrate you and your recovered/new identity. It is a time of great joy and bliss for all of us, through all that you are and all that you accomplish.

I rarely speak through channels in this way, but these times are very special indeed and I have been designated to speak up for all of us in the Higher realms of Light within the confines of our Beloved Mother Earth, as well as on behalf of all our sisters and brothers from the stars from all solar systems existing in the seven Super Universes. For in the heart, We are One.

The Divine Feminine through the Lemurian Portal

Many of you are of Lemurian descent and have participated on Earth life experience during that era. Many of you are currently remembering these experiences, knowledge and energies which are being reawakened within you and through you as you welcome the rainbow energies of Love into the fullness of your Being.

The Divine Feminine energy is being reawakened in the heart of humanity to bring balance to the dominant masculine energy which has prevailed in the last cycle of this life experience.

Life is both feminine and masculine, light and dark, and balance and respect for both is necessary in order to come into your full potential as God-Creators that you are, and to be able to move into the next circle of Life experience on Earth. This is why I always teach the way of the middle: respect and integration of balance in all things.

The reconciliation of opposites and its transcendence always starts within Oneself. Please do not wait for others to do it for you, or for external events to move you in that direction. You have all of our help and assistance, but you are your own masters, and you are the only one to hold the key to your hearts and enlightenment.

When you dwell in your hearts, you connect to the energy of Love, which is your Essence and the power of creation for all things. You naturally come into this embodiment of balanced state of Love where there is no longer the apparent need for control or domination. You embody the fullness of your Essence on Earth: your Christ Self.

This is what we are all celebrating; this whole month of Wesak is the culmination of this whole experience of reconnection with your divine Self and presence on Earth.

Understand that you have always remained divine and will always be; it is just so. What is happening is your conscious awakening and reiteration of your decision to embody all that you are here, into this incarnated experience!

In doing so, you are remembering your Lemurian origins, you are remembering your Atlantean origins, and you are now transcending them into the New paradigm.

The Heart Portal and the Return of Avalon

Despite the fact that each and everyone one of you is awakening and moving into your heart chakra on an individual basis (and at your own pace), this is also a collective awakening experience and our Beloved Mother Earth, Urantia, is opening up and awakening in perfect synchronicity. Because she has chosen so, and because you have chosen so as well.

The experiment of separation and lower density is over. You are the scientists who came to test and experiment your own ideas and creations; you are the master-creators in partnership with Urantia, and this co-creative partnership is and has always been one of Love.

Earth’s heart chakra is currently located over Glastonbury, in England, which is also the main vortex-energy of Avalon. As the heart chakra of the Earth is being energized and fully awakening, so is the Avalon realm of Magic and Alchemy. Although its main portal/vortex is located over England, the Avalon realm is spreading all over the Earth’s inner and outer grid. Many of you can already feel this cosmic ray of Magic becoming more alive and powerful, especially in nature. Many encounters with nature devas such as fairies, unicorns and dwarfs are happening and propelled through this opening. Nonetheless, those who can feel, see, hear, and know these presences are the ones who connect humbly through their hearts.

It is through your hearts that you access the awe and wonder of your childlike innocence; no longer bound by the limitations of fear and judgment, you are able to access once again the information and magic held within Avalon.  With the process of raising/remembering/reconnecting with all of your consciousness comes many blessings!

The Human Tribe: The Rainbow People

You are the Rainbow People connecting and embodying the rainbow energies of Love.

Through embodying and expressing your Essence of Love (i.e. your Christ Self), you are fully integrating and unifying the rainbow rays within your whole Being, birthing the New Humanity on Earth.

You are “catching up” with the Crystal and Rainbow children to form one unified expression of Loving Service to humanity and all humanities.

You are Love and Divine in Essence; You become manifested Love and Divinity through Experience.

This is why you came here into these human vessels in the first place: to test your theories, ideas and visions within the realm of matter.

You are now completing the Grand circle of Life which started millions of years ago according to your time measurement in this time-space reality. As you are completing and integrating back all that you are and all that you have become (which is incommensurable!), you are being crowned as ascended masters through integrating the fullness of your incarnated Christ-Self.

Life is not that serious!

For those of you who still find themselves caught up from time to time in the illusion of separation and suffering, please remember that your time here in this incarnated experience is only temporary. However, you are here because you chose to, and you would not want to be anywhere else right now, believe me!

You really came out here to play and test your creations as great scientist and masters that you are; there is just no other way and you do not lose anything through these experiences albeit the illusion of the contrary. You expand forever more and become experienced masters who teach other brothers and sisters within this solar system and all the other ones and future ones.

Remember, you invented suffering as part of embracing the illusion of disconnection to your Whole Selves. As you remember who you truly are and reconnect with All That Is through your hearts, you realize the humor of it all and you are able to transcend all past, present, and future suffering, since limitations can no longer prevail.

In your hearts, you can see, feel, and know that Life is magical and that you have the power to co-create your reality in partnership with All That Is. You can remember that you came out here to play in the first place. Whatever has happened to you in the process has served its purpose, and you can now freely move into the New/Renewed You within the new circle of Life on Earth.

There never existed any punishment or fatality. All of it was created out of your focus and limited beliefs. All along, you have always remained free to play and create what you want. The difference now, is that many of you are becoming conscious of this fact, and of the immense power and potential that you hold within the core of your being.

Of course, we have been protecting you and the Earth from total destruction, as you were safely and freely playing on this Earthly game field. But now that you are moving into your heart presence, you do not need this “chaperon” monitoring supervision anymore, and we can finally sit together and share, and learn from you!

You do not have to wait for others to awaken to be able to do that. You are free to enjoy and embrace who you truly are right in this moment. What do you think I, your brother Jesus, and so many others you call saints have been doing during their physical incarnations? We did not wait for the others to awaken. We awakened, knowing that everyone is following their own paths and pace.

Coming Together

All of this Self-realization starts to occur within you first, and then the rest ensues. All enlightened experiences occur on an individual basis, although we are many to share your bliss synchronically.

That is why most of you have felt the need to retreat within for the last years and months, so that you could have the maximal conditions to reach your soul’s goals and dreams of a New You/New Earth experience.

As you fully awaken and integrate your Christed Self/Presence, you are being led to connect with many others.

We now invite you into the heart of Shangri-La to come and let yourself be celebrated among all of us. You can come whenever you want, it is only a matter of will and of connection through your hearts; it has always been so. But now, it is just becoming easier for all of you. What a fun and exhilarating times we are in!

We are all brothers and sisters, and we love you so unconditionally.

We welcome you and celebrate you!

Welcome to the fullness of your Being: your incarnated Christ Self on Earth.

This is your brother, Gautama the Buddha, on behalf of your solar family of Light (channeled through Isabelle)


Songs from Spirit, Songs of JOY


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