Sound Healing for the Soul with Isabelle Sayrina Goulet & Pepe Mendoza Loli



Sound and music healing:

Whenever we do a sound healing, we always connect to what is most needed for the person or the people present. We channel divine grace and healing to come through the sounds and musicality that are most susceptible to help you to vibrate and connect to the deepest essence of You. As with any healing arts, this musical healing session incites the audience to participate in a journey of the Soul, where each person is aided and supported by the musical vibrations to bring back harmony, love, higher wisdom, and health into their being.

It has long been proved how music and high vibrational sounds affect the water – emotional body – such as the work of Dr. Emoto, as well as all the other elements in nature including the whole human body. Everything is vibrational; everything has its own innate frequency. When you do elevate your personal frequency through the aid of sound and music into states of joy, happiness, serenity, bliss, and grace for instance, you automatically transform your DNA make-up into one that is more aligned with your own Divine Blueprint. Hence, clarity, feelings of happiness and joy, inner peace, personal power, and abundance flow much more easily within your being, since these high vibrational states are your true divine essence; helping you to become pure divine unconditional love in all directions of time-space.

May these very ancestral pentatonical sounds connect you directly into your Heart; the portal to your Soul. Incas and pre-inca civilizations knew about the natural heart and other organs frequencies. They knew which harmonics to use in order to elevate someone’s frequency and that of whole areas and homes. All the instruments we use, ancient and modern, are designed and meant especially for healing on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through the power of your intent and surrender, let the magic of music transform and transport you.

Sound healing is about the vibrations that speak directly to the Soul. It just gets to you, moves you instantly and reconnects you to All That You Are.

Sacred Dance: 

Dance, combined with the power of sound healing and intuitive movement, is one of the most ancient healing modality that exists on Earth. It is innate. And one that dances or witnesses sacred dance receives more than pure beauty and grace; it connects the person back to his/her own wilderness and passionate Soul.

Sacred dance is poetry in motion. Let it touch you and move you!

Personal healing consultations:

We also do personal healing sessions customized for the specific needs of each individual. This personal sound healing session helps to activate the healing on a much deeper level, allowing for a de-crystalization of old and clogged energy to flow again within the body, mind, and soul.  Pepe Mendoza Loli also does egg cleansing and readings if necessary, along with the use of other shamanic healing tools such as copal smudging as well as crystal healing and sacred feather cleansing.

Some video clips from our work:

You may also check out our channel on Youtube

From my heart to yours I salute You!

Sayrina & Pepe


We offer both private, group and large audience performance ceremonies.

You may contact us directly at or





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