Healing for Pets & Animals

berger allemand

This is an energetic complementary healing offered specifically for your pets and animals.

This service does not replace a professional veterinary consultation and treatment, but does help to complement the healing and guidance that your pets or any animal may need right now.

Just as humans do, animals have subtle bodies (spiritual, mental/psychological, emotional, and physical). They communicate non-verbally mostly, and sometimes it might be difficult to know and understand their real needs as well as the origin of the problem/imbalance, especially when we are emotionally tied to our pets.

So in order to help you with the guidance and tips that your animal(s) may need and is trying to communicate through their condition, Isabelle will be more than happy to assist you both into clarity, healing, and improvement of any situation you may find problematic at the moment.

Archangel Ariel by Jim Reed imagekind.com “Archangel Ariel”, artwork by Jim Reed

After the distant healing session, Isabelle will send you an email to let you know what was needed and been done for your pet, as well as any recommendation and guidance in order to help in bringing balance, health, joy, and harmony for all.

Isabelle only asks a minimal fee of $25 (Canadian dollars) to perform this loving service for your pet(s). This fee is preferably payable through PayPal for abirami.isabelle@gmail.com


Sharing with you the following video excerpt presenting a story that stirred my heart, and which will certainly touch your Soul as well:


One response to “Healing for Pets & Animals”

  1. Hi Isabelle, thanks for the credit on my artwork. Much appreciated. It’s really cool that you do Angel Readings. I love the metaphysical. Take care and good luck.

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