Dance of the Condor and the Eagle


The meeting between the eagle and the condor

A long time prophesied fusion between the mind and the heart

The true divine brain – the centre of wisdom

Is to be found within the connected heart-mind-bodies

This is the true reconnection yearned for so long; the axis mundi or tree of life

Which we constantly try to realize within in order to become truly free!

From the ashes of the phoenix – the burning of the illusions of fear and separation

Rises a new Being filled with renewed innocence and integrated wisdom: the Dove…

Dance of the Condor and the Eagle project

From the heart connection between two artists (Peruvian musician Pepe Loli Mendoza and dance performer Isabelle Goulet “Sayrina”) destined to meet at this moment in time-space reality, was born this special healing dance ritual that took place in a very magical spot in Montreal City, North America, known as the Eagle mountain by the Natives, and that we lovingly call “Wankayoc”.

Video Caption and photo credits by Lelia Gautier and Pierre Comby.


IMGP0597 IMGP0606 IMGP0607 IMGP0609 IMGP0615 IMGP0616 IMGP0617 IMGP0620 IMGP0621 IMGP0622 IMGP0623 IMGP0624 IMGP0610 IMGP0618 IMGP0626 IMGP0627IMGP0613

Video captions


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