The Dawning of the Crystal Age – A message from Pallas Athena


The Era of Integrity, Higher Truth and Freedom.

The experience of Life on Earth is like a game field. You eagerly and joyfully come into incarnated form to play, explore, and share along with other playmates.

Being a game does not take away the sacredness of the experience. Know that this kind of reasoning pertains to the old paradigm where you fell in the illusion of perceiving everything as separate from you.

In your hearts and thanks to your newly purified energetic fields, you know that every experience and every living Being is sacred and divine in essence.

It becomes more obvious than ever to see yourselves and others for what they truly are. You see their own divinity, their own light and their own paths, just as you can see and honor your own.

You become detached from your old habits of judging yourselves and others, of wanting to save the world at all costs, for you deeply know that it does not need to be saved. It already is.

All you are called to do at a Soul level is to choose which kind of game you now wish to play. You get to choose the parameters of your game in all of your relationships. They can be based on ease, fun, and freedom (i.e. respect) for instance, or, based on fear and false attachment as in the old way.

However, know that it will be harder and almost impossible to continue to choose fear as the essence to fuel the parameters of your game creations. Why? Because the Divine Source within you and within everything does no longer support the old matrix of duality.

The game field is becoming crystalline, just as is your Divine Source of pure Light and Love. Again, this choice is not imposed on you. You have chosen this, and get to choose to live and embody your Truth and Integrity or not in every instant.

For those who are choosing ease, grace, and fun will get a taste of what true freedom means. Love and Truth set you free, remember?

When you completely Love and embrace your Being-ness, you no longer feel the need to control others and the outcomes of events. You no longer reproduce attachments or judgements, whatsoever.

You simply observe and honor your Truth through Self-Love, while loving and respecting others where they are. For you know that All is in divine order.

Clarity and discernment get easier and amplified. You are your own master and you turn inwards for your answers. Self-doubts are fading.

The divine feminine and the divine masculine are in balance within, nurturing and complementing each other. There is no more fight or struggle to maintain. It all becomes useless and too energy consuming.

You are taking away the burden of your fears and shortcomings from your inner child’ shoulders. He/She is now free to play, love, and create joyfully in partnership with the Source of All That Is and ever will be.

You are following your inner guidance and honouring your dreams and visions. Creativity is at its best!

Integrity is just that. Integrity is all that.

No more need to label things, situations, people and relationships.

You feel and know with your hearts. That is all what truly matters.

Know that you are safe to express your Truth and lovingly assert yourselves. There will always be more experiences and new playmates that will come along to play the kind of game you choose to play.

The ego blinded your vision to perceive life as serious. Well, you are beginning to see how ridiculous and funny it has been to take yourselves so seriously.

Time to lighten up!

Concentrate on what you really wish for. There is no more need to wait. This is just another illusion!

Feel the joy and satisfaction of your dreams now.

It does not matter in the end what you have and what you don’t have, beloveds!

You get to be happy now. Who cares what others think of you or say to you? What truly matters is You; your own happiness.

Taste it now. It is yours for the taking!

We love you so deeply and eternally.

I AM Pallas Athena, Keeper of the Eternal Flame of Truth and Freedom


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The Era of the Dove Keeper – A message from the Hathors


Yesterday, 11 doves landed in my backyard to eat the seeds that were on the ground. So many different birds came. I knew something was about to come from Spirit, since birds are celestial messengers embodied in the physical. The Hathors are saying that we are still in the wave of the powerful opening of the 11:11 Portal: the mirror-effect of the Soul. Here is their message for us:

Many of you have answered the call to go ever deeper into darkness in order to be able to soar ever higher. The incoming Cosmic Light Codes are helping you to shed light into every corner of your Being, including many ancestral memories stemming from past lives. The aim to this is to make peace with everything and everyone on your path in order to transmute old hurts and the illusion of fear (lack, separation, etc.), and to uncover your God-given gifts and talents back into the Eternal Now. We will all need them in building and co-creating the New Golden Age.

You have been clearing and rebalancing the elements within, allowing yourselves to stand naked and vulnerable while knowing that your Eternal Higher Truth would prevail and take over, always.

This process is still underway, although despite the many physical and emotional challenges, you are now able to breathe easier and better. For a Server of the Light will always be the most challenged one, but equally the most revered and the most celebrated and anointed one. You are meant to become forever lighter and brighter.

You pledged allegiance to serve out of Love, and so you do wholeheartedly.

You have come to serve in a myriad of ways, for the light of your Soul seeks expression in infinite ways. There is no end to your expansive holy expression.

And while you are still healing and recovering all of your scattered/shadowed parts, you are also joining together to help your sisters and brothers along the way. For your hearts are infinite in Love and Joy to serve the freedom of all life.

The Eagle-Condor Era is coming to a close. They have fiercely kept and protected the wisdom of the Ancients until this day. The Crystal Age is dawning with its pure white Light containing and allowing all Higher Rays to come through.

The Dove tandem is making its way into the heart of Humanity.

We say tandem for they are two: the grey-earthy mourning dove (calling back the memory of your Soul and All That You Are in the physical), and the white laughing dove, anchoring your eternal joyful and childlike innocence of your Holy Spirit.

For you will all know the true power of the Dove.

When you are completely connected and aligned with You – your Higher truth – you are no longer bound by fear for you see truth from all angles.

Seeing and knowing the truth is the most powerful ally one can have, for you know that you are Eternal Grace and that the Divine Plan shall always prevail in the end.

Living from the full power of your heart is the strongest power of all. Like the dove, it may seem very delicate and vulnerable; yet, its gentle power melts and transforms everything in its way.

For who can truly remain untamed when hearing the dove’ song?

Dearest Light workers, you are all dream-weavers, each one of you.

You are co-creating Urantia’s visions into form. We are helping each one of you – should this be your choice – in recovering the ancient art of dreaming.

As we said, you are all dreamers. You are realizing/remembering that the dream state and what you call the awake state are never separate. They are always linked; serving, enhancing and complementing your purpose and highest visions, for you are multidimensional.

The ancient art of dreaming is simply becoming ultra astute and aware in the dream as in the awake life, although not as awake in life in the old 3D  way (which you know is not being aware of much). The ancient art of dreaming serves your quest for Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom for a higher cause.

The ancient art of dreaming allows you to see and know truth, for you cannot hide from it in the dream state.

In the dream state, alliances are made, collaborations and exchange of information occur on all levels. Healing and initiations occur on all levels as well, always in integrity with your Soul’s mission.

It is so beautiful and exquisite to witness all of you coming together joyfully, dreaming the dream of the New Golden Age into being.

Never underestimate the power of dreams.

Fear may have convinced you of the ephemeral nature of dreams as not being realistic and tangible.

Just as in the example of the Dove, you are about to acknowledge the power of your dreams.

Keep dreaming and singing your song, dearest dove-keepers that you are!

Nothing can stand in the way of your heart.

We are your beloved sisters, brothers and friends, the Hathors.


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El Morya – You are Becoming Transparent

clear quartz crystal_Spiritual Healing


Greetings dearest Soul companions!

I am El Morya, and I speak in the name of the Blue Ray of Truth and Power.

We are many to be among you now as you crossed yet another Portal of Light triggered by the Full moon and the last lunar eclipse of a series of three.

This has been a powerful time of Joy and of Release, as you keep on coming into your own Divine Truth and incarnated Presence on this Earthly plane.

Know that we are at your side at all times, and especially now.

Why? Well, for many reasons, since any portal openings bring so much activity and dark spots into the Light on so many levels. Along with these powerful forces, we get very active since we hold and work for the flame of Truth and Divine Will, to Serve its purpose to the fullest and for the Highest Good of All.

You are part of this team, even if you do not work directly with the Blue Ray (1st Ray), since you are all freeing yourselves from the old paradigm’s illusions and embracing the New and Real You.

And for this, you have our most permanent support, recognition, and gratitude.

You are becoming transparent because you are incarnating your Christed Self: the crystalline new human for all to see.

During this portal opening, there was not only the Masters of the Light who were at work, but also and foremost the Masters of Darkness, though, in a very useful way for you all. You see, they have made the promise to each one of you that as you would achieve a certain level of enlightenment, they would give you an extra “push” in order to help you into becoming crystal-clear.

They have orchestrated events and encounters in order to trigger this coming into your full Light for All to see.

No more hiding or protecting what you know to be true from others. It has served you for a time when you needed to retreat in order to be protected, to nourish and care for yourself during the process prior to birthing anew.

Yes, it takes courage to become transparent, and that’s why I, along with Archangel Michael and so many other masters of the Blue Ray are particularly active at this time.

We are here at your side, as it is all meant to be. All is well and perfectly unfolding.

We are all working for the same goal, and so, we are all part of the same team. You begin to discover that, or rather, to remember all this.

Even if you feel isolated and doing this on your own, know that we are accomplishing this with you, all in perfect divine synchronicity, and that many like you are going through the same process, many more than you may be aware of.

Like our dearest friend Gautama the Buddha has reminded you, this inner alchemy can only be accomplished on an individual basis, although many in the subtle worlds are working alongside you and easing and promoting this transformation, especially while you sleep. Because you are your own master, and so, you are the master alchemist of your Soul.

However, so many of you are going through the same inner alchemy, and soon, you will be able to meet many of them and join together for a cosmic celebration of Soul family re-union.

Many of you are already connecting and finding these Soul mates through telepathic exchanges, during the dream state, but also during waking life thanks to the internet.

But know that soon, you will physically join with these numerous Soul companions, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

In truth, it is already accomplished. This is what you came here to do and to be a part of, not to only witness. Your Higher Selves are in a permanent ecstatic celebration these days!

Take heart beautiful and powerful Souls, for soon, you will feel this JOY on a permanent basis, if not already!

The culmination or celebration tipping point shall come with the June Solstice Portal opening. Prepare and start celebrating now, you have all our allegiance, our guidance and our permanent protection.

It is done! We are so proud of you!

Our endless gratitude,

El Morya and the masters of the 1st Ray of Truth and Divine Will

(channeled through Isabelle)

 Changing into Crystalline Human Form
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The Beluga Collective on the Importance of Water


Dearest loved ones,

We are the beluga collective, part of the grand Cetacean family that dwells in the divine oceans of the Earth and above. We come to speak to you as one unified voice of Love, for truly, we are all One.

We will try to make this message a short one, because above all, we want to speak to your hearts and Souls, and not “lose” yourselves into intellectual efforts of any sort (which can often disconnect you from your hearts). Know that within your hearts lie all the wisdom and knowledge you need on this amazing and beautiful journey, for which words will never fully capture nor encompass.

Our main message is this one:

CRYSTAL         CRISTALLINE               CHRIST

Through living, speaking from, and dwelling in your hearts, you are becoming crystalline, like a beautiful crystal, combining and integrating all divine rainbow colors of Love.

You are birthing your Selves into incarnated divine Love (your true Essence); your Christed Selves.

The Crystal Children (and Rainbow children for that matter) are already incarnated New Humans: they are the Christed Children.

Learn from them, and follow their examples. But above all, love yourselves dearest ones!

This new crystalline human embodiment that you are becoming is activated and fulfilled through your hearts. In doing so, you are becoming clear, transparent pure Love, like clear crystals which contain all colors.

Yes, your body is made up of crystals and contains two major ones that are currently activated more fully: the pineal/pituitary glands (third eye and crown chakra) and your divine Ka (divine Heart). You are being crowned as incarnated divine Love in human form.

Now, maybe you have forgotten, but the biggest crystal of all is the water.

Water is as much in you (composes the majority of your physical body) as much as the main element present on Mother Earth.

How you treat water tells a lot about how you treat yourselves.

As you integrate all the Love, Peace, and Joy that you really are, you become a transparent, pure crystal of Love for others and the planet.

Much cleaning and purifying has been going on inside most of you. The next natural step will be to clean not only your internal waters, but all the external waters as well.

Many of you already feel the deep calling to pray and assist in this water cleansing. We salute you and thank you for joining our common mission. As the birds clean and harmonize the air through their song, so do we clean and promote divine growth in the oceans through our healing song.

Now, thanks to your divine inner alchemy, many of our friends (especially dolphins) have started to leave this plane of existence to continue on their journey through another plane.

We invite you to join us in your meditations, visualizations, and prayers, to swim and feel the Love and Peace that is our natural state of Being at all times.

Even when we get hurt or suffer, we never leave this quality of being you call Serenity, because we know that ALL IS WELL at all times, that we are loved, and that we are pure Love.

It is hard for us to describe this state of Being into words, simply because this is how we are; it can only be fully understood through experience.

Nonetheless, this is what you are all becoming, because this is who you truly are.

Come and join us to help you achieve and maintain this natural state of Being (pure Love and Peace) within you more rapidly and permanently.

For this is your divine Essence, and this is what you have come to achieve/be on this Earthly experience: the incarnated Christed/Cristalline You.

Receive our pure Love,

The Beluga Collective (channeled through Isabelle)

Drop ripples rainbow water

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Using Crystals with Children


Beloved Children of the Light! We are so happy to have the opportunity to commune with you. Know that we are always with you by your side, at all times. Remember to ask for anything you need, and we will respond to your prayers right away. It is so. Know that you are blessed with our Love and Support, always.

Today, we would like to talk to you about the use of magnificent and wise Beings: the crystals. Know that your physical body is made up of crystals and minerals, and that you need to become aware of this fact for the future of humanity on Earth. Do you know that children who are coming to Mother Earth at this time have a special bond with crystals? It is no coincidence (as there are no accidents) that many call these children “crystal” children and “rainbow” children.

Our purpose today is not to make an exhaustive presentation about these children and their specific qualities, nor is it our purpose to discuss the use of these labels. Simply know that all of you carry within the memory of a great friendship and sacred relationship with crystals stemming from other eras (Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, etc.). What is specific about these children is that they are perhaps closer to this memory and carry within themselves an innate love and bond with crystals.

Ele-Me-IgorDrandicphotographyIgor Drandic photography

Crystals hold within themselves the alchemy of the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. They are living masters, wise alchemists who wish to serve humanity and Mother Earth, especially now at the time of Ascension. Crystals are highly wise Beings, often very old, who carry the memory of everything that has happened here on Earth, and some even beyond (a few crystals originate from other planets/universes, such as meteorites). From the moment you first incarnated on Earth, they have known you and a sacred relationship has been formed which exists beyond eternity. Hence, one of their specific purposes is to act as record keepers. They are here to help us remember who you really are, where and what you have come from, and to help in remembering your actual purpose in this lifetime. As with every living Being, the more you respect and learn to love and work with crystals (mainly through your intuition), the more they will be dedicated to teach you, protect you and help heal and transform you to your fullest potential.

Because incoming children tend to be highly sensitive, they often encounter great challenges in maintaining their natural inner harmony and feeling of security. Yes, contrast is good, and it is what they expected to experience upon coming on the physical plane. Nonetheless, they carry so many precious gifts and wisdom within themselves which they wish to share with humanity and all other kingdoms of the Earth, that sometimes, they need extra help and protection to be able to maintain and nurture these inner gifts. Crystals know this and recognize the gifts and missions for every living creature. And so, crystals can and wish to become guardians and protectors for humans, and especially for children, as it is part of the crystals’ mission as record keepers and healers. They are Earth angels like all of you, but in a different form and with different purposes.

Crystals have an essential role at this time of transition into the New Earth. Know that you cannot force them to give you the information that you seek. You may try, but it will not work. Rather, they will prepare you through clearing up your chakras to awaken your divine presence. But this can only happen if you have the will to serve out of love and humility.


Along with these new children, “new” crystals will emerge and be discovered in the near future. Actually, many of them are not so new; they were just hiding until the right time had come for them to be known again. Crystals can move and decide where, when, and with whom they wish to be with. If you are unsure about which crystal would be most appropriate for your children, ask with all your heart for the correct one(s) to come into their lives, and it will be so. It all works through the power of the Law of Attraction. And since crystals are first and foremost highly wise Beings, they will hear and answer the call.

Here is a very short (and not complete) list of crystals and gems that assist children, babies, and teenagers very well into their development[i]:

Babies: Amber, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Aquamarine all help with insomnia issues and trigger a peaceful transition into the physical plane as they soothe, calm and protect babies. They are especially helpful if you place them under the pillow/bed when they go to sleep. You may also use either Himalayan salts lamps or Selenite lamps in the bedroom. They offer calming angelic energies of clearing and protection. This is good for everybody actually.

Calming: Amber, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, and Lapis Lazuli

Communication and Self-expression: Amazonite, Turquoise, and Blue Lace Agate

Concentration and creativity: Carnelian, Watermelon Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Sodalite

Connection to Guardian Angels: Celestite and Angelite

Connection with Nature: Green Moss Agate

Self-confidence: Citrine and Tiger’s Eye

Emotional Overwhelm: Moonstone, Coral, Aquamarine, and Smoky Quartz

Energises, Heals, and Protects: Clear Quartz

Enthusiasm and Happiness: Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Jade, and Sun stone

Grief: Obsidian (especially Apache Tear)

Heartbreak and Self-Love: Rose Quartz, and Emerald

Insomnia: Amethyst, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz

Patience: Rhodonite, and Aragonite

Resistance to Teasing/Bullying: Red Jasper, Pyrite, Agate, Garnet, and Tiger’s Eye


Usually, crystals will have an important effect on chakras according to their colors, i.e. red jasper and red carnelian will be most effective on the root chakra; green aventurine and emerald on the heart chakra, etc.

For your reference, here are the main colors associated with the seven chakras:

Chakra-child       crystal-circle

From the bottom up:

1st chakra (root chakra) = Red

2nd chakra (sacral chakra) = Orange

3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) = Yellow

4th chakra (heart chakra) = Green (also pink)

5th chakra (throat chakra) = Blue and turquoise

6th chakra (third eye) = Indigo Blue

7th chakra (crown chakra) = Purple (and lavender)

Also, the Earth chakra (very important chakra under the feet) = brown and black

8th chakra (above the head) = clear and/or white

Please note that transparent crystals such as clear quartz act on all chakras since they contain all the colors of the rainbow.

Crystals are wonderful teachers and protectors for all. Why not inviting them into your life and that of your children? Enjoy their energy of Light and Joy, for they are eternal trustworthy companions!

A message from the realms of Light, where Angels and Crystals live as One.

***While crystals are marvelous companions for children, they are to be used very carefully and always under the supervision of adults (unless if out of children’s reach) to prevent them from swallowing/choking with smaller gems.

Green is the color for 2013!


Bright and vivid green is the major color that will help you grow into the new You this year.
Being the major color of the heart chakra, green is also found in nature among the trees, plants, algue and moss everywhere. Just like the trees and plants that purify the air to help us breathe new oxygenated air, the color green is refreshing and will help us ‘breathe in’ the new energies available to us.
Even though it is currently winter time for many living in the Northern hemisphere, you may invite green into your life through wearing green clothings, welcoming plants and flowers into your home, as well as working with green colored crystals (such as emerald, green aventurine, green jade, amazonite, chrysoprase, green tourmaline, dioptase, malachite, peridot, etc.).
Of course, all the colors are important and necessary, just like all the musical notes, even the ones that are imperceptible to the physical eye and ear. As you are drawn to wear or have a particular color painted on your wall as your personal preference, know that the color you choose at that specific period of time is the perfect one for you, as it also holds messages about you. However, I am being told that green will be a very helpful color to focus on throughout the year to help us move forward into the new era.
I am being told as well that the veils to the invisible realms will continue to become thiner, as we will be able to see new colors (energies) with our physical eyes. As you move towards your heart more and more, this phenomenon is likely to occur often to become part of your daily life.
Green is here to help you dwell into your heart as long as you wish!

Green humingbird