Green is the color for 2013!


Bright and vivid green is the major color that will help you grow into the new You this year.
Being the major color of the heart chakra, green is also found in nature among the trees, plants, algue and moss everywhere. Just like the trees and plants that purify the air to help us breathe new oxygenated air, the color green is refreshing and will help us ‘breathe in’ the new energies available to us.
Even though it is currently winter time for many living in the Northern hemisphere, you may invite green into your life through wearing green clothings, welcoming plants and flowers into your home, as well as working with green colored crystals (such as emerald, green aventurine, green jade, amazonite, chrysoprase, green tourmaline, dioptase, malachite, peridot, etc.).
Of course, all the colors are important and necessary, just like all the musical notes, even the ones that are imperceptible to the physical eye and ear. As you are drawn to wear or have a particular color painted on your wall as your personal preference, know that the color you choose at that specific period of time is the perfect one for you, as it also holds messages about you. However, I am being told that green will be a very helpful color to focus on throughout the year to help us move forward into the new era.
I am being told as well that the veils to the invisible realms will continue to become thiner, as we will be able to see new colors (energies) with our physical eyes. As you move towards your heart more and more, this phenomenon is likely to occur often to become part of your daily life.
Green is here to help you dwell into your heart as long as you wish!

Green humingbird


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