What you desire versus what you truly need

The answers we seek are already within. We simply look outside of ourselves for confirmations of what we already know intuitively.

We constantly find ourselves in spiralling energies towards more simplicity, purification and a return to a divine innocence filled with Love, wisdom and joy along with realizing a more profound maturity at the same time.

In following this ascending spiral, what we often think we want and desire does not manifest itself as we might have imagined; and hence, we always receive exactly what we truly need as the essence of what the heart seeks. What we desire and what we truly need are often two different things…

Do not limit yourself on this journey of reconnection with You. Nothing is separate, since Love includes all. Love does not separate, Love is all inclusive. Your heart already knows this.

There are no mistakes in this process guided by your Soul.

Photo found on http://ana-rosa.tumblr.com

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