Scars are Beautiful – Message from a birch tree

Birch Tree

Scars are beautiful.

Love your scars. They are part of who you have become and expanded into.

You are not broken. You are whole.

Find your beauty.

Scars are beautiful.

You are.

Today I was reminded of a young lady with whom I spent some time on a journey abroad. Like many of us on such journeys, she was looking for some respite and healing from her sufferings. She was looking for peace. She was looking for love. She was looking for herself, seeking deep within her Soul. 
In the recent past, she had inflicted her human vessel with wounds because she did not like herself… because of her distress and her pain within. She was not trying to cover them, but you could tell that she was not at peace with them. One night, in the middle of a panic attack that she let herself become the prey of, she asked me bluntly: 
“You see those? You see how crazy I can be? How can you say that I am beautiful?”

And yet, I just told her the truth in response: “Yes, they are beautiful. You are beautiful”

I meant it and still mean it. I could see all the beauty in her, the beauty in her pain, as well as in her joy. I could see her light. 
Sometimes, we are not able to see our own light. We doubt it. It is okay. It is still there nonetheless. It can never disappear or go away, whatever you may do.
How do I know this? Because I have always been able to see the light in others. Sometimes, it is unbearable to witness how others cannot see their own light. 
And yet, I have been there too. I have doubted my own light. On many occasions. And that’s okay. It is part of the process of Self-discovery. Of Self-actualization. Of Self-growth, learning and expansion. 
And all along this endless process of expansion and new discoveries, we remain perfect, just as we are. 
We just forget momentarily that we are. But we are nonetheless perfect and beautiful, with all of our scars…
With all my Love, I hope you can see that too, in you, and in others.
silver goddess
Photo of the birch tree: George Rex
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