Remember Who You Are – Sanat Kumara & the Melchisadeks


Beautiful Souls,

Signs are everywhere, at all times, whether you are able to perceive them or not. It is only a matter of looking through the eyes, ears, and all the opened senses of your heart. You all know – at least you sense that – everything is interconnected and breathing together as ONE.

And so, what you may perceive as other than you, separate and different from you also lives and pulses within you. Otherwise, you would not be able to perceive it at all.

You contain within the pulsing heart of your Being all of the universes and angelic guiding Beings at all times. This is your Soul. This is You. You have access to All That Is because you are All That Is. This is Who You Are.

The signs – external manifestations – are the answers that you seek. They are the reflection of the answered mirror of your Soul. Everything that happens outside of you is a reflection of the orchestrated answered prayer from within you. And so, nothing happens without your consent. Whether you are aware of this or not depends on your level of awareness at any given moment. But everything is always in alignment with a divine purpose.

The Real You is One with the Divine. The Real You knows no boundaries, no distance or separation whatsoever.

Everything is alive and part of the Divine Universal Consciousness. Trust that You are One with All That Is, and that you can never be separated or taken away, ever. You are limitless, and so, your Power is also limitless.

You often think that you are limited to your human vessel in this time-space reality, that you do not have access to All That You Are on this leading-edge physical reality.

Know that You exist in all dimensions, and the key to access this awareness is the Portal of your Heart.

Decide to step into your Full Power and Solar Identity now.

You do not have to wait for anyone or anything to happen. This is your divine inheritance, because this IS Who You Are. It is your choice to realize this fully, yours only. This is how Powerful and Respectful You are.

You are a sovereign and Supreme Divine Being. All the Love, the answers, and the company that you seek is to be found within you; within your heart.

You are ready now. This is your Soul’s call, summoning you to join in this cosmic dance reunion.

This is your show. You are the script writer, the play director, and the actor of your own show. You have always been and will always be. It is so.

You play such an important and essential key part in your Divine Purpose, because You are the Divine Purpose of All That Is.

Know this. Trust this.

All is well.

Come and step into your Full Power and Beingness, where We Are All ONE.

Be like the sun, for You are Suns.

Receive our and your infinite Love,

Sanat Kumara and the Melchisedeks


Channeled through Isabelle

Flower of Life rainbow



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