Dream World: The Language of the Soul


The Soul is very creative. Indeed, nothing is impossible in the dream state, reminding us of the boudless nature of the Self.

In the dream state, the veils of space-time reality no longer prevail. Everything is fluid, in constant motion where deep healing and transformation can occur. The conscious mind, bound by duality and rationality, is absent, leaving the unconscious and higher vibrational parts of ourselves to take the front stage and carry us through higher dimensions of being.

And yet, dreams are very coherent and intelligent, despite their seemingly lack of rationality and order.

Remember that you can train yourselves in better remembering and understanding your dreams. Before you go to bed, hold the intention to remember your dreams upon awakening. Keep a journal to help you elucidate the patterns and recurring symbols in your dreams. In the end, you are the best judge and interpreter of your dreams, since the messages are intended to you by You.

If you are interested in learning more about your dreams, click here for a free dream analysis.

Are you listening to your Soul?



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