The Wizard: Allowing Abundance

Mary channeled by Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


Dear friends,

I greet you all on this bright and clear day in the heart of winter. I am Mary, reaching out to you from a crystal-clear realm that is truly your home. Feel the light around you, the light that touches the Earth from my realm, but which also pours directly from your hearts.

We are gathered here today with such a beautiful intent, namely to allow your soul to shine forth on Earth. You all are united by this intent, and that makes you beautiful and pure. Look at yourself through our eyes, observe yourself at some distance: you are brave angels in a human form of flesh and blood. Feel our love and appreciation for the path you travel.

Sometimes it seems very lonely and dark, but your light is undeniable– it is so brightly visible to us! Feel it glow in your heart, enfold yourself with it. Allow your light to flow in unison with the light from our side, and shower yourself with it from your crown to your feet. There is healing energy available to you all at this very moment, in whatever form you need. Receive it because you are beautiful and pure in your intent.

Many of you feel called to accommodate others on their path of life, and receiving is something you find difficult. Many of you easily carry your light to others, and spring into action whenever there is pain or suffering, but when it comes to giving to yourself, you are often reluctant. Why is that? Why do you deny yourself so much? You are afraid to receive, and so you make yourself small. It has been taught to you to be of service and submissive to others from a long tradition of authorities and rulers, both secular and religious.

That time is now over. You have come here, in this century, to stand up for your own heart, your own truth, your own light. No more listening to what others prescribe for you, but to be a beacon of light from which others can warm themselves. The world is full of fears and commandments based on those fears; norms and values that do not serve you. You have come here to claim mastery over your own life and break free from the past. You are here to be a flaming angel of light, through your own inspiration! Take a moment to feel the power flowing through you, pulsating like a cosmic heart. This is you! Allow your true greatness to show and dare to stand and be seen.

You have come to the end of a long road of many lives. The emotions and the deep feelings with which you are now struggling are not only from this life. You have been spreading your light for many incarnations; trying to anchor it here in a reality that has become quite darkened and dense. You all are courageous and bold. You have persevered, otherwise you would not be sitting here now, at this time. Recognize your own strength and dignity as the spiritual warrior that you are. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved!

Descending upon Earth always requires that you leave a part of your highest light and knowledge behind. You submerge yourself in ignorance, and from there, bit by bit, facet by facet, you again rediscover your light. That is the real lightwork you have come to do; to take your plunge into ignorance, and to again rediscover your true self. That is something extraordinary we cannot duplicate from Heaven. We radiate light, love, peace, and confidence, because we are in a realm of unity that enables us to do so. But you are immersed in a dense reality, where it takes effort and strength to recognize your own light and to feel the truth when it manifests within you. Because of that, you are very bold and courageous.

In this time, a great transformation process is unfolding on Earth and you all play a role in it. All people on Earth play a role in this, but you are among those who fulfill a pioneering role.

You already sense the new and more harmonious reality that desires to reveal itself on Earth; one that you know from our side and that you have wanted to bring to Earth for so long. You are therefore not untrained and young as you start to fulfill this pioneering role. You have so much that you bring with you in the way of inner wisdom, warmth, and compassion in your heart. And yet you hesitate to fulfill this role, to stand up and to take up the leadership that belongs to you at this time.

Why do you hesitate? From where emerges that fear and uncertainty that you feel? It is there partly because of personal experiences of rejection, and partly because of the massive presence of fear on Earth, a collective fear. Humanity is in a sense lost, and wanders about not knowing what to hold onto. Truly, the world is gone crazy! But now, at this time when there is crisis in many areas – economic, political, environmental – precisely in this time is there a need for new voices and a new energy.

You are so modest, often hiding yourself behind your own doubts and fears, but it is you the world is waiting for – you and people like you. Can you believe this? Shed your false modesty! You came here on Earth with a pure and beautiful intent – believe in your strength! Feel it flow throughout your body. Many times you have felt rejected on Earth because of who you are, because you were different, because you came to bring something for which the time did not seem ripe. Yet there are sprouts growing that have germinated from the tiny seeds that you have sown during your many lifetimes. You have helped make possible this time of transformation.

What is of concern to you now, personally, is to find a balance between your personal self and your task as a lightworker, that which you want to convey to the world. If there is one commandment that you should obey, it is this: take care of yourself!Put yourself as number one! Enfold yourself with warmth and compassion, just as you do for others. You are the channel, the instrument through which a new awareness wants to manifest! How can this channel function properly if you do not take it seriously and do not nurture it? What does it need the most from you now? Let the most spontaneous part of you speak. Feel the child within you cry out. There is something you are holding in that you want the most – allow it to manifest.

Perhaps it is peace and space for yourself. Maybe it is that you let go of all those self-critical thoughts that you “dump” on yourself. Maybe you want to discuss your unresolved emotions with someone and express your feelings to them. Allow the child within you to tell you what it needs most from you, what you can do for it.  Believe what that child tells you, for it is the most honestly spontaneous part of you.

Being good to yourself especially implies that you take your own feelings seriously. You must not be guided by “ought” and “should” from the outside, but by the inner voice, the longing that speaks through your heart and your belly. That is the truth for you, andthat is the course which will bring you to exactly where you want to be. Take your feelings seriously and you will see that the material reality responds to it.

In many of you lives a fear of scarcity, of a lack of money and material abundance, if you were to actually choose what you reallywant in this life. You doubt whether there truly is a place for you in this world. And this doubt translates into a fear of lacking financial resources. But the core of this anxiety is not about money, but revolves around the question of whether you may really be who you are. Can you believe that you have the freedom and means to do what really inspires you? Do you trust your soul’s whispers? What holds you back is not the world outside you but your own reservations about truly embracing yourself and receiving whatever you need to flourish and find joy.

Look inside yourself. Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful spot in nature. Spring has begun, the greenery is budding, and the sun shines on your skin. You sit in a clearing in the woods and suddenly there appears a wizard who comes toward you. He comes to you, and out of his sleeve he conjures up gold coins that he smilingly tosses to you. “How many do you want, just say it,” he asks. Look at your response. What is your first reaction to that offer? Can you receive it? Can you tell him exactly what you need? Or do you feel something blocking it in your heart?  Do you ask, “Am I allowed to have this? Can I ask for this much?” Do you need to think about it and do you have doubts? Simply register your first reaction.

Then take one of the gold coins and hold it in your hand. Feel its energy. See or feel what is inside that money. In that gold coin is a promise of abundance on Earth, whether it is a nice home in which to live, a pleasant workplace, or enough money for living expenses. It is really about the freedom to explore and discover and create, the feeling of being secure and safe – everything you associate with earthly abundance. Experience the warm golden energy in that coin and see if you can feel it flow through your arms toward your heart – see if you can receive it. Ask the wizard: “How can I better learn to receive?” Or keep it simple and playful and ask him: “Can you teach me this trick?” Let the wizard show you with a word or a gesture how the key to earthly abundance lies within you.

The key to abundance lies within you all. In this phase of your life, the time has come for a stronger manifestation of your higher self, your soul. You secured this intention for yourself when you started this life long ago, and even before that. You have carried this intention with you for a long cycle of lives. Trust then that there is a path ready for you with whatever supports and helps you to maintain it. By constantly listening to what you truly desire, and what nurtures you inside, you keep on course and the path finds you. You do not have to strive for it or fight for it, the path will find you.

© Pamela Kribbe


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