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Summer Specials : Healing and Guidance Services


Everyone has the power and ability to heal themselves. Everyone has access to the healing and guiding wisdom of their own inner master (heart-Soul connection). But sometimes, and especially when clouded by strong emotions, one can experience a harder time to gain access and allow this healing stream of energy and wisdom to flow freely. And we may need an extra “hand” to help us gain the clarity, joy, love, and peace of mind that is our natural state of alignment.


This is where I come about. This is my mission. To offer my assistance through channeling your angelic Soul Self and Guides to help you on your current path, wherever you may be. It is an honor and a privilege for me to do so. So if you feel called to receiving a helping hand on your personal path of growth and expansion, I am here for you.


I felt inspired to extend the healing and guidance specials throughout the summer season. Because we all deserve to live joyfully to the fullest potential of our gifts, passions, and true heart’s desires.


Healing work special:


Receive multidimensional healing energy work from the comfort of your home, at your own convenience.

Extended 1 full hour in-depth session @ 85$  (regular @ 95$)



Angelic channeling guidance with healing session combo special:


Receive loving guidance and answers to your questions from your angelic and spirit guides, plus an additional healing energy work.

Max 3 questions & ½ hour healing @ 100$  (regular price 125$)



Top digital photo: Ebenism, Australia

Bottom photo: Gabriela Tulian, Canada


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